July 15, 2024
elf bar vs flum

Elf Bar and Flum are like the Apple and Samsung of the vaping world. Both are great and packed with unique features. Due to that, customers often get confused when it comes to deciding which one is better in the Elf Bar vs. Flum battle.

Elf Bar is compact and vibrant in design. The vaping experience is very soothing and relaxing. There are recharging options as well. On the other hand, Flum vapes are shaped like vape pens. Their expatriates lie in making disposable vapes, although they also have other options. Both of them have premium choices of flavors, though. 

Putting a good or bad sign on these brands is nearly impossible. However, I have made a thorough comparison so that you can find your preferred vape as per your taste. 

Elf Bar Vs. Flum [Comparison In Gist]

When both device is so evenly and competitively equal, it is very challenging to declare the winner. And I am not willing to do that here because that would be unfair to both vape brands. However, to make your choice more flexible, I will discuss their distinctive features one by one.

Criteria Elf BarFlum 
Disposability Have both options Disposable 
Flavors 31 Flavors 27 Flavors 
Nicotine Strength5%5%
Battery Capacity280-650 mAh400-1100 mAh 
DesignCompactSlightly Large 
Number of Puffs 600-5000 1600-6000
Rechargeable Yes NO 
Price Range$15-$20$11-$14

Elf Bar Vs. Flum: Range Of Products Available 

It is pretty taxing to put a number on the total product manufactured as vape models keep introducing and disappearing year by year. But we can have a primary idea about it. 

Elf Bar

As you know, in the USA, Elf Bar has been rebranded as EB Design and reimagined as EB Created brand, an upgrade of Elf Bar vapes. Elf Bar, EB Create, and EB Design all of them produce a diverse range of vapes. Elf Bar and their child companies have many vape variants featuring different flavors and textures. 


Flum’s product lineup is also extensive. However, if you put it in a match against Elf Bar, its product range will fall far behind Elf Bar. Even so, if you go through their website, you will discover a wide range of premium selections.  

Elf Bar Vs. Flum: Disposability

Both of the brand primarily produces disposable vapes. But here are some differences as well. 

Elf Bar

Elf Bar is known as a disposable vape brand. But it is not always the case. Many models of Elf Bar vape are reusable. You will find tons of disposable options as well. 


On the other hand, Flum is a mainly disposable vape brand. Each and every vape model is disposable and for one-time use only. 

Elf Bar Vs. Flum: Variations In Flavor 

Elf Bar and Flum offer sweeping numbers of flavors for their vapes. Here are some popular flavors they offer. If you have a preference for a distinctive flavor, your priority has to be to find a brand that provides that flavor. 

Elf Bar

Elf Bar can never disappoint you if you are a flavor enthusiast. Their all-around collection of 31 various kinds of flavors will blow your mind. You can have classic tobacco and menthol choices. If you are in an exploring mood, you will also find flavors like watermelon, mango, blueberry, strawberry, and much more. 


Flum is like a wild scientist who loves to put different mixtures together and make weird but wonderful concoctions. You will find 27 experimental flavors of vape. You can go for strawberry banana or float aloe pineapple. The choices are infinite. 

Elf Bar Vs. Flum: Nicotine Strenght

Nicotine can be asserted as the main component of a vape. Let’s see how Elf Bar and Flum deal with this issue. 

Elf Bar 

Elf bar offers a different range of nicotine strength in their models. It mainly ranges from 20mg to 50mg. Some of the models also have nicotine-free options as well. 


Similar to Elf Bar, Flum also has nicotine-infused vapes in their collection. Their range begets from 20mg and ends at 50mg. Also, you can avail the zero nicotine option here. Flum used 5% salt nicotine in their e-juice. 

Elf Bar Vs. Flum: Battery Life 

The whole experience of vaping highly depends on a good battery. Elf Bar and Flum put tons of research and thought into improving their battery lives. Some fundamental differences persist, though. 

Elf Bar 

There is no exact battery capacity index in Elf Bar. Different models use different capacities of batteries. However, their range starts from 280mAh and ends at 650mAh. 

If you are a heavy vaper, a vape with a 650 mAh battery will last for 1 week or more. If you are a casual vaper, the exact capacity battery will last over 2 weeks

And what happens when these weeks surpass? Well, you simply recharge it with its 1A type-C fast charging cable. 


Flum has paced out Elf Bar in every way possible in the run for capacity. You will find 400mAh, 600 mAh, and 1100 mAh batteries in Flum. The 1100 mAh battery can run for 10-12 hours. That indicates you can use the device for 2-3 months, even if you are a heavy vaper. 

However, there is one blessing or a drawback. Since Flum is a disposable vape company, you can’t recharge them with anything. So, once the battery is dead, you have to discard it or, as the name suggests, dispose of it. 

Elf Bar Vs. Flum: Device Design 

Elf Bar and Flum have such distinctive attire that anyone can spot the product from afar. But how practical and compatible they are? 

Elf Bar

The first thing you notice about Elf Bar vapes is that they are summery and vibrant. Warm tones such as yellow and orange dominate in the design. They are very compact and can easily fit inside a pocket. The vape design is ergonomic and soothing to the eyes. 


Flum brand loves to play with the color palette. Their color choices are broader compared to Elf Bar. From sunny colors such as yellow and orange to darker shades like blue and black, you will find your suitable device here. Also, their vapes are very slim and fit like a pen, which would go right through the pocket.  

Elf Bar Vs. Flum: Puff Number 

The number of puffs denotes how many drags of smoke you can inhale with the vape. 

Elf Bar 

The number of puffs depends on different models. Grossly, the puff number ranges from 600 to 5000. The most popular model of Elf Bar, BC5000, can be puffed up to 500 times.


Similar to Elf Bar, Flum’s puff number depends on the models. As a disposable vape, their range starts from 1600 and can go up to 6000. 

Elf Bar Vs. Flum: Performance 

Both Elf Bar and Flum have made their name and fame by satisfying their consumer with the performance of their vapes. So, I am sure you will receive an impeccable performance from both brands.  

Elf Bar 

The vaping experience is very smooth and jazzy. It might be your first or last puff, but you will get the same vapor production and flavor consistency from e-liquid. As long as you charge them properly and maintain the device, it will serve you with utmost care. 


Since Flum vapes are primarily disposable, you won’t have to worry about charging them. Even so, you will receive an excellent vaping experience from them. This video thoroughly explains the experience of using Flum vape. 

Elf Bar Bc5000 Vs. Flum Float [Comparison Between Most Popular Models]

There are many models available in both brands that you can choose from. However, I have compared both of their most hyped products for a clearer glimpse. 


Elf Bar BC5000 is very compact and handy. Its dimension is 79mm*41mm*19mm. On the other hand, Flum Float is slightly more giant. Its size is 177.8mm*127mm*254mm. 

Nicotine Strenght 

Both Elf Bar BC5000 and Flum FLoat use salt nicotine in their e-liquid. There is 5% nicotine in weight in both of the products. 

Tank Capacity

 In Elf Bar, 13 ml of e-liquid can be filled. On the flip side, Flum Float has an 8ml capacity. As Flum Float is a disposable vape, its capacity is comprehensibly smaller than Elf Bar.

Number of Puffs 

Elf Bar will last you till 5,000 puffs. Hence the name BC5000. Meanwhile, Flum Float’s number of puss is up to 3000

Battery Life

Elf Bar’s battery power is 650 mAh. You can recharge it. To finish 5000 puffs, you might need to charge it 3-4 times. On the other hand, FLum Float’s battery capacity is 1100 mAh. As this is a disposable vape, there is no option for recharging. 

Elf Bar Vs. Flum: Which Will Suit You Best? 

You can’t draw a good/bad comparison between Elf Bar And Flum. Both brands are at the top of their game and committed to providing quality vaping experiences for their consumers. However, on a personal account, some factors rush in to put preference on certain products over others. 

I will list the factors of preferences so that you can ask yourself your stance on this. This will lead you to find your desired vape. 

  1. Size 

In vaping, size adjustment is a big deal among the vapes. Some prefer compact. Some prefer larger sizes. If you want to grasp your vape fully in your hand, Elf Bar will be more suitable. If you want the size somewhere between compact and large, Flum is a better choice. 

  1. Disposable 

 If you can recharge the vape from time to time, Elf Bar will get a preference. Since it will last you more. However, recharging vapes might be a bother for many people. If you are one of them, Flum disposable vapes will be better.

  1. Flavors 

Undoubtedly, both brands come up with fantastic vape flavors. In Elf Bar, you can choose from 31 different vape flavors. On the other hand, more or less 27 varieties of vape flavors are available in Flum. What types of flavor you would like to experience is up to you.

  1. Cost 

The cost of the vapes primarily depends on the models. Elf Bar vapes range from $15 to $20. Meanwhile, Flum is more pocket-friendly. The price ranges from $11 to $14. 

Final Verdict

Making the right choice about the vape brand is crucial for an impeccable experience. Brands like Elf Bar and Flum are top at their game, making the comparison harder and harder. If you have gone through the article, you have noticed no single point on which these brands lag. 

Ultimately, there is no match of Elf Bar Vs. Flum. Only your satisfaction and comfort will be the determining factor. You find the ultimate satisfaction will be the winner, at least for you.