July 14, 2024
Elf Tank Vs. Elf Bar

Have you ever stood before a vape shop shelf trying to decide between an Elf Tank and an Elf Bar? Well, I did when I was a new vaper. So, if I compare Elf Tank vs Elf Bar, which one should I endorse today? 

Elf Bar is the better pick for you and most vapers due to its wider flavor variety, draw and button activation, lower cost per unit, and far greater retail availability and convenience. Though Elf Tank has slightly better e-juice capacity, pretty much everything else about these two brands is the same.

Need to know more In-depth on this comparison? I’ve got your back on that as well. Right below, I’ll walk you through everything about Elf Tank vs Elf Bar (in light of my best judgment). 

Elf Bar vs Elf Tank: Overall Comparison

I have compiled the whole comparison (from my experiences) in a single place so you can easily take a look and decide for yourself. Here it is:

FeatureElf BarElf Tank
E-Liquid CapacityUpto 13mLUpto 14.3mL
Battery Life1000mAh rechargeable650mAh rechargeable
Nicotine Strengths20mg/mL, 50mg/mL20mg/mL, 50mg/mL
Flavors30+ flavors25 flavors
Activation MethodDraw-activated, button-firedDraw-activated
Vapor ProductionModerateModerate
Flavor QualityGoodGood
Throat HitStrong with 50mg/mL nicStrong with 50mg/mL nic
Upfront CostAbove $10 per unitAbove $15 per unit
AvailabilityWidely availableLimited availability
ConvenienceVery convenientLess convenient

Overall, the Elf Tank has advantages in e-liquid capacity. However, the Elf Bar edges out in all other criteria. 

Therefore, for most vapers, I believe the Elf Bar’s combination of satisfaction and accessibility makes it the superior choice. 

Note: If you want to go to the full depth of this comparison, keep reading and find out below. 

Elf Tank vs Elf Bar: Historical Background and Brand Value

First, let’s level-set on what exactly Elf Tank and Elf Bar are and the reputation of these brands. 

Elf Bar

According to Misteliquid.co.uk, Elf Bar entered the scene in 2018, created by Chinese vaping device company Shenzhen IMiracle Technology Co. The brand burst onto the disposable vape market, claiming its compact design provided an easy and satisfying vaping experience. 

With various fruity and icy flavors, Elf Bar grew quickly in popularity for their convenience.

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Elf Tank

Vapewholesaleusa.com reports that the vaping brand Elf Tank, produced by the same company, Shenzhen IMiracle Technology Co., launched in 2016. It actually came before Elf Bar, and it’s a direct competitor claiming to be the world’s first disposable vape with a tank system.  

True to those claims, the Elf Tank offers several unique features. Key among those is the namesake “tank”  system that holds over double the e-liquid of the Elf Bar at around 50mL capacity. 

Flavor profiles are where many vape companies fall flat but Elf Tank shines. Vape juice flavors are explicitly crafted for e-cigarettes and similar devices. They are different from food or shisha flavors in composition and effect. The flavors blend chemicals, artificial flavors, extracts, and preservatives to achieve the desired taste and aroma. Ingredients like linalool terpenes are often used for citrus taste and Tabanone is used for tobacco-like scents.

Elf Tank vs Elf Bar: Features Comparison

Elf Tank vs Elf Bar: Features Comparison

Now that we understand the history and positioning of each brand let’s dive deeper. It’s time to go into how the Elf Tank and Elf Bar compare in core features and specifications.

E-liquid Capacity 

One of the starkest differences between Elf Bar and Elf Tank is how much vape juice each machine can hold. 

  • The Elf Bar houses an internal up to 13mL e-liquid (BC5000) pod that cannot be refilled or replaced. Once the pod runs dry, the device is spent. You can spend that 13mL (from the largest size Elf Bar) over approximately 5000 puffs.
  • Meanwhile, the Elf Tank boosts capacity to up to 14.3mL (BX6000) held in a non-refillable tank system. That allows vapers to enjoy up to 6000 puffs before needing to refuel. 

So, the Elf Tank provides unusually high e-liquid capacity for a disposable device.


Clearly, the Elf Tank has a significant advantage in capacity and longevity versus the limited Elf Bar pod. Vapers who want to minimize recharging and refilling will benefit from the Elf Tank’s superior juice storage.

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Battery Life

Similar to their difference in e-liquid capacity, the Elf Tank also bests the Elf Bar regarding battery life and recharging capability. 

  • The Elf Bar’s highest internal 1000 mAh battery (FB1000 model) is rechargeable. Theelectroniccigarette.co.uk states that it can last all day even if you continuously keep using it. 
  • The Elf Tank also houses up to 650 mAh battery (BX6000 model) that is rechargeable using a USB-C cable. A fully charged battery will last for around 6000 puffs before being topped up again.


The Elf Bar’s 1000mah rechargeable battery is a significant advantage over the Elf Bar’s 650mah battery. The heavy battery makes the Elf Tank much friendlier for heavy usage and helps offset its higher upfront cost.

Nicotine Strength and Flavors

When it comes to the most critical factors of the e-liquid itself (nicotine strength and flavors), Elf Bar and Elf Tank are more evenly matched.

Both brands offer two nicotine levels to suit light or heavy vapers: 20mg/mL and 50mg/mL nicotine salt e-liquid. 

20mg/mL provides a moderate nicotine experience equivalent to 3% nicotine standard e-juice. 50mg/mL nic salt juice delivers potent throat hit and nicotine satisfaction similar to 5% standard vape juice.

  • For flavors, Elf Bar offers over 30 options, as stated by Vapoholic.co.uk

These flavors include icy menthol, fruity flavors like Strawberry Banana Ice Cream and Mango Ice, along with beverage flavors such as Pink Lemonade and many more.

  • Elf Tank has a slightly smaller but still varied flavor selection of about 25 choices (as available on Elftankusa). 

Options include ice cream flavors like Blueberry, Ice Cream, and Watermelon Ice Cream, a classic Tobacco flavor, among others.


Between the two brands, Elf Bar edges out the win regarding flavor variety. However, Elf Tank still provides strong flavor choices. 

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Activation Method 

Disposable vapes use either draw-activation or button-firing to heat the coil and produce vapor. This is another area where Elf Tank and Elf Bar take different approaches. 

  • Elf Bar sticks with the popular draw-activated method. But it also features a button-fired method in some models (FB1000 model). 

Users simply inhale through the mouthpiece to activate the battery and coil. Or, they can press a button to do that. 

  • Elf Tank opts for only a draw-activated design instead.


For ease of use, Elf Bar‘s multi-faceted approach of both draw-operation and button-fired system makes it the winner

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Elf Tank vs Elf Bar: Performance and Vape Experience 

Elf Tank vs Elf Bar: Performance and Vape Experience 

Now that we’ve compared the technical specifications, let’s look at how the Elf Tank and Elf Bar perform when producing vapor.

Vapor Production

Generally, vapor production comes down to battery output, coil design, and the PG/VG ratio of the e-liquid. Higher PG (propylene glycol) juices provide more pronounced flavor, while more VG (vegetable glycerin) results in dense vapor at the expense of blunted flavors.

  • The Elf Bar uses a VG 50/50 e-liquid blend tailored to balance vapor production and throat hit. With its low-voltage direct output battery, users can expect moderately sized, satisfying clouds.
  • The Elf Tank produces a similar vape thanks to its 50/50 PG/VG ratio e-liquid. 


In general, both Elf Bar and Elf Tank can achieve similar clouds.

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Flavor Quality

Again, e-liquid PG/VG ratios play a role in flavor intensity. 

  • The Elf Bar’s 50/50 VG blend produces thick, rich vapor with excellent flavor saturation. 
  • Meanwhile, the Elf Tank’s 50/50 PG/VG juice ratio also enhances flavor pop and throat hit in a similar fashion.


In comparison, both Elf Bar and Elf Tank can achieve similar flavor strength. 

Throat Hit

Both Elf Bar and Elf Tank’s 50/50 PG/VG blend leads to solid throat hits, especially in the higher 50mg/mL nicotine options. 


Nicotine-satisfied vapers and ex-smokers will likely favor both the Elf Bar and Elf Tank. 

Elf Tank vs Elf Bar: Which One Is Safer?

Elf Tank vs Elf Bar: Which One Is Safer?

Like all vaping devices, disposable vapes carry widely publicized risks of addiction and exposure to chemicals in e-liquid vapor. 

Both Elf Tank and Elf Bar contain nicotine salt e-liquid, so they present the same risks of nicotine dependence. 

As reported by the non-profit Smoke-free Canada, Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in the vapor may also pose lung irritation risks. Flavorings may also have long-term health effects that are still unknown.

Therefore, between the two brands specifically, there are no large differences in potential health hazards. 

But are these brands safer than real smoking? Of course, e-cigs are safer than real cigarettes. 

For smoking cessation, both brands, Elf Bar and Elf Tank, offer a vaping experience more satisfying than cigarettes for transitioning smokers. 

So, in that regard, they provide potential health benefits by replacing higher-risk combustible cigarettes.

Elf Tank vs Elf Bar: Cost, Availability and Convenience

Elf Tank vs Elf Bar: Cost, Availability and Convenience

A huge part of disposable vapes appeal lies in their low cost and affordability. So, price and value play a significant role in choosing between Elf Tank and Elf Bar.

Upfront Cost

MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) for a single Elf Bar unit runs approximately above $10 on average. The advanced Elf Tank comes in closer to $15 or above per device. 

Obviously, the 50% higher price of the Elf Tank could sway budget-focused buyers towards the more affordable Elf Bar. 

Availability and Convenience

Consumers must also consider how easy it is to purchase these disposable vapes and access continued inventory. How do Elf Tank and Elf Bar compare for availability?

  • As the most emphasized product by the manufacturing company, Elf Bar enjoys much wider distribution. As one of the market leaders, Elf Bar is available in most vape shops, convenience stores, and gas stations around the US and internationally. 
  • The Elf Tank has more limited retail penetration. So far, it appears to primarily sell through online vape retailers. So, its availability is much more sparse.


This difference in retail distribution gives a substantial advantage to the Elf Bar. Shoppers can grab an Elf Bar disposable vape while running errands or out and about. The Elf Tank requires online shopping foresight.

Therefore, the Elf Bar is by far the more convenient, accessible option between the two brands. 

Elf Tank vs Elf Bar: Final Verdict 

With a more expansive flavor selection, flexible activation methods, affordable pricing, and widespread accessibility, the Elf Bar is the superior choice over the Elf Tank. 

Despite the Elf Tank’s marginal advantages in e-liquid capacity, the Elf Bar provides satisfying performance and convenience at a lower cost and hassle factor.

Ultimately, the pioneering Elf Bar and the feature-packed Elf Tank uphold their reputations as two of the best disposable vape options available today. So, you may pick any of the two according to your preference.