July 14, 2024
Best Lost Mary Flavors

Lost Mary has imprinted its indelible name and fame in the vaping community. It has clasped luxury and comfort together and put them in a cute bottle.

Not only that, Lost Mary has come up with the best of the best flavors for their customers. Their 40+ collection of flavors is enough to put your head into a spin.

But I am here to rescue you.

Here, I have enlisted the 10 best Lost Mary flavors you must try in 2024. 

Best Lost Mary Flavors: In Comparison 

Lost Mary is coming up with innovative and luscious flavors day by day. Before jumping to the details, I have given the information on the top 10 best Lost Mary flavors in a gist so you can have a clear idea. 

Flavor Name Feature 
Blueberry Sour Raspberry Fruity, Tangy 
Cherry Ice Icy, fruity, sour 
Light Snoow PeppermintIcy, pepperminty
Pink LemonadeSweet, fruity 
Double AppleSweet, tart, icy
Blue Razz Ice Menthol, fruity 
Marybull IceIcy Energy drink
Kiwi Passionfruit GuavaFruity, tangy, sweet
Blue Cotton Candy Dessert, sweet 
Acai Berry Storm Ice Sweet, citrusy 

1. Blueberry Sour Raspberry

Let’s face it. You are an adult. You can’t tolerate the burst of sweetness anymore. You will need something that can dilute the sweetness. If you can relate, blueberry sour raspberry is your jam. 

With the sweetness of luscious blueberries and a hit of tangy raspberry, this flavor will give you the ultimate balance between sweet and savory. They are sweet, tangy, and juicy. But it is not icy, so there is no fear of brain freeze.

2. Cherry Ice   

If you are a sweet and sour cherries fan, this flavor is a god-given. As the name suggests, you will get not only the sweet and tangy taste of cherry but also an icy and menthol hit. The menthol is not overpowering. So it will not overshadow the sweet and sour taste of cherry. But will complement the whole taste. If you want a taste.

3. Light Snoow Peppermint 

As mysterious as it sounds, light snoow peppermint has still managed to steal the show. Lost Mary OS5000 Luster edition has produced a gem that can remind you of a white Christmas full of snowfall and endless peppermint sticks. 

The soothing and appeasing flavor rightfully apprehends the essence of crisp and cool peppermint. The refreshing taste and white clouds will take you on a safari of snowfall. The icy sensation is enough to put you in a good mood without taking over your brain and body. If you want a tranquil, snowy, and pepperminty flavor, don’t wait and place your order here. 

4. Pink Lemonade 

After a happy and white Christmas, we all lost for a sunny and vibrant summer, right? And what goes with summer? It’s a refreshing summer drink. There is no doubt why this flavor snatched the glory and posited itself at the top position. 

Pink lemonade is a combination of classic lemonade with a twist of mixed berries. These berries give them a pink demeanor and add a sweet taste to the e-juice. If you are not someone to take risks and prefer to stick to the classics, this flavor is right for you.

5. Double Apple

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, imagine what a double apple can do. Joking aside, the double apple flavor has gained some crazy momentum among Lost Mary’s loyal customers. But why double apple? What’s the significance of it? 

Double apple features the concoction of both red and green apples. The tangy and crispy traits of green apples are combined with juicy and sweet red apples. This mixture creates a playful combination of sweet and tart.

Moreover, you would be hit with a sweet and gentle blow of minty taste when you couldn’t be more impressed. Taste for yourself and order it now.

6. Blue Razz Ice

If you are a beginner in the world of vaping, Blue Razz Ice is the perfect starter for you. Even though the name leads to many mysteries and enigma, this is a safe bait you can take. But to give you solace, I will disclose the ingredients of this hyped flavor. 

Blue Razz Ice is a mixture of blueberry and raspberry. Even though the fruity essence, this flavor is far from being fruity. The cool menthol aftertaste ensures you don’t feel like having only fruits. The standoffish taste will give you a subtle and refreshing sensation, canceling out any overpowering taste. Care to give it a fair try?

7. Marybull Ice

Inspired by the popular energy drink name, Marybull Ice has entered the chat and gradually become an influential cool kid. The energy drink may have broken the promise to give you wings, but the Marybull ice flavor is sure to provide you with the smoothest cloud. 

With the essence of red-berry taste, this flavor has the perfect balance of fruity and icy. If you don’t want a classic fruity flavor but still want a fruity presence with an icy kick, Marybull Ice can pair with you nicely.

8. Kiwi Passionfruit Guava

As a crazy fan of tropical and exotic fruits, I can’t have them enough. I wish to devour all of the fruits without any pause. Are you one of us? Then, this golden trio of exotic fruit will be the next big break for you. You might wonder, will these three super different flavors ever make a perfect balance? 

Yes, they will, and they have. This fusion flavor is the epitome of a sweet and tart combination. First, the sweetness of guava and passionfruit will enrich your mouth, and the tangy kiwi flavor will hit you in the right spot. If you want to do justice to this flavor, order today and try it yourself. 

9. Blue Cotton Candy  

Cotton candy is not just a sugary snack but a token of our childhood. But cotton candy is usually either pink or white. So, what’s so special about blue cotton candy?

For some extra specialty, there is a hint of blueberry. This blueberry touch makes the taste even better without compromising the original cotton candy taste. Give it a try and order here. 

10. Acai Berry Storm Ice 

Putting the correct pronunciation of the word acai, we can all agree that our summer is incomplete without one bowl of acai. And what if you can get that goodness of acai for your Lost Mary Vape? 

This Luster edition flavor has made a perfect summer-friendly e-juice with juicy acai berries combined with sweet coconut. Not only will you taste the berry and coconut, but you will also get a kick of citrus flavor to give the flavor a magical ending.

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Final Words

I understand your confusion when searching for a new flavor and ending up with many great options. Honestly, it is challenging to make the best Lost Mary flavors list among such choices. But I have made it, and now you can choose any of them per your preference.