July 14, 2024
What is a Push Blinker VapeWhat is a Push Blinker Vape

Big vape clouds are cool, right? But long puffs can damage the vape devices by overheating the battery. A Push blinker vape is what you need to get rid of this issue and enjoy vaping to the fullest!

Push Blinker vapes come with a small LED that limits the duration of a single puff. The battery of the device overheats when you take long puffs. And so, it sends a signal of auto-cutting the power supply and warns you to stop puffing. However, there are more reasons for which your vape may blink.

This article will give you the basic idea of the Push blinker vape, its mechanism, and its usage. If you are a new vaper, this will be an interesting topic! So, let’s begin – 

What Is a Push Blinker Vape?

What Is a Push Blinker Vape

Push is an innovative cannabis company that sells amazing blinker vapes. They are well known for their metal-free, full-glass cartridges. Now, what is blinker vape? 

A blinker vape is a vaping device that blinks when you give a long puff on it. This usually takes 8 to 10 seconds to blick, but the duration may vary depending on the type of vape you are using. 

Now, what does it mean when the vape blinks as you puff it? Blinking indicates the battery’s warning of overheating. So, when it blick, you are to stop hitting vapes to ensure the battery remains safe. Attempting too many blinkers back to back will overheat the device and burn the oil faster.

Besides limiting the duration of a single puff, a vape can blink for many reasons. This includes – 

  • Low battery
  • Dirty components accumulation 
  • Low e-liquid levels
  • Loose connection
  • Overheating
  • Coil damage
  • Overuse of the device

How Push Blinker Vapes Work?

Internal Components of Push Blinker Vapes

  1. Battery
  2. Atomizer
  3. E-Liquid Reservoir
  4. LED light that blinks

Working Mechanism

When you start the vape or inhale, it activates the device’s battery. This battery then powers up the coils in the atomizer, which is connected to the e-liquid. As the coils heat up, it vaporizes the vape liquid. 

Air is drawn into the atomizer when you inhale through the device’s mouthpiece. This airflow transports the evaporated e-liquid to your mouth and lungs. And then, as you exhale it into the air, the vaporized e-liquid mixes with the surrounding air through diffusion. 

The battery starts to overheat when you inhale or puff on the device for too long. This sends a signal to the LED light of the device, and it starts blinking. 

As soon as you notice the device blinking, stop giving more puffs on it. Usually, vape devices come with an auto shut-off option, which automatically turns off the battery as it flashes. 

Why Push Blinker Vapes Are Suitable for Novices?

Push blinker vapes have lightweight, heavy, metal-free, full glass carts. And they come with a pre-filled e-liquid. So, as a novice or beginner, you will not need to take the hassle of handling and refiling e-liquid. Besides, these devices have an automatic turn-on feature as you inhale in the mouthpiece.

The most amazing feature of these blinker vapes is their safety indication. It blinks when the device runs out of battery, gets overheated, or faces any other issues. Following these indications, any novice can maintain the device appropriately. 

Push Blinker Vapes Vs. Other Vaping Devices

Other vape devices require specialized cartridges to change the e-liquid flavor. But with Push pods, you can refill any kind of e-liquids. So, when experimenting with different flavors, Push blinker vapes stand out. 

Push blinker vapes come with lights that blink when electrical or battery issues occur. Besides, it blinks when the e-liquid is running low and needs refilling. All this indication leads you to take necessary action to keep the device running. For instance, if it shows a red blink, probably the device is out of battery. So, you need to charge it. In contrast, other vaping devices that don’t have this blinking feature will not give you these warnings. 

A Quick Comparison Table

FeaturePush Blinker VapesOther Vaping Devices
Device TypePod System or ModVaries (e.g., Pen, Mod)
Activation MechanismPush-button or draw-activatedButton-activated, draw-activated, or automatic
Battery LifeVaries, typically moderate to long-lastingVaries, can be shorter to long-lasting
PortabilityCompact and portableVaries based on type
Customization OptionsLimitedExtensive
E-Liquid CompatibilityUsually compatible with specific pods or tanksCompatible with various tanks and pods
Ease of UseGenerally easy to useMay require more knowledge and maintenance
Nicotine OptionsPre-filled pods with various nicotine strengthsCustomizable nicotine levels in e-liquids
Flavor VarietyLimited to available pod flavorsVast range of e-liquid flavors
Vapor ProductionModerate to highVaries based on device
CostVaries, typically affordable to moderately pricedVaries based on the device
MaintenanceLow maintenance, replaceable pods or coilsMay require more maintenance and coil changes
AccessibilityWidely available in vape shops and onlineAvailable in vape shops and online
Health and SafetyStill poses health risks associated with vapingStill poses health risks associated with vaping
Regulatory EnvironmentSubject to local vaping regulationsSubject to local vaping regulations

Importance of Choosing the Right Push Blinker Vape

Push blinker vapes come in different sizes and flavors. If you choose one with a smaller capacity, you will have to refill it frequently, which is troublesome. Again, flavor selection is also crucial here. For instance, choosing the strawberry flavor may cause allergic reactions if you are allergic to strawberries. 

Besides, it won’t hit you if you choose a Push blinker vape with a lower nicotine level than you need. Similarly, going for a higher level will also create addiction. So, it is important to pick the right Push blinker vape, considering your needs and habits of vaping. 

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Device

  1. Flavor: Vape devices come in different flavors. This includes- blueberry, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and more interesting flavors. You can choose the one that you like best. 
  2. Type of the device: Vape devices can be pod systems, vape pens, box mods, or all-in-one devices. All of these categories have their own benefits and drawbacks. Analyze all the variants and select which you find more convenient for you. 
  3. E-liquid Compatibility: E-liquids can be of different types, like- freebase nicotine, nicotine salt, or CBD e-liquids. Before purchasing any device, make sure it is compatible with the type of e-liquid you prefer. 
  4. Tank or pod capacity: A vape’s tank or pod capacity indicates its limit to hold e-liquid. If you purchase a device that will lower liquid holding capacity, it will require frequent refilling. So, it is better to get one with a large tank.  
  5. Safety features: Blink vapes are excellent choices for safety features. When your device’s battery gets overheated, runs out of battery, or faces any issues, it will blink. So, you can charge and maintain the device properly with the one with safety features. 
  6. Nicotine: Vapes can be either nicotine-added or free of nicotine. If you intake nicotine, check out the level or amount present in the solution. 
  7. Brand & warranty: Vape devices usually come with a 6-month warranty period. But it is always better to choose one of the reputed brands to use the device for longer. 

Top Brands and Models for Beginners


Final Thoughts

Push blinker vape is an excellent choice for beginners. They are slim and easy to carry. The safety features of these vapes make them different from other categories. If your device faces any issues, these blinks will let you know. It is a great feature for novices who need to learn the correct usage of vape. Therefore, a Push blinker is your ideal choice if you are looking for a pocket-friendly vape with safety features.