May 19, 2024
Can You Bring A Vape On A Cruise Ship

Travelers who vape often need clarification about whether they can vape on a cruise ship. The myriad rules and restrictions varying with different ships make it even more confusing for vapers. So, what is it? Can you bring a vape on a cruise ship?

Yes, you can bring a vape on a cruise ship since vapes are considered similar to cigarettes. So, cruise ships generally allow them. However, just like cigarettes, you cannot use them in your stateroom. Additionally, weed vapes or any type of marijuana are strictly prohibited. 

The article will discuss all you need to know about vaping laws and policies associated with cruise ships. Hopefully, the information will help you. 

Can You Bring A Vape On A Cruise Ship? 

One of the rules of vaping is to know where it is allowed and where it is not. Since it is treated as standard cigarettes, cruise lines will typically let you have your vaping device on the ship. 

However, you have to be mindful of the rules and policies of cruise ships, which can vary greatly. For example, you can vape everywhere except indoors on some, whereas others will let you do so only in their casinos. 

But one thing is common everywhere. You cannot have weed vapes or marijuana. Plus, you must be careful when packing your e-liquids and vape pens on a cruise ship. Find them all discussed in the following sections. 

What Are The International Laws Regarding Vaping On A Cruise Ship? 

Cruise ships wander around different regions of the globe. So, it is a must for vapers to understand the international laws regarding vaping. As many ships navigate through international waters, you should be aware of the countries where vaping is banned to avoid facing unexpected consequences. 

For example, selling and using any e-cigarette has been officially banned in the United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Brazil, Cambodia, and Mexico. It is also illegal in the Caribbean and South America. So, do not take your chances in these countries because getting caught will cost you a hefty fine, maybe even imprisonment, especially in the UAE. You could even be in lockup for it. 

The safest option is to have enough e-juice packed to last your trip and never leave your stateroom with your vape pen when you visit these destinations. If any country among the above is your last destination, remember to discard your e-cigarette before going to the airport. 

What Are The Vaping Policies In Different Cruise Lines? 

A good thing is that the international rules are not applicable to cruise ships docked in port. You will only need to comply with the rules and policies of your respective cruise line. I have gathered the vaping policies of a number of reputed cruise lines for you. Check them out before booking your next cruise. 


  • Norwegian Cruise Line’s smoking policy prohibits vaping in staterooms, cigar lounges, indoor public areas, and stateroom balconies. You cannot vape in outdoor areas that are non-designates, too. 
  • You can vape in designated sundeck spaces and casinos. Note that that can also differ from one NCL ship to another. The company clearly specifies its policies in detail in its website. 


  • You can vape or use your e-cigarettes in the ship’s casino till you stay seated and keep playing. It is permitted on all Carnival cruise ships. 
  • If you do not want to sit and play in the casino, you can go to the designated smoking areas to vape. 
  • Be careful not to smoke or vape on a Carnival ship on embarkation or debarkation day because the ship is refueling. Information about the exact designated areas are available on Carnival’s vaping rules and regulations.

Royal Caribbean 

  • This company’s policies consider e-cigarettes and vapes and cigars and cigarettes the same. You can do either in the permitted outdoor smoking places carrying visible signs. 
  • Always check the signs in those outdoor areas because other outdoor areas, like pools, food venues, kids’ play zones, and areas around the restricted areas, do not allow vaping or smoking. 


  • Princess Cruises allows vaping only in its ship’s nightclub and cigar lounges. Vaping in guest staterooms or balconies is highly prohibited. Anyone seen to do so will be fined $250 as cleaning fees. 
  • The casino is also non-smoking, except for its slot machines. You can vape while playing in those machines. 


  • Designated smoking zones only 
  • Most Disney cruise ships have at least a couple of outdoor smoking zones. The cruise line mentions its vaping locations on its website.


  • Vaping or smoking zones with visible signs 
  • Since the cruise line does not disclose the areas specifically in its policies, you will have to ask for the details at its Guest Relations Desk after getting on board. 


  • Only on the sun deck 

Holland America Line 

  • Specific outside and inside decks where you can vape
  • Vaping in the stateroom is allowed. But you cannot do it on the balcony of your stateroom. 


  • You can vape in all Oceania cruise ship vessels, except for the dining areas, which have outdoor and indoor seating arrangements. 


  • Only guest suites are permitted for vaping. 


  • The indoor and outdoor Connoisseur’s Corners are permitted for vaping. 
  • Besides, each ship has designated outdoor tables and places where you can vape.

Cunard, Regent Seven Seas, Viking, MSC, And Windstar 

  • Only the outdoor areas designated for smoking 

Virgin Voyages 

  • Other than the designated smoking zone, the top deck area outdoors is allowed for vaping. 
  • You cannot vape anywhere in the cabin or its terrace.

How Should You Prepare Your Vape Pen And E-Liquid For A Cruise Ship? 

Again, you need to abide by the regulations when preparing your vape pen and e-liquid. My tips can help you do that. 

  • If it is a vape pen, remove its battery if you can. If not, turn off its power button. Use the original packaging to put your e-cigarettes. Make sure you have the charger and enough stock to last the cruise’s duration.
  • The method is the same for e-juice. To avoid cracking glass jars, store your e-juice in plastic containers, better a zip-lock bag.

Can A Minor Bring A Vape On A Cruise Ship? 

Most cruise ships impose age restrictions regarding vaping, meaning minors cannot bring and use vapes on a cruise ship. For instance, Carnival’s vaping policies do not allow guests under 21 years to vape on its ship. Cruise lines maintain such policies to implement an effective approach to ensuring the well-being and safety of their guests. 

Why Is It So Controversial To Vape On A Cruise Ship? 

Vaping on a cruise ship is controversial for the same reason as smoking on a cruise ship. Although vaping does not have a pungent smell like a cigarette, a vape pen still generates an odor that can bother many non-smokers and non-vapers. 

Moreover, there is a growing debate on the effects of the emissions of second-hand vaping on non-vapers after some studies found it increases different health risks. Finally, since it is associated with people’s physical well-being, which is again linked to a cruise line’s reputation, the companies are extra rigid about their vaping policies. 


Can you bring a vape on a cruise ship? What do you think? From now on, do not worry about it when you plan your vacation on a cruise. 

All big cruise lines allow vaping, although each has its own policy. You will simply need to check them out beforehand and prepare your vape accordingly. Also, remember to see the vaping laws of your destinations to avoid unwanted encounters during your vacation. Last but not least, if you are a minor, do not think of bringing a vape, as most ships do not allow that.