April 11, 2024
Lost Mary OS5000 Review Features, Pros, Cons (Unbiased)

Lost Mary is a beginner-friendly disposable vape packed with unique features and praiseworthy reviews by vapers. If you set your mind on trying Lost Vape, I would say start with OS5000. But before that, you should check out this Lost Mary OS5000 review. 

Lost Mary OS5000 is a matchbox-shaped disposable vape device that is sworn to impeccable quality and comfort. Equipped with up to 5000 puff counts and ample e-liquid capacity, this device is suitable for beginner and intermediate vapers. There are 21 flavor options in the regular version and many more in their limited editions. 

If you are interested in knowing more about Lost Mary OS5000, you have landed on the right spot. Here, we will have a thorough discussion on whether this device is worth buying or not. 

Lost Mary OS5000 Review: At A Glance


Before diving into the details, let’s know about our star first in gist. Here is an accumulation of specs and information you must know about Lost Mary OS5000 if you want to make a purchase. 

Dimensions 48 x 26 x 82 mm
E-liquid capacity13 ml 
Battery 650 mAh
Rechargeable Yes, Type-C Charger 
Number of Puffs Up to 5000
Nicotine Strength 5%

Curious about Lost Mary Vape? Let’s break it down in this easy-going Lost Mary Vape review. We’ll explore its features, enjoy some of the best Lost Mary Flavors, and see if there’s something better out there.

Features Of Lost Mary OS5000 

I am not asking you to take my word for it. Here, I am listing out the best and unique features of Lost Mary OS5000. Go through the features list and realize on your own what makes Lost Mary OS5000 unique and one-of-a-kind. 

Shape And Design

Sleek, chic, and vibrant, there are no better ways to describe Lost Mary OS5000’s build. This device is built with high-quality material. With a smooth surface wrapped with a rubbery substance for protection, Loat Mary OS5000 is a comfort for the grip. 

The device is matchbox-shaped. That doesn’t mean it feels boxy and uncomfortable to hold. The ergonomic curvy shape is specifically designed while keeping comfort in mind. So, your lungs can be tired of vaping, your hand won’t be. 

E-liquid Capacity

You know, you can’t and shouldn’t refill a disposable vape. So, the e-liquid capacity of a vape determines how long you can use that device. One of the alluring features of Lost Mary OS5000 is the e-liquid capacity. 

 This device has a 13 ml e-juice capacity, which surpasses most disposable vapes. You can enjoy your favorite flavor for at least 3-4 weeks with this ample amount of e-liquid. However, the limited-edition versions have different sizes of pods of e-liquid.  


A huge complaint about disposable vapes is that the battery is too weak to make good vapor. Well, you can bid adieu to these claims. With a massive 650mAh battery on Lost Mary OS5000, you can enjoy vaping all through the day and night. 

Not only this. You can recharge the device with a Type-C charger. You can find the charging port at the top, covered with a silicon cover to deter dirt and dust. Also, three LED colors are designated to show the charging status. 

  • Green – 70-100%
  • Blue – 29-69%
  • Red – less than 29%

If you have an old one but your Lost Mary OS5000 is not charging, then you should check out our detailed guide.

Number Of Puffs

When you hit the vape for one time, it counts for one puff. How many puffs you can hit is determined by the puff counts of the device, along with the e-liquid capacity. Usually, the puff count is enumerated in the model number, and the Lost Mary OS5000 is not an exception. 

By OS5000, the puff count of the device is ticked off. You can enjoy this device for 2-3 weeks, depending on your daily partake. 5000 puff counts are a standard for disposable vapes. However, there is an OS4000 version of Lost Mary Vape, which you can try as well if you are a beginner.  

Nicotine Strength

Nicotine strength denotes the amount of nicotine diluted in e-liquid. The nicotine strength of Lost Mary OS5000 is 5%. It means that there is 50mg of nicotine per milliliter of e-liquid. This percentage is super suitable for both beginner and advanced vapers. 

You can experience a balanced throat hit with this 5% nicotine strength. In some locations, you can also find 4% nicotine strength. It will depend on the availability and the local law. But the standard for OS5000 is 5%. 

Draw Activation 

Lost Mary OS5000 was created while keeping beginners in mind. So, there are no complicated buttons or switches to activate the device. You can simply hit a drag and enjoy vaping. The battery will be active as long as you hit the vape. This is very convenient and commodious for beginners. 


There are two different versions of Lost Mary OS5000. These are limited-edition and unique from the usual device. Here is a short introduction to these two versions. 

OS5000 Luster Edition

Infused with an exclusive array of flavors and a shiny metallic outlook, this Luster edition is perfect if you prefer a mystic silvery body. Even though the price is the same, this Luster edition comes with a 10ml e-liquid capacity and 40mg nicotine strength. Some popular flavors are Light Snoow Peppermint, Forest Mint, and Acai Berry Storm Ice. 

OS5000 Frozen Edition

Frozen Edition is a tribute to all the slurpy lovers. This icy and minty edition with impeccable flavor assortment is a must-try if you enjoy the menthol and icy sensation. This edition also comes with a 10ml e-juice capacity and 5% nicotine strength. There are 5 exquisite flavors. You can try Cherry Banana Duo Ice or Tripple Berry Duo Ice. 

Lost Mary OS5000 Flavors

Speaking of flavors, Lost Mary OS5000 offers you 21 selections of amazing flavors. Ice, sweet, fruity, no matter what your demand is, there is a flavor that will suit your taste buds. Some of my personal favorite flavors are, 

  • Blueberry P&B Cloud
  • Spearmint
  • Kiwi Passion fruit Guava
  • Strawberry Mango 
  • Blue Razz Ice 
  • Blue cotton candy 
  • Strawberry Pina colada 
  • Watermelon Lemon

Pros And Cons Of Lost Mary OS5000

PortablePrice is high
Convenient to useSome flavors are too sweet
Wide assortment of flavors
Meshed coil
Large e-liquid capacity
Powerful battery
Draw activation
Durable build-up

Best Alternatives Of Lost Mary OS5000 

As I said, the price is quite high for OS5000. If you want to invest in it, you must be absolutely sure about it. And how can you be sure without checking out other brands and models that might have the potential to beat OS5000? Here are some of the best alternatives you can also consider purchasing. 

EBDesign BC5000 

EBdesign BC5000, formerly known as ELF Bar, is the closest competition to Lost Mary OS5000. This device is a much sought-after item, which is equipped with a 650 mAh battery and 5000 puff counts. There are 50+ flavor options. The best part is that you can also avail of 0mg nicotine-free flavors, which is missing from OS5000. 

Flum Float Gio Vape

If you want a cylindrical and tall-shaped vape, Flum Float Gio Vape can be a great option. Built with 8 ml of e-liquid and 3000 puff counts, this device comes with 40+ flavor options. Also, this is a pre-filled and pre-charged device. A high-power internal battery is installed. With this device, you can try Pina Polo, American Tobacco, or Coffee Pump. 

How Many Times Can You Recharge Lost Mary OS5000?

The exact number of times will depend on your user habits and the device’s health. You can recharge them as long as there is e-liquid remaining and the device is viable. Once the puff counts are over, you need to discard it. You may need to recharge the device 5-6 times before the e-liquid depletes. 

How To Check The E-Liquid Level In Lost Mary OS5000?

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell the exact e-liquid level inside the Lost Mary OS5000. The pod is set inside the device, and the mouthpiece is not transparent to check the e-liquid level. However, you will know when the e-liquid depletes. The best way to check is when the vapor production will be significantly reduced and will come to nothing. 

Lost between Lost Mary MO5000 and OS5000? Wondering which one suits your adventure best? Brace yourself for a detailed side-by-side comparison, as we unravel the distinctions and help you make the perfect choice for your exploration endeavors!

Final Words

The upshot of this Lost Mary OS5000 review is that if you are a beginner and about to enter into the vaping world, OS5000 is the best companion for this journey. This device can motivate you to boost-start your vaping journey. As a beginner, you can enjoy this smooth and balanced throat hit with this Lost Mary OS5000 device.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does a Lost Mary Os5000 Last?

The Lost Mary OS5000 offers an impressive 5,000-puff lifespan, surpassing most disposable vapes in its category. This extended duration is attributed to factors such as vaping style, frequency, and e-liquid concentration. While reaching the exact 5,000 puffs is unlikely, the OS5000 significantly outperforms other disposables, providing a cost-effective option for heavy vapers.

How Long Does It Take for a Lost Mary to Charge?

Lost Mary’s charging time varies based on the model’s battery capacity. Smaller 650mAh models take 30-45 minutes for a full charge, while larger 3500mAh models require 1-2 hours. To optimize charging, use a higher-wattage charger, avoid device usage during charging, and ensure a clean charging port. Use the original or a reliable replacement charging cable for efficient and safe charging, ultimately maximizing the vape’s performance and lifespan.