July 14, 2024
Flum Vape Review Flavors, Taste & Best Alternatives

The aesthetic presentation, vibrant demeanor, and staggering performance of Flum vape have caused chaos in the vaping community. If you want to check for yourself what the big deal is, this Flum Vape review is the perfect landing ground for you. 

Flum Vape is a pioneering disposable vaping brand that offers its vapes in a few series. Their popular series are Flum Float, Flum Gio, and Flum Pebble. They have a wide range of beyond-reproach flavors and phenomenal performance. 

If you are thinking about trying Flum Vapes, go through this article to learn more about this brand. 

What Is Flum Vape?

Flum Vape is a brand of disposable vapes that mainly consists of three branches. All of these vapes are equipped with pre-filled e-liquid with 5% nicotine strength, but you can find some nicotine-free vape options, too. Here is a short introduction to branches or series of Flum Vape. 

Flum Float

This cylindrical-shaped device is a cult favorite, and I understand why. The beauty lies in the structure and the simplistic design of the body. The number of puffs will go up to 3000, and the device is supplied with 650 mAh batteries. Also, there is a 6.1ml pod to store your favorite flavored e-juice. 

Flum Gio

The look is the showstopper. A tall and cylindrical shape with a silicon spiky texture will definitely feel like Christmas to your hand. Your hand will indulge in the luxury, and your lungs will celebrate the incredible vapor. The specs resemble the Flum Float, but this device has a more rugged look. 

Flum Pebble

Small, flat, round, I am always at a loss for words when it comes to describing this product. The shape is so stout and cute that you can’t let it go. Not only the design, this product aces in qualities too.

With a 10 ml e-liquid capacity and 500 mAh battery, you can enjoy this device with up to 6000 puff counts. Also, you can recharge this device with a Type-C charger. 

Performance Of Flum Vape

Flum Vapes is one of the biggest vaping brands for disposable vapes and the toughest competition for other vaping brands. And you can’t get to this position only by looks. Everyone was amazed by the astounding performance of Flum vapes. 

Coil Performance

The device is constructed with high-quality mesh coils. These coils create a balance between flavor and heat. It properly enhances the flavor without compromising the amount of vapor production.

Also, it helps to disperse the heat proportionately. This mesh coil also makes sure no e-liquid residue solidifies under its watch. 


The first attraction that draws you near Flum Vapes is its unique mouthpiece. This tall and curvy shape is certainly impeccable to look at. But its duty doesn’t stop in beautification. Such a unique shape will provide you with more airflow and comfort when hitting the device. 

Battery Performance

As you have noticed, Flum has two battery variants. One is 650 mAh, and the other is 500 mAh (rechargeable). These batteries work great to make clouds and proper vaporization. 

However, Flum Pebble, with a 500 mAh battery, requires maximum charges to unleash its potential fully.   

Pros And Cons Of Flum Vapes


  • Easy to use 
  • Portable 
  • Draw activation method 
  • Meshed coils 
  • A wide array of flavors 
  • Comfortable and unique mouthpiece 
  • Pre-filled e-liquid 


  • Some flavors have an icy solid hit. 
  • The indicator LED turns off fast. 

Quality Of The Flum Vape 

Flum vapes are all about their premium quality. They introduce their product line as revolutionary and refined. But how truthful is it? Do these adjectives do justice to their product, or are all these just marketing gimmicks? Let’s take a closer look. 

Build Quality

Flum vapes are built with sturdy plastics and covered with silicon wrap for extra protection and a pretty matte look. They are vibrant and bold in color. The base is white, and the core color revolves around your chosen flavor. 


When it comes to quality, we often overlook the safety procedure. But as vape is an electric device, the quality depends on undergone safety protocols. Flum Vapes go through numerous tests in certified labs.

The e-liquid is tested and trialed to discard any hazard. Each and every product must reach the industrial benchmark before hitting the market. 

Taste Of Flum Vapes

The taste of Flum vapes mostly depends on the flavor you are choosing. Flum vapes offer a wide assortment of flavors with their respective devices. These flavors are very well-balanced and aren’t overpowering. To retrieve the best of the best tastes of Flum vapes, you can consider these flavors. 

  • Fruity Hawaii 
  • Lush Ice
  • Aloe grape 
  • Cool mint
  • Cotton Candy 
  • Pina polo
  • Aloe mango melon ice
  • Red bang. 

Best Alternatives Of Flum Vapes

Before we tie our knots with Flum vapes, let us explore other fishes in the ocean, aka other disposable vapes. I know Flum vapes are great, but who knows, maybe something else will suit you better. 

Lost Mary 

Lost Mary is also a fantastic disposable vaping brand. The vibrant, bright colors and small, plump shapes attract various vapers. Some popular series are OS series, MO series, and BM series. You can choose the range of puff counts, starting from 600 and going up to 5000. 

Esco Bar

As unique as the name, Esco Bar is a unique state-of-the-art vaping brand. You can try their amazing disposable vaping collection. Their puff counts start from 2500 and can go as high as 6000. Esco Bar Mesh, 5% with clear flavor, is one of my favorite vapes. 

How Long Does It Take To Charge Flum Pebble?

Among the Flum series, only the Flum Pebble and Pebble X are rechargeable with a Type-C charger. The device may require 15-25 minutes to recharge itself fully, depending on the charging status. When you notice a blinking LED on the device, it means the battery is too low, and you need to put it in charge. 

How Long Do Flum Pebbles Last?

Flum Pebble’s puff count is 6000. So, as long as it takes you to hit 6000 puffs, this device will serve you till then. Your vaping habit will determine how long it can carry on.

With 50 hits per day, this device can run for 120 days. If the puff count goes up to 250 daily, the device will dry out within 24 days. 

How Many Hits Does A Flum Have?

The number of hits depends on the puff counts of the device. Flum Float and Flum Gio have a maximum of 3000 puffs.

On the contrary, the number of puffs on Flum Pebble and Pebble X is 6000. So, these numbers will denote how many hits Flum devices have. 

How Much Are Flums?

The price of Flum vapes is slightly higher. The price can differ depending on the model, edition, and site. Here is a list of possible prices for Flum devices. 

Where To Buy Flum Pebble?

You can purchase Flum Pebble both from online and offline stores. If you have a vaping store near your area, I would suggest going for spot purchase and testing them before purchasing. If that’s not possible, you can order them from these websites. 

  • Huff & Puffers
  • Juicefly
  • Mipod.com
  • elementvape

Does Flum Pebble Have Nicotine?

Yes, Flum Pebble comes with 5% nicotine strength. There is no zero nicotine option with Flum Pebble. And the only nicotine strength available with Plum Pebble is 5%. If you want to try nicotine-free Flum, you can try Flum Zero. It comes with zero nicotine. 

Final Words

Vaping sensibly and responsibly is a must-do. And one part of this responsibility comes from analyzing a vaping brand or device before you can commit to it. I hope this Flum vape review has given you some clarity and you can decide about your disposable vape choices.