April 10, 2024
SMOK Nord 5 Review

If you keep up with the itinerary, you are well aware that Smok has introduced another vaping device in their Nord series. I am sure you are hearing lots of comments about it. But before getting your hands on this thing, if you want to know whether this device will suit you, this SMOK Nord 5 Review is for you. 

Smok Nord 5 is a 2000 mAh, 5ml pod with RPM 3 coil nicotine vape from the brand SMOK. In the resemblance, it looks like Smok Nord 4, but it has much more to offer. With step-less airflow to 5-80W power output, this device can gift you the ultimate vaping experience.

Before rushing through the store to purchase Smok Nord 5, go through this detailed review and find out whether this device is of your liking or not. 

Features Of Smok Nord 5 

What makes Smok Nord 5 unique? What makes it stand out? All you hear about the praises or drawbacks, but no one explains how this device works and what makes it unique.

SMOK Nord 5 Review

But don’t worry. I will explain to you simply the best features of Smok Nord 5. 

Airflow Control

Stepping up from the wheel adjustment for airflow in Smok Nord 4, this device has introduced step-less sliding airflow control. This subtle change will give you proportionate heat dissipation and full-head atomization. You will find the slider at the top front of the regular series and on the top side corner of the leather series. 

RPM 3 Coils 

Inside the package, you will find 2 meshed RPM 3 coils. Both of them are perfect for DL (Direct Lung) vaping. One coil is 0.15ohm, for which you can select the wattage range from 40-80W. Another coil is 0.23ohm; you can choose any power range from 20-45W. These coils are super low-resistance so that you can enjoy more enhanced flavors. 

Wattage Output 

Wattage output denotes the amount of power your vape is capable of producing. Smok Nord 5 has a massive range of wattage output. Ranging from 5-80W, this device is a god-sent for DL smoking experiences. 

OLED display

Smok Nord 5 introduces a 0.69-inch OLED display with better visuals and LED colors. You can also monitor puff counts, battery percentage, current wattage status, and resistance

2000 mAh Battery

The 2000 mAh battery power deserves a whole round of attention. With 1.5A or 1.2A charging, this Battery will be fully charged within 1 hour and 40 minutes. Moreover, you don’t have to rely on a charger from another device because Smok Nord 5 comes with a Type-C cable

5ml Pod 

Improving from the previous Nord series, Smok Nord 5 came up with a 5ml Pod for your favorite e-juice. Now, you won’t have to worry about refilling every alternative day. Speaking of refilling, you can easily remove the top cap and refill the pod from the side with a nozzle. 

2000 mAh battery lets the vape last longerSide-filling may be challenging for new users
OLED DisplayCharging takes time
UP/Down button
8 Design Choices
Dual Side air intel
4 leather series options
Wide mouthpiece
Child-lock Safety

Check out this 7-step guide to unlock your SMOK vape.

Performance Of Smok Nord 5 

Honestly, you expect no less than a top-notch performance from this model. I had very high expectations, and Smok Nord 5 was able to check all my requirements and concerns

SMOK Nord 5 Review

I tried this with both RPM 3 coils and explored the performance with them. 

0.15Ohm coil

The wattage range with 0.15 ohm is 40-80W. This is a higher range of wattage output. I was hit with an intense throat hit and a hotter performance. The heat was not overpowering, and the flavor felt fierce. Also, cloud sizes were bigger with this coil. 

0.23Ohm Coil

I personally prefer this coil for DL vaping. The wattage range is 20-45W. You can experience RDL vaping if you set the wattage output at 20W. I like to set in on 40W. This output is ideal if you want a cooler vape. This range also helps to conserve the battery percentage and e-liquid. 

Best Alternatives Of Smok Nord 5 

It is a War:101 lesson that you should always know your competition. Smok Nord 5 is undoubtedly the best and indefensible. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have great competitors. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the best alternatives to Smok Nord 5.

Geekvape Aegis Boost Pro

Blessed with a 2500 mAh battery and a maximum output of 100W, Geekvape Aegis Boost Pro is the ultimate quadra vaping system, as the brand claims. You can add Aegis Boost Plus Pod (B Series Coil), Pro-exclusive P Series Coil, RDTA, and 510 adapter on the same device. This one-hand operable device can put sweat on Smok Nord 5, too. 

VooPoo DRAG E60 Pod Vape Kit

VooPoo declares this DRAG E60 Pod Vape kit as an “Ace in the pocket.” The battery capacity is 2550 mAh. Interestingly, there are three pod size options (5 ml, 4.5 ml, and 2 ml). You can choose any pod as per your preference. Also, the refilling system is very straightforward, which is one feature where Smok Nord 5 lags. 

Can I Use Any Flavor With Smok Nord 5?

With this Smok Nord 5, the flavor or e-liquid option is infinity. You can choose any flavor of your preference from any brand. Remember that the type and quality of the e-liquid can impair the mechanism of the device. I recommend using Nic salt vape juices. Also, using e-liquid with a VG level of 70% or higher is better. 

How Long Will Smok Nord 5 Battery Last?

With the built-in 2000 mAh battery, Smok Nord 5 can serve you for a full day even if you vape at 80W. The battery percentage depends on wattage controls, daily puff counts, and coil configuration. However, Smok Nord 5 generally can go for 2-3 days if you set the wattage output at 40-50W

How Long Is The Warranty Of Smok Nord 5?

You can get a 60-day warranty with Smok Nord 5 specifically for manufacturing defects. If you order the device online, these warranty days will count from the day it reaches your address

If your device is store-bought, the warranty will start from the day of purchase. You can contact the manufacturer and even ship the product upon their instructions if you encounter any defects or unresolvable issues in Smok Nord 5. 

Final Words

There are hardly any Smok Nord 5 reviews that complain about this device. The built-up quality and material are top-notch and beyond criticism. So, my final verdict is pretty obvious. I purchased this product with sheer curiosity. Suddenly, it replaced my usual vape. So, if you want a stable and quality vaping experience, consider Smok Nord 5.