July 14, 2024
EBCreate Vs EBDesign

Any discussion regarding EBCreate Vs. EBDesign can only be pursued with the term Elf Bar. The Brand Elf Bar is so vast that the whole aisle used to be filled with different models of Elf Bar. But they have suddenly disappeared. More interestingly, some EB Design and EB Create products look precisely like Elf Bar. 

So, are they from the same brand or different? There is a lot of confusion still lingering among the vaping folks regarding EBCreate Vs EBDesign, especially among the widespread fandom of Elf Bar. However, Elf bars, EB Design, and EB Create are fundamentally the same. 

To clarify confusion about the EBDesign and EB Create, go through this article. 

EBCreate Vs EBDesign

Due to some legal complications, Elf Bar had to rebrand itself as EB Design and finally landed to EB Create as a refurbished and remodeled vape. However, their quality, flavor, and standard are similar to the underlying brand, Elf bars. This rebranding is only applicable to the USA. 

There is no difference between EB Create and EB Design at the core level. Their parent company, Elf Bar, had to alter the name. However, on the surface, there are some differences between them. 

Here, you will find the differences between EB Create and EB Design. 

EB Create EB Design
Rebranded Name of Elf BarReimagined vapes
Name of the Company Name of the redesigned vapes 
Vapes are similar to Elf BarUpgraded formula of vapes 
EB Design, written on the front EB Create, written on the front.

EBCreate Vs EBDesign [Detailed Explanation]

Elf Bar was the most popular disposable vape brand that brought impeccable revenue in recent years. However, for the legal battle regarding trademark law, which we will discuss shortly, Elf Bar company had to alter its brand name. 

EB design, this name originated from Elf Bars. Taking the first letters from Elf Bars, EB was adopted. So, if you want to purchase vapes of Elf bars, you have to go to the EB design website. 

Okay, but another confusion still lingers. What is EB Create, then? EB Design is the rebranded name of the company. At the same time, EB Create is the defining name of the vapes by EB Design. You will find vapes of EB Create on their distinctive EB Create website

After rebranding, the company has put the model number boldly and in large font on their vapes. For example, you will see the model name BC5000 written at the place where Elf bars were reported previously. Beneath that, you will notice the word EB Create is inscribed. This signifies the vapes created by EB Design. 

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Why Did The EB Design Name Come?

Elf Bar had gone through a legal battle regarding trademark infringement. Their parent company, Shenzhen IMiracle Technology Co. Ltd., Was sued by VPR company in 2017. They claimed they had an inherent right to the name ‘Elf.’ At the same time, VPR also sued some distributors of Elf bar.

The lawsuit was in motion at a District Court in Florida. At the preliminary hearing, the judges issued an injunction to use and distribute the Elf Bar vapes using the name Elf Bar. 

Is There No Elf Bar Anymore?

The trademark mishap regarding Elf Bar is only a matter in the USA. In Canada and China, the name Elf Bar is still intact. So, it is not the case that Elf Bar doesn’t exist anymore. Only in the USA, the term has been rebranded as EB Design. In gist, Elf Bar vape still exists, but in the USA only, it is called EB Design. 

Why Do Some Models Say EB Create, And Some Say EB Design? 

If you are surfing to purchase a new vape from EB Design company, you will stumble with both titles on the front. So, this must intrigue a question. Why are there two titles, and what do these mean? 

EB Design mainly implies the original vapes created and manufactured by Elf Bar. You will find a similar texture and flavor to the Elf Bar vapes in the EB Design vapes. The difference is in the packaging and designs on the front. Previously, Elf Bar was marked in large and bold font. Now, the model number has taken the place. EB Design is written underneath. 

On the flip side, EB Create is a reimagined vaping experience. Many people assume that EB Create is a separate company from Elf Bar. However, EB Create renders an innovation and improvement of the current EB Design. 

EB Create attributes an innovative heating system, top-quality substances and materials, upgraded taste, and more intricate design. They aim to provide a reliable, exceptional, and enjoyable vaping experience.

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Is The Quality And Design the Same In Elf Bar, EB Create, And EB Design?

After the emergence of EB Design and EB Create, clouds of doubts and confusion have ushered into the minds of vape enthusiasts. Are they the same? Is the quality the same as Elf Bar? Why is the design similar to Elf bar and so on? 

Here, we will discuss this elaborately. 


The popularity of Elf Bar has not been built up over the years for merely petty reasons. Their commitment to keep the quality intact has made them a brand famed and praised by all. And, lucky for you, even though the name has changed, you will still receive a similar quality in texture and configuration in EB Design.  

In the case of Elf Create, the question is whether quality has taken one step ahead. EB’s design aims to provide consumers with the same flavors and essence of Elf Bar. Conversely, EB Create aims to dispense more upgraded and improved versions of original Elf Bar vapes. 


The whole attire of Elf Bar is intact precisely. And it is understandable why it stirs up so much confusion among vape enthusiasts. When it comes to design, EB Create and EB Design follow the same routine. 

Now, you will notice the model number where the term Elf bar was inscribed. The model number originated from the original Elf Bar products. You will find either EB Create or EB Design is written underneath the model number. This will help you to identify and separate them. 

Which One Should You Choose, EB Design Or EB Create? 

Which One Should You Choose, EB Design Or EB Create

After this semi-length discussion, I hope any doubt regarding EB Design and EB Create has cleared. But do you still need to decide what you should opt for, EB Design or EB Create? I wish I could give you a straight-cut answer to relieve you from this dilemma, but it would infringe your free choice.   

Instead, I would give you some pointers that will help you decide what to get. 

Original Elf Bar Taste 

Are you a crazy-head fan of the taste and texture of Elf Bar vapes? Do you not feel comfort and satisfaction without the impeccable taste of Elf bar? If you answer yes, you should go for EB Design. You will find the same taste and texture there. It is like an old wine in a new bottle.  

Upgraded And Innovative Formula 

If you are not afraid of change and are always up for a new challenge, I urge you to try the EB Create. You should know by now that Elf Bar doesn’t compromise on quality. So, you won’t have to worry about quality decrease. With their state-of-the-art heating element and improved mechanism, you will find your favorite new vape. 

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Final Takeaways

I hope this article has rained down all the confusion and doubts about the vapes of EB Design and EB Create. So, I hope you know there is no EBCreate Vs EBDesign. They are fundamentally the same thing. 

But one kept following the traditional path, and the other aimed for something much higher. That doesn’t mean one is better than the other. So, whatever you opt for, you will still find that reminiscing taste of Elf bar in them.