April 11, 2024
how to recharge an esco bar

If you are a die-hard fan of Narcos, you must have already collected many Esco Bars vapes. Not only for the name and fame, the Esco Bars has topped the industry with its impeccable taste and smooth vaping experience. However, many people complain that their models are not charging correctly, maybe because they are unaware of how to recharge an Esco Bar.

To charge an Esco Bars vape, you must first locate the port at the bottom of the device. Then, fetch some suitable charging cable and power source to charge the device. Once the charge is complete, disconnect the cable and enjoy vaping. 

Charging a vape device is not complex or complicated. So, sit back and let me guide you to charging your Esco Bars vape.

Are Esco Bar Rechargeable?

Whether Esco Bar is rechargeable or not will depend on specific models. Esco Bar has a wide range of vape collections. Among them, the first models of Esco bars are not rechargeable. The only rechargeable vape options for Esco Bar are the Esco Bar Mega 5000 and Esco Bar 6000

Are Esco Bar Rechargeable

These models can be recharged with a USB-C cable. You will find a charging port at the bottom of the device. Esco Bar Mega has a 600 mAh battery. Meanwhile, the Esco Bar 6000 has a 650 mAh battery. 

How to Recharge an Esco Bar?

Charging Esco Bars is easy. The charging port in Esco Bars Mega is attached to the device itself. Here is how you can charge your Esco Bars vape in the easiest and most salient way.

Step 1: Spot The Charging Port

You will find the charging ports of Esco Bars at the bottom of the device. If you flip the device upside down, you will locate the port. All models of Esco Bars have USB-C ports to charge their devices.

Step 2: Get The Equipment

Now, Esco Bars is very flexible on the cable, adaptor, and other charging devices. You can charge the device with any decent USB-C cable. Make sure to use good quality USB-C cable. It will protect your vape’s battery and help the device last longer.

Step 3: Select The Power Source

Esco Bars vape is also lenient on the power sources you will use to charge the device. You can use an adapter, wall adapter, USB connector on your computer, or even car chargers. If you directly connect the cable to the wall adapter, ensure the device’s amperage and voltage are compatible with such a power source.

Step 4: Connect The Device

Once you have selected the power source to charge the Esco Bars vape, all you need to do is connect the cable. Attach the USB port to the power source at one end. And plug the other side of the cable into the USB-C charging port at the bottom of the device.

Step 5: Let It Charge And Enjoy

Let the device charge fully. Leave the Esco Bars vape until it is fully charged. Unplug the device from the cable once the charging is done and the device is ready. If the device is slightly heated, don’t worry, it’s normal. Let the device cool down and enjoy the optimal vaping experience.

How To Recharge An Esco Bars Pastel Cartel?

How to Recharge an Esco Bar

In the vaping world, disposable and rechargeable can overlap. There can be disposable vapes recharged until the number of puffs runs out.

For example, Esco Bar MEGA by Pastel Cartel is a rechargeable device that has a 600-mAh battery.

Recharging instructions for these devices are straightforward. Here is the step-by-step guideline.

Locate The Charging Port

The charging port of the Esco Bar vapes is challenging to miss out on. They can be found at the bottom of the device or on the side. The actual position will depend on the model. Be advised that if you locate a charging port in any place other than the bottom or side, that device might potentially be fake.

Choose A Compatible Charger

Unfortunately, Esco Bar will not provide any charger or cable with the device. Luckily, their device operates with a USB-C cable, which is very common. You can use any cable with a USB-C port at one end and a USB connector at the other. It is better if you use a compatible adapter like a laptop to charge the device.

Connect The Device

Slide the USB-C port of the charger to the Esco Bar device. Be careful while sliding. Often, inserting from any wrong angle can damage the charging port. Similarly, connect the other side with an adapter of your choice.

Let The Charging Begin

Once the cable connects the adapter and device, the charging has begun. How will you confirm? The LED light on the device will start flashing.

Wait Until Fully Charged

Generally, the Esco Bar vape device would take 1-2 hours to charge fully. However, there is no definitive figure for this estimation. It will depend on the battery capacity and the charger’s ability. The charging duration may exceed several hours depending on the poor power source.

Common Mistakes While Charging The Vape

The longevity of Esco Bars vape highly depends on proper charging. I have heard many people complain that their vape battery is depleting and that the charge runs out very fast. This happens due to some common mistakes they make when charging their device.

Here, I have mentioned some potential errors you should avoid.

Not Using Quality Charger

When we talked about USB-C charger, we mentioned good-quality charger. There are a lot of chargers available in the market. However, not every charger is good for the vape. An incompatible charger will drain the battery life very fast. Also, refrain from using phone chargers, which are very high-powered and incompatible with vape.

Overnight Chargingx

Many believe the more you charge, the more powerful the vape battery will be. However, reality is the antithesis of this. Leaving the charger for a protracted period or leaving it unattended overnight may cause a malfunction in the battery. It is better to keep the device in your sight while charging.

Overcharging Or Undercharging

Once the Esco Brs vape indicates the charging is complete, you should disconnect the vape. Also, when the vape shows the battery is draining, you must plug it into the charger. Overcharging will drain the battery very fast. And resuming use when the battery is low will put too much pressure on the device.

Compatible Power Source

The power source you are using should be compatible with the amperage and voltage of the vape. Too powerful a source might fry up the battery. Using a good-quality adaptor to charge your Esco Bars vape is recommended.

Not Taking Care Of The Port

The charging ports on Esco Bars vape are often exposed to dust, dirt, and debris. You should cover the charging port if the environment is too dusty and dirty. Also, put gentle pressure on the port while inserting the cable. Too much pressure and wrong angle insertion can damage the charging port.

Charging When The Vape Is Overheated

If the Esco Bars vape is too heated due to overusing or the unfavorable temperature, refrain from charging the vape. The temperature of the vape and the environment should be normal to avoid malfunctioning and depleted battery life.

Not Abiding By User Manual Guidelines

Esco Bars are very lenient about charging their device. However, it is better to stick to any instructions they suggest in their user manual. Each vape model is unique and may require special care for charging.

Why You Should Not Recharge A Non-Rechargeable Vape?

When the name says non-rechargeable, attempting to recharge the batteries would be foolish. Non-rechargeable vapes are not meant to be restored. The battery of a non-rechargeable device is designed to be discarded. So, no additional safeguard can protect the battery or device from overcharging.

In this situation, a slight carelessness can cause the batteries to overheat and explode. Esco Bars use primary batteries like lithium-metal or alkaline ones for their disposable vapes. These primary batteries don’t have the capacity to go through the charging process. 

Disposable and non-rechargeable vapes are meant to be discarded once the charge is over or the puff number expires. Attempting to revive the dead device by disassembling the model will not do any good. You will not get the previous experience of vaping, and the battery life will be more unstable.

Does Esco Bar Include A Charging Cable With Their Vape?

Esco Bars do not provide any charging materials with the vape. So, you will not receive any charging cable when you purchase an Esco Bars vape. However, a USB-C charging cable is easily attainable. You may have one in your home. If not, you can purchase one at a very cheap price.

How To Recharge An Esco Bar With Wires?

My senses tell me that if you are searching for how to recharge an Esco Bar, you are mainly looking for ways to restore your non-rechargeable Esco Bar vaping device. It is highly discouraging to recharge a device that doesn’t have a charging port since it is often proven to be risky. But here, I have jotted down the most straightforward way you can recharge the vape.

Find A Bluetooth Speaker

This statement may sound weird, but you can use a Bluetooth speaker to recharge your Esco Bar vapes. If you have any Bluetooth speakers, preferably an old one, lying around the house, their battery will act like a charger to charge your vape. 

Remove The Battery

You first need to disassemble the Bluetooth device. The safe way to do this is by removing the top of the Bluetooth speaker. A circuit board will be attached to the speaker. Once you release that board, you will find two wires. Remove the battery and reveal those two wires.

Detach The Vape

To expose the vape’s battery, you have to disassemble the device. With a compatible screwdriver, remove the outer shell of the Esco Bar. You will notice the battery aside from the e-juice tank. Gently lift the battery up to find the wires and sensors inside. Do not take the whole battery out.

Attach The Wires

Once both of these wires are in place, connect them. There will be red and black color wires on both devices. You only have to match the colors and attach them accordingly. If the attachment is not appropriate enough, you may damage both devices. It is better to wrap the connecting points with tapes to resume the charging.

Wait For A Few Moment

There will be no indicator or LED light that can stipulate the exact charging time. So, you have to take notes on the charging time. Usually, the whole charging process may take 20 minutes. Let the device charge for 5-7 minutes. Then, give the Esco Bars a test run. If the vapor is not dense enough, repeat the process for 7-10 minutes.

Can I Charge Esco Bars Disposable Vapes?

Unlike the Esco Bars Mega, you can’t recharge Esco Bars Disposables. You won’t find any charging port in their device because they are meant to be used and discarded.

If you attempt to recharge Esco Bars disposables, you must disassemble the whole device. You have to take the battery out and recharge it. This step is very risky and unworthy. It will increase the chance of damage to your vape battery. It will also be chaos to reassemble the device.

How Long Does The Esco Bars Vape Take To Recharge Fully?

If the battery is dead, recharging the device will take 1-2 hours. If you use a fast charging adapter, it may take even less time. The exact time to fully charge the device depends mainly on the model.

How Often Should You Charge Your Esco Bars Vape?

Esco Bars vape inlays best-quality batteries in their vape models. So, a fully-charged battery will run for 1-2 days efficiently. However, if you are a heavy vaper or multiple people use the device simultaneously, you must charge them every 24 hours. 

How To Know Whether The Esco Bar Vape Is Charging Or Not?

For your convenience, Esco Bar vape includes LED lights on their vape. It will dictate to you about the device’s charging status. The LED will flash or blink when it is attached to the charging cable.

Esco Bar vape LED light will stop flashing and change the color to indicate the charging is done. Most Esco Bars vape uses white LED light. It may vary depending on your particular Esco Bars vape model.

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Final Takeaways

Charging any vape device requires minimum care and mindfulness. To extend the battery life of your Esco Bars vape, you shouldn’t take any step abruptly. Instead of making rash decisions, asking how to recharge an Esco Bar? is better.

Now that you have asked the right question, I have delivered a precise and concise answer to your query.