June 2, 2024
Can Expired Vape Juice Kill You

What if you have smoked an expired vape juice? No worries; it won’t kill you. But, if the juice is too old, it is better to avoid it to prevent health issues like throat irritation or respiratory problems. 

Until now, there is no clear evidence of any significant health issues from smoking expired vape juice, let alone getting killed. So, you need not worry much about this fact. However, give a thought before smoking an expired one with nicotine. Over-oxidized nicotine intake is not good for health. Besides, contamination and toxic byproduct production due to chemical changes are significant considerations here. 

This guide will clear all your misconceptions about using expired vape juice. So, let’s begin –

The Shelf Life of Vape Juice

There is no actual regulated expiration date for vape juice. Yet, the manufacturer gives a shelf life of around 2 years for safety. Nevertheless, how long can you use expired vape juice or how long the juice will remain fresh depends on the way you store it. Once you have opened the bottle, it is better to use it within six to one year to get optimal quality. After this, the taste starts to degrade. 

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Factors That Can Affect the Expiration Date

  • Temperature
  • Nicotine concentration
  • Air exposure 
  • Storage condition
  • Ingredients of the juice 
  • Type of packaging
  • Exposure to light 

Is Expired Vape Juice Dangerous?

No, there is no evidence about the dangerousness of smoking expired vape juice. But as the date expires, the flavor and nicotine level degrades. As a result, you won’t enjoy vaping anymore. Though no health issue is evident, why have doubts when you know it’s expired? So, you better throw it. 

How To Identify Expired Vape Juice?

How To Identify Expired Vape Juice

If the shelf life of the vape juice determined by the manufacturer is passed, it doesn’t mean it has expired.

Here are 4 ways to identify whether the juice is expired – 

  1. Color change: If you find the juice color getting darker or different than its regular appearance, it indicates expiration. This can occur due to degradation of the nicotine content present in the vape juice. However, the flavor or other components can also affect the color of the juice.  
  2. Splitting: The process where the vape juice’s ingredients separate and come out of the solution is called splitting. This causes the liquid to lose its usual viscosity. If the vape juice gets watery or thicker at the bottom and thinner at the top, it may have expired. 
  3. Flavor loss: As the vape juice ages, its flavor fades. You won’t enjoy the freshness or aroma of the expired juice anymore. It can also give out unpleasant smells or odors. 
  4. Weakening nicotine strength: Nicotine present in the vape juice is photosensitive. So, when exposed to light, air, or moisture, it oxidizes. As a result, the strength of the nicotine weakens. So, you won’t get the same nicotine hit puffing on the expired vape juice as the fresh one. 

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Importance of Not Using Vape Juice That Shows Signs of Expiration

Expired vape juice can undergo chemical changes over time. This may eventually produce harmful byproducts that are not safe to inhale. So, not using expired vapes will save both the smoker and the surrounding people. 

Besides, using expired vape can cause health issues, too. For instance, you may face throat irritation, respiration, or allergy issues. Avoiding using this can remove the risk of these potential health problems. 

You won’t get the actual vaping pressure, flavor, and aroma from an expired one. It will also not satisfy your nicotine needs. Apart from all, as a responsible person, you should not use anything that is expired. The same goes for vape juice.   

Health Risks of Using Expired Vape Juice

Health Risks of Using Expired Vape Juice

Though no major risk of smoking expired vape juice is evident, there is a chance of having health issues. If you have a previous throat or lung disease symptom, give it a second thought before using an expired vape juice. After expiration, this juice can become harsh to the lungs. This can further cause coughing or throat irritation. 

Over time, the juice may produce toxic byproducts due to changes in chemical composition. This will eventually lead to respiratory issues. Besides, if you don’t store the juice properly, it can also get contaminated by growing bacteria or mold. Inhaling these contaminants can cause major health risks, including respiratory infection. And if you have severe allergy issues, it can worsen your condition. 

Vape Juice Storage Tips

Without proper storage, vape juice can expire before its shelf light. So, here are some tips following which you can keep them fresh for longer – 

  • Always seal the bottle tightly. Make sure the juice is not exposed to air. 
  • Choose a cool and dark location to store the vape juice; it could be any drawer in your room that doesn’t face light or heat. 
  • Don’t place the bottle of vape juice in any location that faces direct sun or UV rays. This can cause the juice to expire faster.
  • If you use any dropper or syringe to refill the bottle, keep them contaminated-free. 
  • The place where you store the bottle should be dry enough. A moist or damp environment can impact the quality of the vape juice. 

How to Dispose of Expired Vape Juice Safely?

How to Dispose of Expired Vape Juice Safely

To safely dispose of expired vape juice, consider whether it contains nicotine. If your vape juice is nicotine-free, pouring it in the sink or flushing it down the toilet will work. For this, you must first dilute it with water.  

However, flushing can harm aquatic life if the vape juice contains nicotine. You must neutralize the nicotine by mixing any absorbent material to avoid this. Coffee grounds or cat litter works great here. Once you mix the juice with absorbent, seal it in a plastic bag and dispose of it in the regular trash. Don’t forget to remove the label to make it less attractive to children or pets.

Now, what about the bottle? Usually, the vape juice comes in a glass or plastic bottle that you can easily recycle. But raise it before moving to the recycling process. Besides, check the local recycling guidelines to ensure these bottles are recyclable in your area. 

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Smoking expired vape juice will not kill you. In fact, no noteworthy health issue is caused exactly due to this. Yet, for the sake of your health, it is better to avoid any product that is expired.

But still, it is safe to use expired vape juice unless it’s contaminated or is extremely old. However, if you have respiratory or allergy issues, think twice before giving a puff to an expired vape juice.