July 15, 2024
Can You Buy Vapes On Amazon

Amazon has been our go-to solution for every item we need in our day-to-day life. You don’t have to step out and drive around all over the town to purchase your desired product, thanks to Amazon. But this feasibility has intrigued a question. Can you buy vapes on Amazon?

Unfortunately, you can’t buy vapes, e-cigarettes, or any vape-related kits on Amazon. This company has vetoed selling any vape-based products on their website in 2019. Luckily, If you want to purchase vape online, there are many sites that you can visit.

There are many debates about this Amazon and selling vape issue. In this article, we will dig deep into this matter.

Can You Buy Vapes On Amazon?

Can You Buy Vapes On Amazon

You can’t find any vape, e-cigarette, or other vape kits on Amazon. In 2019, they made precise and strict guidelines and protocols on the sale of vaping devices and any other tobacco products. If you search vapes on their website search bar, they are going to show you a bunch of products that have nothing to do with vaping.

Vape hasn’t been on the market for long. Many questions, confusions, and dilemmas exist about their impact on human health. The Food and Drug Administration(FDA) is still researching the possible consequences and potential harms associated with vape. Without any concrete solution, Amazon presumed it was better to steer clear of this.

Why You Can’t Buy Vapes On Amazon?

Why You Can't Buy Vapes On Amazon

Amazon has decided to ban selling any vaping devices and tobacco-based items. They made this decision in 2019 and have been following it religiously over the past few years. But why did Amazon ban selling vapes? Here, I have explained why.

Confirmation Of Age Restriction

In the USA, the minimum age for vaping is 21. But you can order and attain products and services from Amazon without the supervision of any parents and guardians at 18. This clashes two interests.

Also, it would be difficult for Amazon to confirm the actual age online if the user uses any adult’s account to order vape. They may have to go through a lengthy legal battle if any underage person gets access to a vaping device using their site. To avoid this commotion, Amazon preferred not to promote and sell any vaping devices.

Compliance With Regulations

The laws, rules, and codes regarding vapes and other accessories are subject to different regions and states. The regulations about selling, manufacturing, promoting, and age restrictions may vary from state to state. For example, New York has banned flavored vapes except for tobacco, both online and in-store.

Amazon delivers its products in 50 states of the USA. Since vaping rules and regulations vary depending on the jurisdiction, it would be difficult for Amazon to comply with so many different and often contradictory rules. Thus, they have chosen the path to ban the overall sale of vape and comply with their own rules and policies.

Safety Ensuring

As mentioned earlier, vaping is a relatively new invention, and scientists and researchers haven’t found all the negative impacts and influences of vaping yet. However, many instances of vaping-related accidents and injuries have put a question mark on the safety of vape devices.

Incidents such as battery malfunctions, health-related concerns, and device explosions are still not resolved totally by the manufacturers. In such a wavering condition, Amazon prioritized the safety of the customer. Because if any product sold through Amazon injured the customers, the company might face a million-dollar worth of lawsuits.

Uncertain Industry

There are still countless cases pending in federal courts relating to the issue of vaping. It Seems like the states are still deciding on the vaping matters. So, the rules are still evolving and changing. So, Amazon has preferred to bypass all these complexities and uncertainties. It is better to implement a blanket ban than to wrap around all these complications.

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What Vaping Items Are Banned?

Not only vapes you will also have a hard time finding vaping accessories on Amazon. Because on the list of banned items, Amazon has included all the vaping-related kits as well. You can’t purchase the items listed below on Amazon.

  • Cigarettes
  • Disposable Vapes
  • E-cigarettes
  • Flavors
  • Tobacco
  • Smokeless tobacco
  • Tobacco gums
  • Vape Batteries
  • E-liquid
  • Vape kits

What Vape-Related Items You Can Find On Amazon?

These are a few products or items that are associated with vapes can be found on Amazon. These items are not directly connected with vapes or other things. They are only for some convenience.

Car Cup Holder

You will find some holders you can attach to your car that can hold your vape or e-cigarettes while you are driving. These items are under the cellphone and accessories categories.

Plastic Dropper Bottles

These bottles can be repurposed to refill e-liquid inside the pod. You can fill these empty bottles with your preferred e-liquid while traveling.

VG & PG Base

Vegetable glycol and propylene glycol are important substances for e-liquid. Although regular users don’t have to worry about them, some users prefer to concoct their flavors using them. You can find this product under the Lab chemical category.

What If You Spot Vape Devices On Amazon?

Even though selling, promoting, and dealing with any sort of vaping device is wholly banned on Amazon, you may be stuck upon some vape products while surfing their website.

Well, don’t get too excited. If you notice any vaping products on Amazon, the seller is selling them by mislabelling the item. It would take only a few days for Amazon to discover the banned product, and they would instantly remove it from their website. They will also ban the seller.

Moreover, even if you find some vaping products on Amazon, it is better to steer clear of them. No truth-worthy and famous brand and their reseller would try to sell their products knowing Amazon’s stance regarding vape. So, you will only find some counterfeit and substandard products that would be fatal to your health.

When Can You Expect Amazon To Lift The Ban?

As of today, Amazon hasn’t shown any determination or enthusiasm to resume selling vapes on their website. There is no news related to selling vaping products in the future. So, it may take years for Amazon to lift the ban on the sale of vapes and e-cigarettes. They may never go back to the path again. But the e-commerce scene is constantly moving, so we can only hope.

Can You Buy Vapes On Amazon UK?

You can buy vapes on Amazon UK. But the catch is Amazon UK is only allowed to sell vapes that are nicotine-free. So, even though you can purchase vapes on their website, you can’t find e-liquid that is nicotine-infused.

Amazon UK also has a strict policy to sell vapes. There are restrictions to selling vapes online. Moreover, you can’t find any vape or e-cigarettes with any nicotine. But you can buy some nicotine-free vapes on Amazon UK.

Can You Sell Vapes On Amazon?

If you are a retailer or manufacturer of vaping devices, Amazon is not a platform for you. You can’t sell or promote any vape and vape-related items on Amazon. If you want to be a marketer at Amazon, you have to abide by their policies and rules. Amazon will ban you and your company for life if they spot selling vaping devices or other accessories on their website.

Can I Promote Vape Devices On Amazon?

Amazon is not just a selling and buying online company. Many people depend on their website to promote their products and items. You can use their onsite ad placement to advertise whatever you are selling.

However, there is a concrete list of items that Amazon will not let you promote on their website. If you go through the list of items you are not supposed to promote, you will find that no tobacco items are allowed in there.

On their website, among the list of many others, you will notice tobacco and tobacco-related products are banned from being promoted. E-cigarettes and vapes are included in the list of tobacco-related products.

Not only that, you can’t even promote or advertise any item that resembles tobacco products. That means you can’t advertise any fake and imitated e-cigarettes and vapes on their website. Basically, any product that may have the slightest connection with tobacco is banned from advertisement on Amazon’s website.

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Final Words 

As Amazon is the leading e-commerce website, vape availability would benefit many users and sellers. But as of today, Amazon has banned selling such products. So, can you buy vapes on Amazon? If you are wondering this, you should be ready for disappointment.