April 10, 2024
Vape Tastes Burnt - Why Does Vape Taste Burnt

Most people choose vaping over cigarettes for the smooth and hassle-free smoking experience. But it turns out vape can cause you trouble, too. When the vape tastes burnt, the whole mood for vaping gets a hit. But there are ways to fix the iteration of this burnt taste. 

The main culprit or victim of this annoying burnt taste is the coil. The coil can be malfunctioned, overused, and clogged. For whatever reason, when the coil gets overheated, it supplies a burnt taste. To fix this issue, you must identify why the coil is worn out and resolve that underlying problem. 

It gets very complicated when troubleshooting the actual cause of that burnt taste. Here, I have explained this issue precisely and clearly to you. 

Why Does Vape Taste Burnt? 

Why Does Vape Taste Burnt

If you want to shoo away the burnt taste from your vape, you first need to identify the underlying cause. There can be a few reasons why the vape tastes burnt.

I have listed out all of the potential causes. All you need to do is find your vape issue from this list. 

Haggard Coil 

It’s a no-brainer that the root of the burnt taste would come from a malfunctioning coil. But why the coil is malfunctioning should be the concern. Coils inside a vape have a short lifespan. There can be numerous causes for malfunctioning coils. 

The common cause is that the coil has worn out. It is run-of-the-mill news that a coil can be worn out in 5-7 days if you are a heavy vaper. Another reason could be that the coil is overburdened. This can happen when you don’t take pauses between hits. It would help if you allowed 15 seconds to let the e-liquid saturate into the coil. 

However, the coil doesn’t always have to be worn out for the burnt taste trouble. The air vent gets clogged when the coil receives sodden with e-liquid residue. A clogged air vent doesn’t let e-liquid pass through the coil and makes the coil very overheated. This overheated coil tastes burnt. 

If you use counterfeit and low-quality vape, sometimes the quality of the coil can lead to an unexpected burnt taste. If the coil is built with high-grade metal, it can precisely convert the e-liquid into vapor. Low-quality coils have short lifespans, and they tend to burn easily.

How to Fix It 

If the coil is in a dilapidated stage, it is better to replace the coil. When replacing the coil, you have to prime the wick properly. If gunk clogs the coil, you can clean the coil with non-metal objects like a toothpick or paperclip. 

If you own an Elf bar and it tastes burnt, be sure to check out our comprehensive article where we cover the potential causes and easy ways to fix it.

Low E-Liquid Level

The primary vape mechanism dictates that the e-liquid travels through the air vent and saturates the coil wick. When the e-liquid goes through the coil, it turns the passing e-liquid into vapor. But it overheats if the coil doesn’t find enough e-liquid to convert it into vapor. An overheated coil will supplement a burnt taste in vape. 

How to Fix It 

When you notice your vape tank is almost empty, refill it without wasting any second. To fill the tank, you first need to unscrew the top. There, you will find a filing port. Put the e-liquid bottle upside down to insert the nozzle inside the port. Fill it until it’s 90% full. Screw the tank and tap to eliminate any air bubbles. 

Dry Wick 

The wick inside the vape can get dry in two ways. If there is no sufficient e-liquid you won’t give the wick time for saturating. Both of them can lead to a burnt taste. However, this scenario is rare as the wick doesn’t completely dry out as long as there is e-liquid in the pod. Dry hits are incredibly uncomfortable and ruin the taste of vapor

How to Fix It 

The simple solution to avoid, prevent, and cancel dry hits is to saturate the wick. To ensure the wick is continuously saturated, you must ensure that the e-liquid is filled in the pod. Also, you need to take a few pauses so that e-liquid can soak the wick once you have hit the vape. 

Rapid Vaping Without Pause 

Another reason for your vape tasting burnt can be chain vaping. If you don’t allow the e-liquid to saturate the coil, the coil will be overheated. The wick of the coil must be soaked with e-liquid. If you keep vaping without pause, there will be no sufficient time for the e-liquid to travel and saturate the wick. This will lead to a burnt taste.

How to Fix It 

Keep track of your vaping habit. Chain vaping is not suitable for you and your vape, even if they are nicotine-free. Calibrate the number of times you hit vape in 1 minute and try to extend the time for the same amount of hits. If you jointly use the vape, tell the other person to wait 10-15 seconds after your hit. 

E-liquid Too Sweetened 

The liquidity of the e-liquid should not be too thick or too runny. If the e-liquid has a higher sugar percentage or contains tons of sweetener, it can get caramelized in the coil’s heat. Over time, the coil will be replete with gunk of caramel from those sweeteners, and the coil may overheat for restricted airflow. In this scenario, the burnt taste is very natural. 

How to Fix It 

When you are choosing flavors for your e-liquid, try to read the label. There is a minimal, ignorable amount of sugar in e-liquid. But sweeteners from some flavors are sometimes so intense that they interfere with the usual action of e-liquid and the coil. Opt for natural flavors and not too thick e-liquid. 

E-Liquid With High Viscosity 

In E-liquid, the amount of vegetable glycerin(VG) and propylene glycol(PG) plays a significant role. If the content is not balanced, it will be difficult to saturate the coil’s wick. Like sweetened e-liquid, the ratio of VG and PG can also be the culprit for which vape tastes burnt. 

How to Fix It 

Propylene glycol (PG) has a thinner and lighter texture. PG is more runny and swift. If you are experiencing a hot coil issue, you may switch to e-liquid with a higher PG than VG. Moreover, try tilting the device for swifter flow so that the e-liquid can reach the atomizer effectively.

Incompatible Power Setup 

When the power setting of your vape is excessively high, the coil is prone to overheat very quickly. You can switch and change the wattage and power settings in some vapes. Keep the wattage at 40-50 watts when you become comfortable, and don’t let it exceed that range. 

How to Fix It 

If your vape has an option to change the power settings, do not overuse it. Stick to the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Do it within the range if you want to alter the power settings. 

Flawed Priming 

When we first get your vape, or you replace the coil, we often ignore the priming procedure. Priming denotes the process of saturating the coil with e-liquid before installing it to the device so that the wicking material can get soaked. If you don’t appropriately prime the wick, the coil can get overheated due to a lack of e-liquid. 

How to Fix It 

Priming is a step to saturate the wick before adding the coil. And priming is not a complex thing. Pour the e-liquid into your vape and let it stand for a few minutes. This process will allow the wick to get soaked and prepare for vapor-making. 

High Temperature Setup 

Some advanced vape models will allow you to set the temperature at your convenience. But that doesn’t mean you overuse your power and almost put the coil on fire. You can play around with the settings to find your preference, but keep it safe. A standard temperature setting ranges from 200 to 250 degrees Celsius.  

How to Fix It 

Having temperature control settings on a vape undoubtedly has its perks. But it is often misused and becomes the reason for the decay of vape. As vape doesn’t have a thermostat or temperature sensor, it can’t alert you when the temperature rises too high. So, always stick to the safe and standard range of temperature that your manufacturer recommends. 

Malfunctioning Device

A burnt taste can be a byproduct if the device is malfunctioning due to some internal issue. It can be faulty temperature settings, overcharging, or inconsistencies with the power supply. In any case, when the power supply spikes, it affects the coil directly. As a result, the vape tastes burnt. 

How to Fix It 

When your device faces any power spikes issue, it is better to consult a professional. The inconsistencies with the power supply can indicate graver trouble than the burnt taste. The burnt feeling might not be the issue but an indicator of something more critical. 

After attempting to troubleshoot your vape and it still tastes burnt, it may be time to consider purchasing a new one. Learn more about the potential health risks and consequences of using a burnt vape in the article, ‘Is It Bad to Hit a Burnt Vape?

Final Words 

An enjoyable vaping experience highly depends on a healthy coil. When the vape tastes burnt, the coil is worn out. But don’t worry. This issue is easily fixable. You need to identify the underlying issue and resolve the matter.