April 12, 2024
how to know if your vape is going to explode

People opt for vaping over cigarettes for convenience and comfort. You can avoid some risk factors like using matches or lighters. But it turns out vaping imposes some dangers as well. Sometimes, the vape seems so heated that it feels like it would explode. That incident is scary and daunting. So, people often ask how to know if your vape will explode. 

The potential cause for the vape explosion is overheated batteries. If the battery is damaged and heats rapidly, it may instigate rupture. Often, overheated coils, corrosion with e-liquid, stinky smell, or burnt taste can also indicate that the vape is about to explode.

We often fail to take measures because we are too late to identify the underlying issue. Here, I will discuss the signs that could lead to exploding the vapes. 

How To Know If Your Vape Is Going To Explode?

If you are mindful of your vaping, you can predict that it is about to explode and can prevent it from happening.

how to know if your vape is going to explode

Here are some common signs your vape is going to explode –

Extreme Heating 

Heating during vaping is very typical as the coil heats up to convert the e-liquid into vapor. However, if the heating becomes unusual, it can be a potential sign of exploding. If the device gets hot suddenly and quickly, it indicates that the coil is heating too fast or the battery is overheating. 

Malfunctioning Battery 

Battery stability is a must-have for a safe vaping experience. However, if the battery is overheated due to overcharging, chronic use, or the temperature outside, it can cause an explosion of the vape device. It might be a sign if the battery drains even after sufficient charge and dies unusually quickly. 

Leakage And Corrosion 

If you notice e-liquid seeping out of the vape, it can indicate the pod is malfunctioning. It is often corresponded with overheating of the device. Also, any sign of corrosion around the battery entails leakage and causes risky chemical reactions. These leakage, corrosion, and responses can potentially lead to an explosion. 

Weird Noise And/Or Odor 

If your vape device is not working properly, it can make a strange noise or cause a sticky smell. While this doesn’t determine a potential explosion, it can be a sign if it is associated with the battery overheating. 


If your vape faces some malfunctioning issues, such as inconsistent vapor discharge, abrupt power loss, or auto-firing, it may indicate the vape is potentially at risk of exploding. Chronic malfunctions can lead the device to improper mechanisms. This mechanism may further lead to an explosion if you don’t address the issue sincerely. 

Do Vapes Explode?

Vape explosion is not a very common incident. It happens rarely if you compare the number of vapes in use. This doesn’t recluse you from taking proper care and maintenance, though. If it hasn’t happened to others, it doesn’t mean it won’t happen to you. Because the incident may be rare, but the consequences are often dire

What Causes a Vape to Explode?

What causes a vape to explode

Although the incident is a once-in-a-lifetime scenario, sometimes we hear reports that a vape has exploded, rupturing the whole device. It intrigues the question. Why does vape explode? Here, we will discuss that. 

Battery Malfunctions 

Generally, the connection between vape and explosion is bridged by a malfunctioning battery. Vape batteries are made chiefly from lithium-ion. These batteries are safe and long-lasting, subject to proper use. 

However, if the vape is near expiration or the battery has suffered too much internal or external pressure, it may sustain irreparable injury. It can be distorted, swollen, or get corrosion concocting with e-liquid. In these scenarios, the battery overheats and releases a large amount of energy. This leads to explosion or rupture. 

Ill-suited Charging 

As you have understood by now, the vape explosion is mostly directly linked to batteries. Charging is a significant part that bluntly affects the batteries. The consequence can be dire if you use an incorrect charger, cable, or power source. Sometimes, chargers with high and incompatible voltages lead to explosions. 

Malfunctioning Mechanical Mods 

Mechanical mods denote an advanced type of vape that does not use electronic regulation. These mods possess a higher risk of rupture. When the components inside, such as the firing button or battery, are not well-maintained and damaged, this can cause a short circuit. This also accelerates the risk of explosion. 

Substandard And Low-Quality Devices 

You will find tons of vape options available in the market. Some vapes are so ridiculously cheap and substandard that it makes you question the quality of these devices. Remember, cheap and counterfeit vapes are not only risky for your health, but also they are prone to exploding. These vapes have inferior control standards and are made of low-grade material

How to Stop a Vape From Exploding?

how to stop a vape from exploding

Vape incidents are often preventable. Some primary care and maintenance will ensure that your vape will never explode. If you are searching how to know if your vape is going to explode, you are indeed a cautious person. Here, I have listed some ways to prevent your vape from exploding. 

Reliable Products 

These unfortunate incidents often occur with cheap, substandard, counterfeit products. Sometimes, some vendors sell counterfeit products, tricking you into believing you are buying branded vape. You should always double-check the source of your purchase. Go for reliable and trusted manufacturers or authorized retailers for quality vapes.  

Use Good Batteries 

A good vape from a reputed brand comes with good-quality batteries. So, it is often unnecessary to worry about the battery. However, if you have to replace the battery for some reason, you must opt for something other than some cheap or second-hand product. Install the batteries that the manufacturer recommends. 

Handle Batteries With Care 

You should adequately follow the vape battery safety guide to keep the vape safe and secure. Do not take the batteries out unless necessary. If you must, avoid exposure to excessive temperature and sunlight. Keep the batteries out of your pocket. Also, don’t let the batteries come in connection with any metal. 

Proper Charging Materials 

Some brands provide charging cables with their devices. If your vape has a cable, always use that to charge the vape. If the company doesn’t offer a charger, don’t worry. Use a quality charger with compatible voltage and amperage. However, please refrain from using a phone charger to charge your vape device, as they are not compatible with vapes. 

Abide By The Charging Instructions

If your device comes with a charging guideline, go through it and try to follow and implement those rules. It will not only avoid unexpected explosions but also keep your vape batteries safe and healthy for a long time. However, even if the vape devices don’t come with guidelines, you should still follow some basic rules for charging

Do Not Let The Device To Overheat 

As I mentioned several times, overheating batteries are the underlying reason for the vape to explode. So, the aim to prevent such unfortunate incidents is very obvious. It would help if you protected the vape batteries and vape in general from overheating. Avoid exposing the device to direct sunlight, heat sources, or hot temperatures. 

Keep The Device Intact 

Every device is unique, and the mechanism to function the vape often depends on each other. The whole mechanism is chaotic when you alter or modify one of the components. Mindless modifying compromises the integrity of the devices and heightens the risk of rupture. 

Can Disposable Vapes Explode?

It is indeed implausible that a disposable vape would explode. Disposable vapes are created for the convenience of the users. They last for only a certain number of puffs and are meant to be discarded. For an average vaper, disposable vapes last only 3-7 days. It would be absurd to damage the battery so much that it would lead to an explosion. 

So, compared to other complex and traditional vapes, the risks and chances of explosion in disposable vapes are pretty low. However, I can’t say with surety that these incidents can’t happen or won’t happen. 

The batteries in disposable vapes are not as standard as regular vape batteries. This is understandable as the price is much cheaper, and they are meant to be discarded anyway. So, the risk of explosion and rupture is always there, no matter how low. 

Can You Repair An Exploded Vape?

If you attempt to take action to repair your exploded vape, I would highly discourage it. First of all, fixing it would cost you tons of money. And, most importantly, it will not be the same. The components will never coordinate, which would be dangerous and pose a higher risk of further explosion. 

Final Words 

Taking action often begins with knowing when to take action. But how to know if your vape is going to explode? The answer to the question can save you and your family from tons of trouble. And now you know the signs and how to prevent such incidents from happening.