July 14, 2024
Is It Bad to Hit a Burnt Vape

A burnt taste while hitting vape is an inconvenience and ruins the whole experience. But is it just an inconvenience only? Or is it bad to hit a burnt vape? A burst vape is associated with a malfunctioning coil and can be more than just an inconvenience.

Hitting a burnt vape can be bad for your health and your vape. An overheated coil can produce harmful byproducts affecting your throat, lungs, and whole respiratory system. Moreover, vaping while the burnt taste is lingering can exacerbate coil health and reduce its lifespan. 

In this article, I have explained why it is bad for you and your vape to hit a burnt vape and what you can do about it.

Is It Bad For Your Health To Hit A Burnt Vape?

are burnt vapes dangerous

When you chronically inhale the vapor of burnt vape without taking any action, the consequences can be severe. An overheated coil can’t produce good-quality vapor. Inhaling that vapor will certainly not do your body and health any justice.

Here are some health issues that occur when you hit burnt vape –

Inhaling Harmful Byproducts

An overheated coil can’t vaporize e-liquid correctly. In addition, such coils produce toxic substances as byproducts. Some of these byproducts are formaldehyde, acrolein, and other compounds which are harmful to your body. When you hit a burnt vape, you inhale these substances that can affect your health in the long run.

Irritation In the Respiratory System

The toxic substances in the vapor of a burnt vape can irritate your lungs and throat. You may feel discomfort in your throat area. Abrupt coughing can deteriorate your condition. If the case is severe, it may also lead to respiratory inflammation. If you keep hitting burnt vape, these conditions may turn bitter.

Pulmonary Affect

If your vape is counterfeit or made of low-grade material, the coil is more prone to overheat and cause a burnt taste. Moreover, these coils are more susceptible to creating harmful byproducts while making vapor. Burnt coil and low-quality vapor together may lead to severe lung injuries.

Allergic Reaction

If you are sensitive or allergic to any of the byproducts created by the burnt coil, it may affect you since there can be many unknown harmful components made by burnt vape. These products may trigger allergic reactions such as itching, difficulty breathing, rash, gasping, etc.

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Is Burnt Vape Bad for You?

is it bad to hit a burnt vape

Keeping on vaping when you taste the burnt taste will not bring any good results for your vape. It will impact the coil, which is already in a deteriorated condition. Here, I will explain whether it is bad to hit a burnt vape.

Coil Deterioration

You already know that a burnt vape’s core component is a malfunctioning coil. If you keep hitting a burnt vape, the coil condition will exacerbate. Chronic use will burn the wicking material inside the atomizer. This will degrade the flavor of the vape. Eventually, the continuous vaping will render the coil unusable.

Shortened Lifespan

When you taste a burnt flavor in your vape, the coil is overheated, and the wicking material is either damaged or dry. In this situation, if you keep the vaping on, the coil will be more overheated. The wicking material will dry out faster. The vape device will take a severe hit to keep it functioning.

Low Vapor Production

A burnt coil can’t produce vapor like it was supposed to. When the coil is overheated, it caramelizes the e-liquid. This process clogs the air vent. So, e-liquid can’t pass through the wick and coil. This incident leads to poor vapor production. The amount of vapor is very minimal. Also, the vapor is very wispy and floaty.

Unpleasant Smell

The burnt coil doesn’t ruin the taste only. It also affects the smell. The burnt coil can emit an unpleasant odor. You can sense some charred or burnt odor when the vape coil is burnt or overheated. This persistent smell can linger and impact the flavors even when reinserting the coil.

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How Do You Recognize A Burnt Taste?

How Do You Recognize A Burnt Taste

You can recognize the burnt taste from the burnt taste. But it is often too late to differentiate a burnt taste from the taste of the e-liquid flavor, especially if the flavor is nicotine. Here are some ways to recognize a burnt taste associated with a malfunctioning coil.

Acrid And Bitter Flavor

Individuals who vape have faced a burnt taste have described the taste as harsh, charred, acrid, and bitter. You will not taste any distinctive taste of the flavor of your e-liquid. The burnt taste will be more overpowering and unpleasant.

Persistent Aftertaste

Usually, the flavor of e-liquid fades after a couple of minutes of hitting the vape. However, you will feel a very overpowering aftertaste of a burnt vape. The charred taste will stick to your mouth forever.

Poor Vapor Production

A big sign of burnt coil in vape is the reduced amount of vapor. When you hit a vape of overheated coil, you will see a significant vapor reduction. There will be no vapor to make a cloud. Moreover, the texture of the vapor will be thin, wispy, and less dense.

Discomfort In Throat

If you are a regular vaper, you will not feel discomfort when making e-liquid vapor clouds. But the charred and acrid vapor may cause discomfort to your throat and lungs. If you inhale a vapor that causes you to cough irrationally, it may indicate the vape coil is overheated.

Unpleasant Odor

A bad odor can also accompany the burnt and charred taste. You can recognize this scent, similar to a burning and toasty odor. So, combining heat, smell, and taste will be the determiner of a vape that delivers a burnt taste.

What To Do When The Vape Tastes Burnt?

What To Do When The Vape Tastes Burnt

Is it bad to hit a burnt vape? If this were your inquiry, you must consider what you can do when your vape is facing such troubles. Firstly, you have to mitigate the situation. Here are some preliminary steps you must take if you suspect your vape is burnt.

Check The E-Liquid Level

If there is insufficient e-liquid to reach the coil and sock the wick, the coil will undoubtedly overheat rapidly. When the e-liquid level is low, you will get a burnt taste from the vapor. So, your first and foremost duty is to check the pod. If it is nearly empty, refill it with fresh e-liquid.

Prime The Vape

For an efficient vaping experience, saturation of the wicking material is non-negotiable. If you have replaced the coil or purchased a new vape, you must perform priming before you vape. Priming will fully saturate the wick and prevent the coil from overheating.

Alter The Power Settings

If your vape can control the wattage and power settings, you first check whether the settings are within the range. If the power or wattage is in a higher range, lower the power. This will prevent the coil from heating up too fast. If your vape has no such control, shut it off until it cools off.

Avoid Chain Vaping

Well, my first advice is that you should not hit a burnt vape. If you must, you must check whether the coil gets overheated. Take time between puffs to give the e-liquid enough time to saturate the wick and coil. If the coil still feels overheated and you still feel the burnt taste, cease vaping.

Check The Coil’s Caliber

Check the coil if you have refilled the pod with fresh e-liquid and are still facing the burnt taste. The coil might have sustained grave injury. The coil might be clogged with debris, dirt, or caramelized e-liquid gunk. The coil’s quality can degrade over time. If the coil is not up-to-mark, you have to replace it.

Check Any Further Malfunction

The issue can lie within the device if you see no progress about the burnt taste after following these steps. Troubleshoot the device and try to find any damages within the device. Any loose connection or sign of damage can be the cause of a burnt taste. If you suspect any such malfunction, contact the manufacturer for guidance.

Does Burnt Taste Mean The Vape Is Wasted?

is it bad to hit a burnt vape

A burnt taste doesn’t necessarily indicate that the vape is gone for good. The burnt taste mainly comes from a malfunctioning, overheated coil or dry wick.

If you can resolve those issues, you can keep using the vape. However, if you notice the issue in the device malfunction, you might have to discard the whole device, depending on the severity of the issue.

However, in most cases, you can use the vape upon taking some swift and proper actions. Replacing the coil resolves the burnt taste issue.

Cleaning the e-liquid tank can also be helpful. No matter what you do, it is advisable not to hit the vape while the burnt taste lingers.

Final Words

A burnt taste indicates that there is something fishy with your vape. Not everyone can perceive how grave this issue is. So, we need to state it clearly. Is it bad to hot a burnt vape? Yes. Does that mean you can’t use the device again? No, you can if the coil health ameliorates.