June 2, 2024
How to Stop Dizziness From Vaping

Sudden lightheadedness and vertigo are common incidents for many vape users. For many people, the severity of such dizziness is so intense that they fail to commit to vaping since then. Only if they knew how to stop dizziness from vaping they could easily protect themselves from such an event. 

To stop dizziness, you have to stop vaping only until the vertigo goes away. If you vape nicotine-infused products, choose a lower percentage of nicotine in weight. Pausing between hitting vape will also relieve you from dizziness. Also, hydration can change the narrative profusely. You will feel much better if you immediately hydrate yourself. 

Whether you are a newbie or a pro, everyone should have some basic idea about dizziness caused by vaping. In this article, we will thoroughly discuss that. 

How To Stop Dizziness From Vaping: 7 Tips for Instant Relief 

If you are already feeling dizzy after hitting the vape, these instant relief steps will help you stop the dizziness. Don’t rush any process, and it’s better if you lie down first. Here are some steps for you to recover from dizziness. 

1. Stop Vaping 

This is a very obvious one, but often, people realize very late that their dizziness is caused by vaping. So, they continue to hit vape and make the matter worse. If you are feeling even a slight tinge of dizziness, cease vaping immediately. If you are in a closeted room, open the window to clear out all the smoke. 

2. Hydration 

A dehydrated body doesn’t get enough fluid in its system to negate the dizziness. One glass of water will rapidly alleviate the symptoms, and you will feel much better. Relax and drink some cold water. You will feel rejuvenated. 

3. Lie Down And Relax 

You have to rest and relax your body. Lie down in a comfortable place. Dim the lights. And maybe play some low-fi music in the background. 40 Hz music is a superb therapy for relaxation. 

4. Get Some Fresh Air 

If possible, go outside with less noise to get some fresh air. If not, open the windows and let the airflow in your room. Air circulation will take the vape smoke away from you, and fresh air will provide more oxygen to your lungs. 

5. Deep Breath 

Some controlled breathing exercises will help you to stop dizziness. It will calm your blood rush inside and take control of your cortisol hormone. Slowly breathe through your nose, stay in that position for 3-5 seconds, and let it go gradually. Don’t rush this process, and take your time. 

6. Have Some Snack

Hunger and dizziness go round and round. Low blood sugar can exacerbate and accelerate dizziness when you are hungry. You should have some sugary and healthy snacks to alleviate dizziness. 

7. Get Away From Any Trigger 

Run away from anything that makes you feel worse and exacerbates the dizziness. Okay, don’t run, but avoid them. If any flavors, loud noise, moving, etc., make the situation worse, it is better to avoid them.

How To Stop Dizziness From Vaping: Long-Term Relief

Those instant reliefs mentioned above will fall short if you suffer from dizziness while vaping regularly. To prevent, avoid, and stop dizziness from vaping, you have to take some long-term measures that will help you to avoid dizziness from vaping. 

1. Lower Amount Of Nicotine 

Vape juices that are commercially available have various doses of nicotine for you to choose from. They start from 0mg, which means no nicotine vape. Higher than that, you can have 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg per limiliter. 

If these amounts are too science-y for you, you can understand them in percentage. 0-3% nicotine in weight has a medium range of nicotine. 5% nicotine in weight has a higher concentration of nicotine. It is equivalent to 1 pack of cigarettes. 

If you feel nicotine in your e-liquid is too much to take in, it is better to lower the nicotine range in your e-liquid. Opting for an e-liquid with a lower nicotine concentration will rapidly alleviate the dizziness problem. 

2. Brakes In Between 

Lots of novice vapers make this mistake. With much enthusiasm and excitement, they keep vaping without giving their lung any rest or time to adjust. It is essential to take a 5-minute break after each 30 seconds of puffing session. 

4. Choose Low Wattage And Voltage Setting 

If you can adjust some settings in your vape, you can opt for lower wattage and voltage settings. Although it depends on the coil’s capacity, the safe voltage for vaping is generally 3.3-4.8 volts. Keep it at the lower end for optimal benefit. 

4. Be Mindful About Flavors 

Dizziness often happens when your e-liquid is too strong and intense. Strong and artificial flavors have so many chemicals and aerosol in them it is comprehensible why it causes dizziness. Opt for mild and natural flavors that will soothe your body, not irritate it. 

5. Cut Back On Caffeine 

I know I have said some controversial but hear me out. Caffeine is a potent stimulant that makes the dizziness worse. A combination of nicotine, intense flavor, and caffeine is too much for your body to handle. So, reduce caffeine intake or switch to de-caf, at least until the dizziness vanishes. 

6. Medication 

If you are on any medication, consult your doctor. Some medications can stimulate dizziness when they interact with nicotine. If your medicine is some such kind, cut back on vaping until the prescription ends or switch to zero-nicotine vapes. 

Common Ingredient Of E-Liquid That Can Potentially Trigger Dizziness 

Sometimes, the reason for dizziness while vaping may not be you but your vape. The e-liquid that converts into vapor and that you inhale is the most significant contributing factor to dizziness. If the vertigo is frequent for you, avoid these ingredients for your e-liquid. 


You already know this. Nicotine is the core stimulant that causes dizziness, lightheadedness, and gasping while vaping. You don’t have to cut back nicotine as a whole, but instead opt for a lower nicotine concentration to get adjusted. 

Propylene Glycol (PG) 

PG is a hidden ingredient commonly used as a base of vape flavor. It is, in general, a safe component. However, it may create dizziness for some users. You might be allergic or sensitive to it. PG can lead to dizziness if you are new to vaping as well. 

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) 

Another base ingredient commonly used in e-liquids is vegetable glycerine. It is an alternative and vegan option for PG. But you can be sensitive to it. As the concentration is too thick, hitting it takes more energy and can cause dizziness. 


As mentioned earlier, some artificial and intense flavors can be excessive. The intensity and sugary flavorings will create nasty chemicals when combined with PG. If you feel dizziness often, switch to natural and mild flavorings. 

Final Takeaways 

Sudden and abrupt dizziness can cause panic and anxiety, especially if you don’t understand why you feel this way. Sometimes, we make some rush and slow-witted decisions because we don’t know how to stop dizziness from vaping. However, as you can see, the steps and procedure are relatively straightforward and can elevate your vaping experience without the fear of dizziness.