July 14, 2024
evo bar vs elf bar

Elf Bar has revolutionized the art of disposable vapes with its state-of-the-art design and impeccable vaping experience. However, in this tug-of-war, anyone can snatch the crown at any moment. Does Evo Bar have the guts to compete and dethrone Elf Bar?

Let’s dive into a head-to-head comparison of Evo Bar Vs. Elf Bar and determine which reigns supremacy. 

The design, size, and cost of the Evo Bar And Elf Bar are almost identical. However, the Evo Bar provides a smoother taste and natural flavor essence. On the other hand, Elf Bar vows to provide a consistent and smooth vaping experience. 

Spoiler alert: there is no true champion. It totally depends on personal experience. However, Here I have attempted to compare all the facts about these vapes so you can have a clear idea. 

Evo Bar Vs. Elf Bar: Thorough Comparison 

Evo Bar Vs. Elf Bar: Thorough Comparison

Even though the names are pretty similar, these vapes have unique features and traits that make them stand out from the crowd. Here, we will discuss these features and see which is more beneficial and attractive. 

Design And Outlook 

Not only the name but the overall design of Evo Bar And Elf Bar are pretty alike, almost identical. It is obvious that the Evo Bar design was highly inspired by the Elf Bar classic shape. 

Evo Bar And Elf Bar are small and compact. The outlook is very minimal and straightforward. On the top, the brand name is inscribed in large font.

However, if you are in the USA, the title won’t be Elf Bar but EBCreate and EBDesign.  

Elf Bar now highlights the model number at the top and mentions the brand name underneath. In contrast, Evo Bar states the model name and the percentage of nicotine in weight at the bottom of the brand name. Both brands also inscribe the flavor names at the top. 

Size And Dimensions 

Even in this category, the similarities are inescapable. Both Elf Bar and Evo Bar have a flat and cylindrical shape. They are compact and can be inserted into the pockets easily. However, the actual size and specs depend on the models. 

For example, the Elf Bar has 27 models as of today and has various size categories. Elf Bar BC5000 disposable vape is 79mm x 41mm x 19mm. On the other hand, Evo Bars has multiple editions, such as Evo Bar Original, Evo Bar Drip, and Evo Bar x Ooze. However, the most popular model, Evo Bar ET 5000 dimensions, is 80mm x 41mm x 19mm

E-liquid Capacity 

For disposable vapes, E-liquid capacity determines the number of puffs the vape can dispose of. Mainly, how long the vape would last is connected to the amount of e-liquid inside the pod. 

Elf Bar e-liquid capacity depends on the model. It starts from 2 ml and can go up to 13 ml. For example, Elf Bar 600 V2 contains 2ml e-liquid and can go for 600 puffs. For a regular user, this will last for 2-3 days. Again, Elf bar BC5000 holds 13ml of e-liquid. The number of puffs is 5,000, lasting 1-2 weeks for a regular vaper. 

The E-liquid capacity of Evo Bar starts at 11 ml and ends at 13 ml. Most of their models have the same 13 ml capacity for e-liquid. However, their newly launched Evo Bar Black Edition holds 11 ml of e-liquid, slightly lower than usual. 

Nicotine Strength 

Nicotine strength in a vape doesn’t have a definitive answer. It can depend on the model and on the country’s rules and regulations. In the USA, Elf Bar vapes have nicotine in 0%, 3%, and lastly in 5%. In the UK and European Union, the Nicotine strength of Elf Bar starts from 0%, then climbs to 1% and lasts at 2%. 

Evo Bar primarily targets adult vapers with a high tolerance of nicotine. They do have zero nicotine vape options. However, most of their models come with 3% and 5% nicotine strength. 5% nicotine strength indicates there is 50 ml of pure nicotine per milliliter

Battery Capacity 

Elf Bar vape’s battery life ranges from 280 mAh to 650 mAh. However, 650 mAh capacity is only available in the USA. Also, only the Elf Bar BC5000 model is rechargeable. Other models can last for 3-7 days, and no option for charging is available. 

Most of the Evo Bar vapes have a 650 mAh battery capacity. However, unlike Elf Bar, these models are rechargeable. These batteries can serve the vapes for 6-7 days until the puffs are dismissed. 


The cost of a vape depends on many variables. In gross, the price of Elf Bar vapes ranges from $5 to $20. The most popular model, Elf Bar or EBDesign BC5000, costs around $14. Evo bar, on the other hand, costs around $10. However, it will depend on the models and editions. 

Flavor Variations 

There are more than 30 flavors available in Elf Bar disposable vapes. Some popular flavors you can try are pineapple coconut ice, lemon tart, kiwi passion fruit, blue razz lemonade, peace ice, etc.

Watermelon bubblegum and triple berry ice are the most popular flavors in 2023. 

Evo Bar also doesn’t stand behind in the race of flavors. There are 25 regular flavors you can try. In their black edition, you can experience some limited edition flavors. Strawberry Fanta and pineapple coconut ice is my personal favorite.

Vaping Experience   

Honestly, the vaping experience ultimately depends on you as a user. Many vapers vouch for Elf Bar and declare it the true king of vapes. Whereas some believe Elf Bar is good but overrated. 

But there is no denying that Elf Bar will provide you with a fantastic vaping encounter. The puff you make will give you the same thrill and chill from the first to the last. Its texture is always consistent. There is very little case of trouble with the device. 

Evo Bar, on the other hand, is determined to provide a smoother experience than Elf Bar. The flavors are more natural and less artificial. You can feel the natural essence of the fruit. Also, the new black edition has successfully drawn the attention of mature vapers who wanted a more grown-up outlook rather than a vibrant, colorful one.

Is Evo Bar Made by Elf Bar?

Yes, Evo Bar is produced by Elf Bar. It’s a type of disposable vape pen under the brand Evo Bar, created by the makers of Elf Bar, featuring a puff count of 5000+ puffs and a battery life of 650 mAh​​.

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Final Words 

Well, the battle of Evo Bar Vs. Elf Bar will continue, and the vaper will have lengthy debates about it. The truth is that both brands are innovating newer and greater experiences for their consumers. So, no one is lagging. But how far they are going will be determined by their loyal fanbase.