July 14, 2024
Esco Bars Pastel Cartel Review (and Best Alternatives)

Any fan of Narcos has these names, Esco Bar and Cartel, imprinted in their mind. And a vape named after this show is the most elegant way to honor this timeless piece. But does this vape do justice to the show? Or are they just boosting the sales by putting the show’s name? In Esco Bars pastel cartel review, you will learn everything about it. 

Esco Bars is a top-brass brand of vapes. Their vapes are cylindrical and have a wide range of puff counts. Their body is built with high-end material and is lightweight. Although from a cost perspective, they are not so budget-friendly. For alternatives, you can consider Flum Pebbles or EB Create. 

Whether you are a novice or a pro, it is always better to do a background check before committing to a vape. So, in this article, I have jotted down all the information necessary for you to learn about Esco Bars vape. 

What Is Esco Bar? 

Esco Bars

Esco Bars is a product line of Pastel Cartel that specializes in creating disposable vapes. Pastel Cartel is a Texas-based e-cig and vaping company. The name of this award-winning company, however, has been overshadowed by the Esco Bars’ name and fame. 

Their specialty lies in the state-of-the-art mesh coil that vaporizes the e-liquid. Their cutting-edge technology provides the user with a smoother and pleasant experience. They are disposable, and some models have a recharging feature as well. Esco Bar vapes come in many shapes and flavors. All of them are pocket-friendly, both in budget and dimension. 

Features Of Esco Bars Pastel Cartel

Esco Bar is an A-list category vaping brand. So, undoubtedly, their cutting-edge technology and fruitful research always bring out the best features for the user and consumers. Some of the features are out-of-the-world, but some of them are pretty standard. Before delving into the pros and cons list, you should accustomed to some prominent features of Esco Bar. 


In one world, the shape of Esco Bar can be described as ‘Cylindrical.’ Esco bars brand has created 4 cylindrical shapes for your convenience. Some of them are shaped like a pen, tall and round. Meanwhile, some models are stout and short. No matter which one you prefer, all models are super compact and easy to carry

Number Of Puffs 

The number of puffs denotes the digit of maximum vapor production. It means how many times you can hit the vape before the e-liquid expires. Like other vapes, the puff counts of Esco Bars depend on the model. 

The number of puffs of Esco Bar vapes ranges from 1500 to 6000. Esco Bar addresses the number of puff on their model name to make things easy so you can never miss it. For example, the Esco Bar Mega 5000 denotes that the puff count for this model is 5000


There is a wide array of flavors for you to try with your Esco Bar vapes. You can explore and play around with 20 different flavors. There are tobacco flavors for nicotine aficionados. If you are into fruity and menthol combination flavors, Esco bar can unleash the door of heaven for you. 

Nicotine Strength 

The good news is that a solid 5% salt nicotine is diluted in every flavor of Esco bars. To put things in perspective, in every 1 milliliter of e-liquid, there are 50 milligrams of nicotine. However, the bad news is that there are no zero-nicotine options available. So, if you want to cut back on nicotine, Esco Bar is not for you. 

Pros And Cons Of Esco Bars Pastel Cartel

Well-BuiltZero Nicotine Option
Long-LastingNot Budget Friendly
Easy To UseUnauthorized Flavors
Smooth operation
Compact and handy
Choices of flavors

Which Flavor Is Best In Esco Bars?

As you have noticed, the list of flavors for Esco Bar vapes is quite lengthy. This extensive list gives a diverse choice for all strata of people. But these choices also create clouds of confusion. Here is my top favorite record of flavors. 

  • Blueberry Bubblegum 
  • Cotton Candy
  • Green Apple 
  • Lychee Ice
  • Mango Lassi
  • Rainbow
  • Strawberry Watermelon
  • Vanilla Custard.

How Long Do Pastel Cartel Esco Bars Last?

Esco Bars by Pastel Cartel are all disposable and some rechargeable vapes. By disposable, it means there are a certain number of puff counts until the device survives. But how long will one Esco Bar vape will last? 

The duration of the vape will depend on the number of puffs and how fast or slow you are hitting those puffs. For example, If you have Esco Bars Mesh 2500, you can hit the vape 2500 times. If you are a regular user, it will take around 4-10 days for the e-juice to finish. 

The durability varies depending on the user’s level of vaping. If you want to know how long your vape will last, you can do the math by yourself easily. For example, if you hit 250 puffs a day and your vape has 2500 puff counts, the device will serve you for 10 days. 

Are Pastel Cartel Vapes Safe?

Pastel Cartel has left no stone unturned to make and keep their vaping products safe and secure. As of today, we haven’t heard any complaints about coil failure or fire hazard incidents caused by Esco Bars vapes. 

Esco Bars vape has developed an advanced-level firing mechanism that, in addition to providing a smooth draw, helps to prevent any unsafe occurrence. Also, their mesh heating coil has proven a lifesaver in times of overheating due to humid temperatures. 

Are Esco Bars Pastel Cartel Rechargeable?

Not all models of Esco Bars can be recharged. The first models of Esco Bars can’t be recharged, and you must discard it when the battery runs down. However, the next phase of Esco Bars vapes is rechargeable and can be recharged with a standard USB-C cable. Here is the list of Esco Bars vape and their rechargeability. 

  • Esco Bar Mesh 2500: 1000/1100 mAh – non-rechargeable
  • Esco Bar 4000: 1500 mAh – non-rechargeable
  • Esco Bar Mega 5000: 600 mAh – rechargeable
  • Esco Bar 6000: 650 mAh – rechargeable

Pastel Cartel Esco Bars Ingredients

As a sensible vape user, you should be curious about what ingredients your vape is being made. After all, you are the one who is consuming it. So, here I have listed the common and standard components Esco Bars use to make your favorite vape. 

Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin(VG) is a common ingredient in vape juice. It helps to give a smooth and refreshing throat hit. It is primarily suitable for sub-ohm vaping. 

Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol(PG) is also a component of e-juice. Unlike VG, it gives a throat hit that can be characterized as a similar functioning of tobacco products. Every Esco Bar vape has a specific ratio of VG and PG.  


In the vape juice of Esco Bars vapes, there is a 5% concentration of nicotine. This is an addictive substance commonly found in tobacco. 

Natural Or Artificial Flavors

The liquid concentration of your preferred flavor can also be found in your Esco Bars ingredient list. Other items are available daily for all models, but flavors change according to the model.

Best Alternatives Of Esco Bars

Vape can be a new player in the smoking league, but they did not lag to create a space for themselves. Within a few years, you can see a wide array of vape brands toping and toppling one another. So, before you put your heart on Esco Bars vape, why not surf a little? 

1. Flum Pebble 

Flum Pebble is the brainchild of the Flum disposables company. There is a wide selection of flavors, both natural and artificial. Also, the pods are prefilled with 14ml of e-juice that has 5% salt nicotine. All of their disposable vapes are rechargeable. So that’s a huge plus point. 

2. EB Create

What can I say about EB Create? They have been in this game for so long that they have become a mafia in their territory. Jokes apart! EB Create is a solid alternative to the Esco Bars. Their flavors are unique, and vapors are smoother than ever. 

Final Words

If you ask any vape veteran to list their top 5 vape brand, they will certainly list Esco bars. But that’s not enough. As a sensible user, you should dig deep and learn all about the product. So, I hope this Esco Bars Pastel Cartel review has helped you to make the final call.