May 19, 2024
On! vs. ZYN Flavor, Strength, and Price Comparison

On! and ZYN have become popular nicopod options for vapers these days because of their nicotine strengths, flavor options, and other qualities. But between On! VS. ZYN – what are their differences and similarities? 

On! and ZYN differ in terms of flavors, nicotine strength, and delivery, moisture content, shape, and ingredients. But some of their ingredients are similar, too. Besides, their prices and uses are not different either. 

I will discuss their differences and similarities in today’s article. Read it all to choose a suitable option for you. 

On! VS. ZYN: A Brief Introduction 

On! is a type of nicotine pouch made by an American Tobacco Company called Altria. It does not have tobacco but has nicotine, sweeteners, plant-based fibers, and other flavorings. While ZYN dominates the market, On! has also given it tough competition with its increasingly popular products since 2022.

Speaking of ZYN, it is a company selling nicotine portions to a large number of users in the global market. Produced by Swedish Match, ZYN Nicotine Pouches were launched in 2016. Soon, it created a buzz among nicopod users and became the leading company in the industry. 

On! VS. ZYN – What Are Their Differences And Similarities?

Although they are similar products, there are subtle differences many would like to consider before choosing one. So, I will explain them before bringing in the similarities. 



On! has 7 flavors: coffee, cinnamon, berry, peppermint, citrus, original, wintergreen, and mint. On the contrary, ZYN offers you 11 flavors: citrus, cinnamon, wintergreen, spearmint, peppermint, espressino, chill, smooth, cool mint, coffee, and menthol. 

So, when On! offers only mint, you can get more versions of mint, i.t., cool mint, peppermint, and menthol from ZYN. If you want to compare them, you will find ON!’s peppermint similar to ZYN’s mint. The former has a refreshing and mildly crispy flavor than the latter which will deliver you an instant cooling kick.

Although both have a citrus flavor, ZYN gets more votes because of its sweet and tangy combination of lemongrass and orange. However, On’s citrus is not much behind with its lime and lemon mixture containing both sweet and sour tastes. 

Then there is Wintergreen from ZYN and On! ZYN Wintergreens have a creamy, vaguely sweet, and ultra-cool flavor because of menthol. That is something you will miss in an On! Wintergreen as it does not contain menthol. 

Nicotine Strength And Delivery 

Both brands have different nicotine strengths for all their flavors. ZYN pouches have 4 nicotine strengths: 1.5 mg per pouch (low), 3 mg per pouch (regular), 6 mg per pouch (strong), and 9 mg per pouch (extra strong). 

On the other hand, On! went a bit extra to offer 5 strength options. Its pouches are available in 1.5 mg, 2 mg, 3.5 mg, 4 mg, and 8 mg. 

Comparing both brands’ strength options, ZYN appears to be a bit stronger than ON in terms of nicotine delivery.

Moisture Content 

This factor influences the nicotine strength of a pouch. The moister it is, the faster the flavor and nicotine release, which will add to the strength. However, a shortcoming here is that higher moister translates into a short-lived experience. 

Since On! products are comparatively dry, they will last longer at the expense of a less intense experience. But ZYN will offer you a choice to get a product based on different occasions. So you will not have to comprise anything.


You will see a unique-looking rectangular can containing the On! nicotine pouches. Each can contain 20 pouches. ZYN cans are round and have 15 pouches each. 


The ingredients of the two products are more similar than different. I will talk about the similarities soon. However, the differences mainly lie in their quantities and formulations exclusive to the brands. The way they formulate their procedures is why the ZYN wintergreen tastes cooler and more robust than its counterpart. 



The ingredients of On! and ZYN belong to the following categories.

  • Nicotine Salt: It is pharmaceutical-grade nicotine’s liquid form. Tobacco leaves are its natural source. 
  • Stabilizers (Hydroxypropyl Cellulose): These are additives used to maintain pouch consistency.
  • Fillers (Maltitol, Gum Arabic, And Microcrystalline Cellulose): They give chewing gums a bulky shape. Both nicopods have them. 
  • Sugar Substitutes (Acesulfame K): These are artificial sweeteners commonly used in food manufacturing companies. 
  • pH Adjusters (Sodium Carbonate And Sodium Bicarbonate): The brands use them to ensure the optimal degree of acidity or sourness in the pouches.


According to the price updated in January 2024, a ZYN pouch can will cost you $3.93, whereas it will be $2.81 if you get it from ON! I did not mention it in the differences section because it is not that significant. Besides, since ZYN is ahead of the competition regarding flavor variation and taste, its pricing is quite reasonable.


There is no difference between using On! and ZYN products. It is the same as using other nicotine pouches. First, take a pouch from its can. Then, put it under your upper lip and let it stay there for half an hour or till the flavor disappears. When it does, take out the pouch and dump it in your trash bin. That’s it! 

Which One Should I Choose Between On! And ZYN? 

The differences between ZYN and On! are so subtle that the choice entirely depends on the user. I will point out some key facts to help you make your choice. 

First of all, they are the same product made by different manufacturers, so both will give you a similar user experience. That said, you will get different feelings from them because of their flavor formulation, nicotine strength, and nicotine delivery. Your chosen pouch and nicotine tolerance will also be influencing factors here. 

While On! is more flexible with its strength options, you cannot deny ZYN’s superior, intense, and cool flavors. Anyone preferring a discreet and long-lasting experience should opt for On! But if you are into trying something adventurous, ZYN is the one for you. 

Final Words 

So, when you ask, On! VS. ZYN – what are their differences and similarities? The core differences are in their flavors and nicotine strengths, while the key similarities are in their ingredients, prices, and uses. 

But finding which suits you better depends more on your preference than the products. If you are a beginner, you might want to start with the lower nicotine options of On! because they offer fresh and mild experiences. But if you are experienced or want to start with something exciting, you can go for ZYN.