April 10, 2024
Elf Bar Tastes Burnt Causes And Best Ways To Fix It

The last thing vapers want is a burnt or charred flavor while hitting their favorite Elf Bar disposable vapes. Sadly, I have heard many people complaining their Elf Bar tastes burnt. But they don’t realize this issue is transient and resolvable. You can fix this with some easy and quick fixes. 

Elf Bar tastes burnt and charred if the coil inside the device overheats. The overheating can be due to poor levels of e-liquid, chain vaping, or coil malfunctioning. Refilling the e-juice, pausing while hitting the vape, or cleaning the dirt and gunk out of the coil can resolve this brunt taste issue. 

If your Elf Bar produces charred-tasting vapor, there is no reason to discard it. First, inspect the underlying cause and try to resolve the issue. 

Elf Bar Tastes Burnt: Potential Causes And Easy Ways To Fix It

Elf Bar is a disposable vape company that invents state-of-the-art vaping experiences for their users. Since the vape is disposable, the burnt taste issue is not due to overcharging.

The causes and ways to fix it are elaborated here easily so you can resolve the matter yourself. 

E-liquid Level Low 

As a disposable vape, Elf Bar restricts refilling the pods in most models. That implies you can’t fill the e-liquid in your vapes. If your Elf Bar Tastes burnt, it could indicate that the pod is nearly empty and it is time to dispose of or discard the device. 

However, some Elf Bar models, like Elf Bar BC5000, are refillable. In this case, the burnt taste also means there is little e-liquid inside the pod, and instead of discarding it, you have to refill the pods. 

The quantity of e-juice in a device plays a vital role in causing the burnt taste. The coil will overheat if there is no e-liquid to saturate the wicking material. This process eventually causes the Elf Bar to taste burnt or charred. 


To ensure your vape’s e-liquid level is up-to-mark, you must first know the number of puffs your vape is assigned. The model number of Elf Bar indicates the puff number. For example, the Elf Bar Lost Mary BM600 implies the number of puffs that can be dragged is 600. So, you can comprehend the number of puffs you can pull from that particular model.  

Lucky for you, Elf Bar has a feature to alert you when the e-liquid level is low. A designated LED light will turn on when the pod is nearly empty. When you notice the LED night, you would have to either discard the device or refill it. 

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Chain Vaping 

Hitting vape without any reasonable pauses in between can cause a lot of trouble for your vape. One of them certainly is your Elf bar tastes burnt. When you hit vapes, there should be 10-15 seconds of pauses where the e-liquid can travel the air vent and re-saturate the wicking material. 

If you resume chain vaping or a couple of people use the vape simultaneously without any interval, the wicking materials become devoid of sufficient e-juice. This e-juice doesn’t bring out the flavor only but also provides the material that the coil converts into a vape. Without sufficient e-liquid, the coil is prone to overheat

The wick supplies the e-liquid to the coil to vaporize the liquid into vapor. When you keep hitting the vape without a break, the wick can’t receive enough e-liquid. If the wick doesn’t receive enough e-liquid from working with, the coil overheats and the Elf Bar tastes burnt. 


If you have enough e-juice in the pod, taking some breaks in between hitting will resolve the burnt taste issue. Let the vape have enough time to re-saturate the wick. Usually, 10-15 seconds are sufficient to resume the saturation process. You can also hold your Elf Bar vape upside down so that the e-liquid can travel faster

Coil Is Malfunctioning 

You have realized by now that the coil is the leading thespian of the vaping mechanism. No matter where the burnt taste issue has been pruned, the effect is manifested when the coil overheats due to those causes. Low levels of e-liquid or dry wick can cause the coil to overheat. 

The coil can also be the reason for its overheating. If the coil is malfunctioning and overheated swiftly, it will produce vapor with a burnt taste. Now, there can be several reasons for coil malfunction. 

The most common reason is dirt, debris, or gunk stuck in the coil. If the e-juice can’t travel through the coil freely, the coil overheats and produces burnt vapor. If your Elf Bar model is rechargeable, overcharging the device can lead to coil overheating. 


You have to find the underlying cause of the coil malfunctioning. Elf Bar vapes are disposable and only last 2-3 weeks, so the coil issue won’t be severe. All you need to do is to find out why the coil is overheating. If the reason is dirt or gunk, remove them sincerely without distorting the coil. 

Storing Technique 

You have to take into consideration the temperature when you store your Elf Bar vapes. You should keep the Elf Bar device in a cold and dark place. If the weather in your area is exceptionally high, it may impact the vape. High temperatures can cause the coil to overheat and produce a burnt taste. 


When you are not using the vape, keep them in a cool and dark place. If you must carry your vape amid high temperatures, take it in a non-metal box so the temperature can’t overheat the coil. 

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Final Words

Many users have complained that their Elf Bar tastes burnt. They assume the vape has gone bad or rendered inoperable when the vapor tastes charred and burnt. However, if you have gone through this article, you know the potential causes and best ways you can fix this issue.