April 10, 2024
How to Unclog a Disposable Vape

Disposable vape has been vaper’s best friend ever since its inception. Its convenient use and smooth operation have been awing the crowd. However, even such a suitable device can cause trouble when it clogs. And if you don’t know how to unclog a disposable vape, you must give the device up. 

You must follow some basic techniques to unclog the airflow vent, as you can’t disassemble or change the e-liquid in a disposable vape. You have to inspect the channel first and identify the obstruction. Then, you can prime the device if it is an e-liquid problem. If you notice any debris or particles, gently pick them up with a toothpick.  

There are few options to unclog the disposable vapes. But don’t lose heart. Read the article to learn secrets and tricks to eliminate clogs in disposable vapes. 

Why Disposable Vapes Get Clogged?

Before jumping on how to unclog a disposable vape, we must have some basic ideas about why your disposable vape has clogged. Disposable vapes are made to give you a comfortable and hassle-free vaping experience. It is improbable for them to get clogged. However, there can be some causes that can clog your disposable vapes. 

Residue From E-Liquid 

If you have yet to learn, the primary mechanism of vape is that the e-liquid converts into vapor via heat. E-liquid flows from vents, thickening and amassing in them over time. This restricts the airflow, eventually clogging the vape. 

Any Stuck Debris 

It is not unlikely that debris, lint, or any small particle will get inside a disposable vape. The rubble or particle is sometimes big enough to clog the whole device. Moreover, accumulated dust and lint can also hinder the airflow of the vents. 

Highly Concentrated E-liquid 

Disposable vapes are only for a certain number of puffs. It would help if you didn’t refill the e-liquid as they are pre-filled. One of the reasons it is discouraged to refill the disposable vape is that the consistency of the e-liquid needs to match the vape mechanism. It will clog the airflow and, hence, the vape. 

 No Recess In Hitting Vape 

You tend to overuse the device if you are a chronic vaper or vaping with a gang. There should be at least 5 seconds of pause between vape hitting. These pauses allow the device to cool down. These pauses help the e-liquid to flow correctly without solidifying due to heat. 

Storage Conundrum  

People often neglect to take proper care of their disposable devices. It is understandable since you will discard it today or tomorrow. However, if you fail to store it at the right temperature, the consistency of the e-liquid will gradually change. The e-liquid will lose consistency and thicken over time in too cold or hot weather. 

Poor Designing 

Most people want to spend less on disposable vapes as they are not sustainable. However, low-quality vape brands need to design their models properly. Their faulty design of the airflow system will cost you a clogged vent. 

Signs That Indicate A Disposable Vape Is Clogged

As you can’t see the internal functions of the disposable vape, it might be challenging to understand whether the vape is clogged. Here are some ways to identify a clogged vape without opening the device. 

No Visible Vapor Production 

When the airflow is restricted, you will notice that the Vapor production is next to nothing. If the clog is minimal, the vapor amount will be reduced. If the clog is too intense, you will notice no vapor is coming from the vape altogether. Since a clog prevents the e-liquid from reaching the heating element, Vapor production will be harrowing for the device. 

Trouble In Hitting The Device

If the airflow vent of the vape is restricted, the e-liquid can hardly convert into vapor. That means you must drag too hard for vapor to come out. It can indicate a clogged vent if you keep drawing the vape but notice no significant amount.

Bubbling Or Gurgling Sounds 

You will notice a gurgling noise from the device when you hit vape. Usually, some vapes make some sound as the e-liquid boils. But this sound is different as it is more cacophonous. When the flow of e-liquid is restricted and liquid is trapped, the heating device gets too hot and, in the sense of e-liquid, makes such noises. 

Burnt Taste 

Without proper e-liquid, the heating element heats up with no lubrication. This results in a very burnt taste in the mouth. Also, when you hold the vape device, you will notice unusual heating, especially in the coil area. 


When the air vent is clogged, e-liquid can’t travel through the vent properly. As a result, the liquid can leak and come out from the mouthpiece. The pressure built up in the heating element can push the e-liquid from the vent. 

How To Unclog A Disposable Vape?

Now that you have understood the basics of clogging in disposable vape, you can enter the level where we will discuss how to unclog a disposable vape. This is a standard and general guideline. For more precise operation, consult your device’s manual. 

Troubleshoot The Airflow 

Sometimes, the clogging can happen due to debris or dust building up in the vape. So, first and foremost, you have to check the channels inside the vape. Blow inside the vape in a gentle manner. If the clog persists, take a clean cotton cloth and clean the area around the mouthpiece. 

Prime The Vape 

When the heating device can’t function due to insufficient e-liquid, a clogging problem may occur. The best solution for this is to prime the device. Take several gentle puffs from the vape without activating the heating element. This will lead the e-liquid to the atomizer and clear any logging clog. 

Tap Or Shake The Device 

Sometimes, you can find the solution in the easiest ways. Simply shaking or tapping the vape device can dislodge any debris from the vape. It can also stimulate the e-liquid to seep from its chamber or pod. 

Heat The Vape Device 

If you see no debris inside your vape, the reason for clogging can be solidified e-liquid. It may happen if the climate in your region is too extreme. In that case, you can warm the device so that the e-liquid can come back to its natural concentration. You can simply hold the vape for 5-6 minutes

Use Toothpick Or Paper Clip 

This is not highly recommended. But you can use this trick as a last resort if the clog persists. Slowly and carefully insert a pointy object such as a toothpick, needle, and paperclip. Use this method only when some visible obstruction is stuck inside the device. 

Should I Use Any Chemical To Unclog Disposable Vape?

You will find many online suggestions about using chemicals to eradicate clogs in disposable vapes. Many suggest pouring Isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol inside the device. Apparently, those will dissolve the clogging and unclog the disposable vape. 

Refrain from falling for such suggestions. Using any chemicals to unclog a disposable vape will very likely damage the device. You might as well just discard the device. Disposable vapes are not meant to come in connection with any liquid other than the e-liquid. 

Using any liquid, let alone alcohol will compromise the functioning of the disposable vape. The acidity of the alcohol may dissolve the internal components and damage the device. You can’t disassemble a disposable vape. 

So, if you were to use any liquid, you would have to pour it. But imagine another type of liquid converts into vapor, and you inhale it. If the alcohol mixes with the e-liquid and you hit such toxic vapor, you will fall severely sick. But this won’t happen because your device will certainly be dead by then. 

Is Clogging In Disposable Vape Common?

Clogging in disposable vapes is not an everyday incident. People choose disposable vapes to avoid such inconveniences. However, I have seen a few cases of clogging in disposable vapes. Some cheap and inexpensive vapes of questionable brands have caused such troubles for their users. 

Not many things will be in your control if you have a disposable vape. It is good because you won’t have to worry about charging or changing e-liquid. So, technically speaking, the e-liquid can’t be messed up with. In regular vapes, pouring the wrong e-liquid has damaged the device. But here, you won’t get that option. 

Also, most disposable vapes last only for 200-1500 puffs. Depending on your daily use, such several puffs will serve you for 1-2 weeks. Unless you live in a very polluted location, it is implausible that your disposable vape will be clogged with dirt and dust in such a short period. 

Considering all these, it is very unlikely that your disposable vape will be clogged. However, things can go wrong. Even without e-liquid and dirt, some factors can contribute to clogging the disposable vape. There might be some underlying issue if you face frequent clogging in your disposable vapes. In that case, switch to reusable vapes. 

What Can I Do To Prevent A Disposable Vape From Getting Clogged?

Many vapes don’t believe in taking proper care of their disposable vapes. However, just because you are to discard the vape after a few days doesn’t mean you ought to ignore it. You won’t have to take super care like a pet, but minimum, basic maintenance will prevent such clogging inconvenience.

Proper Storing 

Don’t toss your disposable vape when you are done vaping. Keep the vape in an upright position. This position will stop the e-liquid from seeping and amassing around the heating element. Your airflow vent will be clearer, and you will notice no clogs. 

Use Moderately 

Disposable vape can serve you up to specific puff counts. So, it has a very transient lifespan. They are disposable and cheaper, so their internal mechanism is not as boisterous as a traditional vape. When you use the device excessively, it overburdens it. Remember to pause in each hitting session, and don’t let it overwork. 

Keep The Debris Away 

As mentioned earlier, it is implausible that dirt and dust can build up inside the vape airflow within 1-2 weeks. But nothing is stopping debris. Any small particles can accidentally get stuck inside the vent. So, keep the mouthpiece closed when you are not using it. Avoid exposing the vape in dirty places. 

Don’t Play With The Vape 

The e-liquid pod inside the vape is very sensible. Moving the vape can provide e-liquid flow. However, extreme shaking and tilting can make the e-liquid leak and clog the device. So avoid playing around with your vape without any reason.

Use Vapes From Reputed Brands 

If you go to a vape store like Shisha Vibe, you might feel lightheaded seeing so many brands, varieties, and options. But when it comes to choosing your vape, always rely on highly regarded brands. Flum, Elf Bar, and ELUX are some of the most recommended brands. 

Final Takeaways 

Since it is a disposable vape, you have very little in your hand when unclogging the device. You can’t open the device or replace the e-liquid. However, if you need to know how to unclog a disposable vape, you can follow some basic techniques such as priming it, tapping the device, or using a toothpick.