July 14, 2024
Best SMOK Vape

Out of all the popular vaping brands, SMOK has released the most numbers of vape over the past few years. There are umpteen numbers of vapes, from disposable to advanced to ultimate. Scrapping through this giant list of great vapes, I have amassed the best SMOK vapes only for you. 

If you are in a hurry and want a suggestion, I would suggest SMOK RPM 85. This device has a 3000 mAh battery and a 5-85W output wattage range. The performance has been the talk of the town for a very long time. All the reviews are highly positive. 

When you get some free time, come back to this article to go through the whole review piece. You will learn a lot about SMOK vapes that may enhance your vaping journey. 

Best SMOK Vape: In Gist 

Here is a comprehensive table with important specs and information about the models we will discuss. You can glance through the table to see which one fits your preference. 

Model NameDimensions Output Wattage Battery Pod size 
G-PRIV Pro34 x 27 x 123.5 mm5-80WSingle 186505.5 ml
RPM 5 122.5 x 29.5 x 31.2 mm5-80W2000 mAh 6.5 ml
RPM 85128.5 x 29 x 36 mm5-85W3000 mAh6 ml
Stick N1818 x 145 mm9-30W1300 mAh 3 ml
Nflix Pro 110.45 x 22 x 13.2 mm5-25W700 mAH2 ml 
Morph 288 x 47.5 x31.7 mm1-230WDual 186507.5 ml
Nord 5105 x 32.5 x 23.74 mm5-80W2000 mAh5 ml
Novo 493.5 x 26.5 x 17.7 mm5-15W800 mAh2 ml
IPX 80107 x 34.8 x 34.5 mm1-80W3000 mAh5.5 ml
Scar-P3110 x 32.3 x 27 mm5-80W2000 mAh 5.5 ml

Best SMOK Vape Reviews 

From pod mod to disposable vapes, SMOK has arranged an array of vapes for all strata of users. Detecting the best SMOK vapes from the vast selection is quite daunting. But guess what? I fished the top 10 best SMOK vapes, so you don’t have to go through each SMOK vape specs and reviews. 

1. Smok G-PRIV Pro

Smok G-PRIV Pro

Smok G-PRIV Pro has been with us since 2021. You can gauge the hype if we are still talking about it 3 years later. The brand brands this device as the ‘Star of the G-PRIV’ series. This Pro series comes with 2 LP2 meshed coils and with tons of perks. 


  • Diverse Airflow Adjustment – Just a little nudge on the toggle-style air switch. You can change the airflow from MTL to RDL to DL. You will have full control of the vapor production with dual air inlets. 
  • IQ-S Chip – With a cutting-edge IQ-S chip, this device can take you to the pro league. This chip can initiate firing time as quickly as 0.001 seconds. 
  • LP2 Meshed Coil – There are 2 coils with the package. The LP2 meshed 0.23ohm DL coil is for massive cloud production and is best at wattage 20-45. The LP2 meshed 0.4ohm coil is for smoother flavor and is best at 25W. There are 3 silicon rings that deter any leaking. 
  • Top Filling System – Refilling a vape has never been easier. The Slide-to-open system is a game changer. You don’t need to take the pod out. You can slide the mouthpiece and refill the pod. 
Dual Air inletsCan’t carry inside the pocket
0.96-inch TFT displayLimited MTL use
Adjustable airflow
One-hand operation
Type-C charging
Single 18650 Battery
Removable battery
5.5 ml pod
Large fire key
6 color options

2. RPM 5 


This is, hands-down, the most popular model of SMOK. Why shouldn’t it be when it was branded as ‘Next New Brilliance’? The popularity of RPM 5 is not only for vaping and clouds but also for aesthetics and utility. 


  • Stepless Airflow adjustment – This device didn’t restrain itself with toggle-style switches. You can go all in with this Stepless airflow feature. You can regulate the airway as per your preference of any size, from maximum to minimum. 
  • RPM 3 Coils – You can find 2 RPM 3 coils. 0.15ohm coil is for intense vapor and works best at 40-80W. On the other hand, the 0.23ohm coil dissuades excessive heat production and is fine at 20-45W. 
  • Intelligent Detection – With innovative detection technology, this device can alert you when the voltage is too low. This also includes pod detection, protection from short-circuits, and 8 seconds cut-off. 
  • Up-Down Button – There is a switch button at the down-front. You can control the wattage with it. You can also turn the device on/off and lock the wattage. 
2000 mAh batteryIntertwined Wattage range
Available in 8 colorsLimited wattage control
Stepless airflow system
Rubber grip
Slide-to-Open filling system
0.96-inch TFT display
Type-C charging

3. RPM 85

RPM 85

RPM 85 is a phenomenal vape. It has snatched the top rank many times, and I couldn’t agree more. This small, discreet, yet powerful vape with a mighty 3000 mAh battery is a one-of-a-kind vape. 


  • Air-inlet ring – You will get impeccable airflow control with this rotary air-inlet system. The ring is connected to the pod mounting at the top of the device. 
  • Output Wattage – Are you wondering why this name is 85? Because the wattage output range lasts at 85W. This enhances a pro-level performance. 
  • Ingenious Lock – The 6 ml pod is fit out with a pioneering lock. A child lock feature also prevents leaking during accidental coil removal. On that note, the pod’s magnetic force is another plus point. 
  • 3000 mAh Battery – The battery of RPM 85 deserves a separate annotation. This mighty 3000 mAh battery has a fantastic charge capacity. 
Stepless airflow controlThe mouthpiece is a little too wide.
0.96 TFT display
2 RPM 3 coils
IML (In mould Labeling) design
5 color selection
High-temperature protection

4. Stick N18

Stick N18

You want to vape, but all these talk about airflow control, complicated buttons, and switches are making your head spin. As beginners, we all have felt this clueless. So, to mitigate your dubiousness, SMOK has come up with Stick N18. 


  • Compatible Coils – Stick N18 comes with 2 Nord coils. One is a mesh 0.6ohm coil, and another is a regular 1.4ohm coil. But the twist is that this device is compatible with any coil from the SMOK Nord series. 
  • Dial To Navigate Wattage – You can set 5 levels of wattage (9W, 15W, 20W, 25W, and 30W) on this vape. Instead of buttons, the manufacturer has installed a dial beneath. Clockwise rotation will increase the wattage range, and reverse will do the opposite. 
  • Air Control Ring – You will find another ring at the top, enabling you to alter the airflow control as you wish. There are eight air holes to give your preferred taste. 
  • Track The Juice Level – The pod is curved with a clear-glass exterior on two sides. You can track the e-juice level without removing the pod. 
Beginner friendlyNo display
Easy to carryHeavy Weight
Portable via pocket
No complicated buttons and switches
1300 mAh lithium battery
Compatible with NORD coils
Atomizer recognition
Top refilling system

5. Nfix Pro

Nfix Pro

All the fantastic vape devices have one issue in common. They are too bulky as they possess massive battery in size. But this size creates a problem with carrying the device relentlessly. If you prioritize portability and convenience, Nflix Pro is the vape for you. 


  • Sliding Airflow Control – At the top-front, you will find a slider that you can use to anchor to your desired airflow level. You can decrease and increase the airflow intake. 
  • Fast-Charging – The compactibility has forced the battery to be only 700 mAh. But the silver lining is the device can be fully charged in only 70 minutes at 0.7A current. 
  • OLED Display – Even in this compact design, the manufacturer managed to fix a 0.69-inch OLED display that can show you battery percentage, wattage, etc. 
  • Draw-Activation – Hit the vape to activate the device. You can check each puff time on the screen display when the white light is on. 
Compact and Easy-To-CarryFrom-the-side refilling
Sliding airflow controlOnly for MTL vaping
9 colors option
Adjustable power output
Fast Charging

6. Morph 2

Morph 2

After using the nFLix Pro or Stick n18, if you have advanced yourself to the pro level, I am here to introduce you to this beast, Morph 2. Warning! this is not for the faint-hearted. This upgraded device has 230W max power and two 18650 external batteries. 


  • Output Mode – There are two output modes, namely, VW and TC. In VW or Power mode, you can set the wattage output to 230W. Crazy, right? In TC mode, you can set the wattage from 10-80W subject to the compatible coil. 
  • Adaptive Power set-up – Depending on your current battery percentage, the wattage range will automatically fix for you. This function will ensure you hit vape at a stable output and the device performs at its best. 
  • Dual 18650 Batteries – A single external battery usually performs super well. Now imagine what 2 18650 batteries can do!
  • TFV18 Tank – The pod deserves an honorary mention here. Five braces on the base and the conductivity of copper make the best tank for transferring e-liquid to the coil and fast heating. 
0.96 inch displayDifficult in Portability
Ergonomic designNot beginner friendly
Max 2.0A fast charging
IQ-S Chip
8-Seconds cut off
Transparent pod
Top refilling system
Fire key on the side
Bult glass tube replacement included

7. Nord 5

Nord 5

Nord is such a popular series of SMOK that people often refer to the company as Nord. SMOK Nord 5 is their latest discovery. From a Stepless airflow system to RPM 3 coils, this device has a lot to offer. 


  • Stepless Airflow System – You can control the airflow at your desired level from the slider at the top-front. The dual air inlets make fuller atomization and dissipate heat evenly. 
  • 0.69-inch OLED Display – If you are not a fan of a big display at the front but still prefer a display to track your controls, this side-panel 0.69-inch is matchless.
  • Smart lock – the lock between the pod and mod is built meticulously. It triggers the child lock safety feature when the coil head is accidentally removed, and there is a chance of e-liquid seeping. 
  • 2000 mAh Batteries – The built-in 2000 mAh battery can be employed for the whole day. You can also charge the device with a Type-C charger at 1.2A for 1 hour and 40 minutes for recharging fully. 
Handy And Easy-to-carryAlmost too Heavy
PortableOnly for DL vaping
Side display
Stepless Airflow system
RPM 3 coil compatible
Coil Lock design
Available in 12 color variations
4 leather series

Read on the in-depth SMOK Nord 5 review.

8. Novo 4

Novo 4

‘A Star is Born.’ I am not talking about the movie but the branding of SMOK Novo 4. This model delivers delicacy and elegance without being too complicated or dense. Novo 4, with its simple ergonomic design and minimal yet fruitful features, is here to steal the thunder. 


  • Air-inlet ring – I have seen many airflow adjustment controls, but this type is one of my favorite. The ring gives such an enjoyable control to fix the airflow at your desired level. 
  • One-To-All Buttons – An uncomplicated vape with a simple button is a call from heaven. In our unbridled life, you can at least control the vape, thanks to one-to-all buttons that perform everything. 
  • LP1 coils –  You will have one meshed and another DC(Fe-Cr) coil at o.8 ohm. The meshed coil is when you want a softer flavor and is best at 12W. Another coil is for less vapor but intense flavor. It is better to use it at 12-25W. 
  • Transparent Pod – The Novo 4 pod comes with a transparent black attire so that you can keep track of the e-juice level. If you prefer full transparency, you can order separately. 
Compact and portableIt does not support DL.
800 mAh BatteryBattery not longlasting
90-minute full-charging
8 seconds cut-off protection
0.49inch OLED display
MTL vaping
One-to-all button
10 incredible design pattern

9. IPX 80

IPX 80

There is always some vape device for beginners or pro-users. But what about intermediary users? Well, IPX 80 is the right one for you. This device has a simple design and functions but can perform like any pro vape. 


  • Output wattage – this device comes with the standard 1-80W output power. A simple up/down button will let you navigate your desired power output and set the right tone for you. 
  • Fire Key – At the top front, the square fire button can initiate the device in 0.0001s. This firing speed pushes the flavors and delivers a fantastic vaping experience.
  • Tri-Proof – SMOK maneuvers an IP67 technology that shields the device from three types of hazards. This device can survive water splashing, dust, and out-of-the-blue dropping. 
  • Covered Charging Port – The ingenious design conceals the Type-C charging port beneath with a silicon patch. This way, your charging port won’t be exposed while operating. 
3000 mAh batteryCan’t carry in pockets.
0.96inch displayRefilling from the side edge.
Fire key
Leaves no fingerprint
Duck-billed mouthpiece
See-through Juice window
Air-inlet ring
Both MTL and DL

10. Scar-P3


If you want a standard vape with a unique, round-shaped mouthpiece, Scar-P3 can serve the purpose. With a 2000 mAh battery and zinc alloy frame, this device is packed with sophistication and elegance. 


  • Adjustable Power – Starting from 5W, you can climb the output wattage up to 80W. There is a simple up/down button to adjust the power. 
  • IQ-80 chipset – IQ-80 chipset is a cutting-edge technology that marries three components together. This chipset balances output power with enhanced flavors. 
  • Round mouthpiece – If you don’t want to wide-open your mouth in public to hit a vape, this roundpiece will do justice. It has a similar diameter as a cigarette. 
  • IP-67 protection – Take the device to the beach, desert, or on the top floor. IP-67 technology will follow you around to protect the device from triple hazards. 
Sleek designThe airflow is not adjustable.
0.96-inch displayRefilling can be clumsy.
Dual-channel air-inlets
2000 mAh battery
Type-C fast charging
8 marble pattern colors

How To Choose The Best Smok Vape: A Buying Guide

Is going through all these reviews making your head spin? Are you wondering which one to pick out of all these great options? Then, let me guide you through the whole process of choosing the best vape for you. Here are a host of factors you must consider while purchasing your SMOK vape. 

Experience Level 

Are you a veteran vaper or just landed on vaping? Your experience level requires the utmost attention. Dealing with some complicated vapes as a beginner can damage your experience with vaping. So play it safe and choose the model that serves your requirements. 

Maximum Output Power 

SMOK has been wildly generous with output wattage. They have categorized the best output range for the compatible coils. But you must ask yourself where should you draw the line. High wattage doesn’t always mean better. The more wattage, the more strain on the device. So, choosing a device with a standard wattage range is wise. 


Aside from the specs and performances of a model, you should also consider your budget. Advanced and Ultimate models are quite high-range, as they should be. But if you are a beginner who still hasn’t grasped the lifestyle of vaping, starting from a low-to-medium range would be sensible. 


Understanding the coil mechanism is very helpful to signify your requirements. SMOK has RPM, NORD, LP, RGC, TFV, and many other coil variables. The compatibility is determined depending on the series of the model. You don’t need to delve into details, but differences between meshed, DC, regular, ceramics, etc., can underscore your vaping. 

What VG/PG Ratio Is Good With SMOK Vapes? 

With SMOK vape devices, the e-liquid options are endless. But don’t mindlessly purchase one. You need to understand the VG/PG ratio that is compatible with the model you own. If your vape is sub-ohm, go for a high VG e-liquid. The ratio can be 70VG/30PG. If the coil resistance is about one, go for a balanced ratio like 50VG/50PG or 60VG/40PG. 

When Should I Replace The Atomizer?

The atomizer has a wire attached to it. This wire is susceptible to decay over time. The service life of the atomizer depends on your usage and maintenance. However, in general, the atomizer can work for 50ml of e-juice with good taste.  

Final Words

With the popularity of SMOK vape permeating through the region, many people have replaced their usual vape for SMOK models. This acceptance has motivated the manufacturers to come up with fantastic vape models with unique features. But it made it challenging to opt for the Best SMOK vape among such great options. 

However, if you have gone through this article, I am sure you have found some closure. Anyway, if you haven’t, I can provide some cheat sheets. For high-power vape, Morph 2 would be ideal. If you are a beginner, you can start with Stick n18. If you want the fastest firing time, G-PRIV Pro will steal the deal.