May 19, 2024
How Much Is An Elf Bar

Many experienced users today like to try Elf bars because of their increasing popularity among fellow vapers. They are so distinguishable that even a non-vaper could recognize them. However, their price is a vital factor for new vapers. How much is an elf bar? 

The price of an Elf bar ranges from $5 to $6 for a disposable vape device offering 600 puffs. But it will vary according to the Elf bar types and what they offer. For example, an Elf bar from the Elf Bar 5000 Puff Series will cost you around $20. Your area and its vendors could also influence its price.

Keep reading to learn more about Elf bars if you are planning to use them. 

What Is An Elf Bar? 

An Elf Bar is a Chinese disposable e-cigarette device that is highly trendy among vapors at present for its user-friendly and convenient vaping experience. Each device comes pre-filled containing 2 ml of e-juice using salt nicotine. As a result, you will get a smooth throat hit yet have your nicotine craving satisfied. 

Nonetheless, you should be careful when deciding on the product because of its legality and safety concerns. There have been allegations that it contains higher nicotine doses than approved by law. Furthermore, you may also end up getting a fake Elf Bar. So, be aware and do your research before purchasing it. 

How Many Types Of Elf Bars Are There? 

Currently, there are 5 types of Elf Bars with different features to facilitate the needs of vapers. They are: 

Elf Bar BC5000 Disposable Vape

It is a pre-filled device with as many as 5000 puffs. It has a robust 650mAh battery that you can recharge. 

Rebranded Elf Bars

They are the regular Elf Bars. Different brands market them under different names in their respective countries. That is why they are called rebranded Elf Bars.

Elf Bar 5000 Puff Series 

This one is currently Elf Bar’s hero product, offering a lasting vaping experience with about 5000 puffs. The product comes in an array of flavors, so you can choose one according to your preference. 

Elf Bar Disposable Vape Kit

It is a beginner-friendly, straightforward, and compact vape kit. You will find everything you need ready in the kit box. Also, you can choose your favorite flavor, and the kit will come with it. 

EBDesign Disposable Vapes

These vapes combine the usual Elf Bar characteristics with the advanced coil technologies of EBDsign. They are also rechargeable and easy to use. 

What Are The Flavors Of Elf Bars? 

Elf Bars are well-reputed for their diversified flavors, which meet the various preferences of their consumers. 

They have more than 30 flavors, including bubble gum, pink lemonade, cheesecake, blueberry burst, pineapple, peach, mango, banana ice, strawberry ice cream, lychee ice, cotton candy ice, kiwi passion fruit guava, lush ice featuring watermelon with menthol, cotton candy ice, peach ice, coconut melon, peach ice, and Miami mint.

How Much Is An Elf Bar? 

The price of an Elf bar depends on its model and puff quantity. A standard Elf bar with 600 puffs will cost you $5 to $6. But if you opt for a bar from the Elf Bar BC5000 series, you will have to pay $19.95 for 5000 puffs, as advertised by the brand. On the other hand, an Elf Bar 200 mg vape has a price of £4.40 for each vape. 

Note that the price is subject to your region and vendor. So, it could be a bit lower or higher at different places. 

Another factor is the type and flavor you choose. You might find some flavors more costly due to their popularity. For instance, seasonal flavors and limited-edition are priced higher than regular ones. 

What Are The Advantages Of Choosing Elf Bars? 

Ease Of Use 

The brand prioritizes convenience when designing Elf Bars to make them a better alternative to traditional cigarettes. You will not have to refill or maintain the bars. They will come ready for use. 

Unpack it and start inhaling from the mouthpiece. That’s the drill. The sleek design will fit easily in your purse or pocket, so portability is another advantage. 

Many Flavors To Choose 

Besides being a better smoking alternative, Elf Bars are famous for their long list of flavor varieties. It has over 30 candy- and fruit-inspired flavors to cater to everyone’s taste buds. From new to experienced users, there is always something to experiment with and find a flavor for their mood and particular occasions. 


The other advantage of choosing Elf Bars is their affordability. They are suitable for users trying to vape without going on a spending spree. A price tag of $5 to $6 without compromising on variety and flavor is not a cost-effective option you find often available in the vape market. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Will I get discounts if I buy Elf Bars in bulk? 

Some retailers offer promotional bundles and discounts if you buy Elf Bars in bulk. It is better to talk to your supplier and check if they offer such deals. 

Q. How does Elf Bar differ from Geek Bar? 

They are mostly similar except for a couple of dissimilarities. Elf Bars are slightly larger than Geek Bars, and the former offer more puffs. Although their materials are the same quality, their designs are different, i.e., the mouthpiece of an Elf Bar is bigger. 

Q. How do I charge my Elf Bar? 

You can simply plug the device’s charging wire into a port or plug it into an Elf Bar charging dock outlet. Let it charge until its flashing light switches off, then unplug it. 

Q. How do I refill my Elf Bar? 

You cannot refill an Elf Bar because it is disposable and not designed for refills. Even if you try to refill it, there will be high-risk factors associated with it. So, replacing it is the safest option. 

Q. How long does an Elf Bar last? 

On average, an Elf Bar typically lasts for 3 to 4 days. If you are a heavy vaper, the duration will be lower, and vice versa for a casual vaper. 

Final Words 

So now you have your answer to the question – how much is an Elf Bar? A standard bar is around $5 to $6, whereas a different model can be as much as $20. Also, the price can vary based on your chosen flavor, retailer, and location. 

If you want to get a good deal, it is better to check several platforms online and talk to your local suppliers to find the best offer beforehand.