April 12, 2024
Lost Mary Vape Review

Lost Mary is another successful brainchild of Elf Bar, the infamous vaping brand that has been the talk of the town in the vaping community for their smooth and sleek vapes. Every vape enthusiast has wanted the taste at least one time. If you are one of them, you must be eager for an honest Lost Mary vape review. 

Lost Mary is a box or pen-shaped disposable vape with puff counts ranging from 600 to 5000. This brand is ahead of its game with unique flavors and top-quality materials. You can avail of nicotine-free and up to 5% nicotine from Lost Mary models. 

Researching a product is better than purchasing it upfront without prior knowledge. In this article, I have mentioned all there is to know about Lost Mary vapes so that you can decide easily. 

What Is Lost Mary?

Best Lost Mary Flavors

Lost Mary is a fully disposable vape brand whose parent company is Elf Bar. It was one of the first box-shaped vapes branded in the USA and UK markets. 

Lost Mary is pre-filled with a certain percentage of nicotine salt and comes with a broad selection of flavors. The first product of this brand is Lost Mary BM600.

There are around 25+ models of Lost Mary vape devices available. However, the number of available models can differ depending on the location. However, as variants, you will find 3 types only, namely, BM600, AM600, and QM600. There is a newly launched BM600s variation in the market, too. 

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Features Of Lost Mary Vape

You hear all the rumbles and grumbles about Lost Mary vapes and wonder what is so special about it. If you want to invest in this, you should learn about its features and traits that set it apart from all other competitors. Here, I have listed the core features of Lost Mary so you don’t feel lost. 


From its inception in April 2022, Lost Mary has drawn the attention of the vaping community with its unique shape and ergonomic features. The bright, summer-vibe, and two-toned colors give the user a chirpy and cheerful presence. 

The box-shape dynamics can easily fit inside your pocket or a pouch. It has a comfortable grip.


The dimension of the Lost Mary Vape is 66 x 35 x 16mm. However, not all variants of Lost Mary have that rectangular presence. Lost Mary AM600 and Lost Mary QM600 are more pen-shaped and taller than BM600, the first product of Lost Mary. 

E-Liquid Capacity 

The Lost Mary pod will be pre-filled with e-liquid as a disposable vape. The liquid capacity of Losy Mary is subject to various models. E-liquid capacity will determine how long you can use the device before discarding it. 

Lost Mary’s e-liquid capacity ranges from 2 ml to 14 ml. The capacity of e-juice in Lost Mary BM5000 is 14 ml. On the other hand, Lost Mary BM600 has a 2 ml e-liquid capacity. Again, Lost Mary MO5000 has a 10ml capacity. Whatever model you choose from, you will find the e-liquid capacity in the description

Number Of Puffs

The number mentioned in the model name denotes the puff counts of Lost Mary vape. So it is clear to keep track. For example, the number of puffs Lost Mary BM600 can provide is 600. If you are an average user, this count will last from 1 to 3 days

Similarly, Lost Mary MO5000 has 5000 puff counts. Depending on your usage, it can last for 8-25 days. If you are a regular and habitual vaper, you should go for the 5000 puff counts. Usually, the number of puffs in Lost Mary vapes ranges from 600-5000. 


Lost Mary is bountiful in various kinds of flavors. You can try 42+ flavors of Lost Mary. The selection covers everything, whether you like dessert-inspired, fruity, minty, or icy. I personally love the Luster collection of Lost Mary.  

VG And PG Ratio 

VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin, and PG means Propylene Glycol. These liquid ingredients are the core ingredients of vape juice. VG has a sweet flavor and thick consistency. And PG is an odorless, colorless, and thin liquid. The ratio of VG and PG determines the strength of the Throat hit you will receive while hitting. Lost Mary used a 50/50 ratio for balanced vaping. 

Nicotine Strength

Lost Mary sets different levels of nicotine in their vapes. So, you may want nicotine-free or nicotine-infused vapes; this brand has a product for all. The nicotine strength of Lost Mary vape ranges from 0mg/ml (nicotine-free) to 50mg/ml. For easier reference, the nicotine in the vape can be from 0% to 5%

Best Flavors Of Lost Mary Vapes

Lost Mary Flavors

If your head starts to spin when you see the extensive collection of Lost Mary flavors, you are not alone. Picking the wrong flavor can change your idea about vaping. So, to avoid the risk, I have listed the best Lost Mary flavors that you should try. 

  • Blueberry Sour Raspberry 
  • Cherry Ice 
  • Light Snoow Peppermint
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Double Apple
  • Blue Razz Ice 
  • Marybull Ice
  • Kiwi Passionfruit Guava
  • Blue Cotton Candy 
  • Acai Berry Storm Ice 

Pros And Cons Of Lost Mary Vapes

Top-quality ingredients And NicotineNo LED indicator
Sleek and Discreet designLimited Battery Life
A bountiful collection of flavors
Classic VG/PG ratio
Convenient, Handy, and easy to use
Long-lasting battery life

How Long Does Lost Mary Last?

The lifespan of the Lost Mary vapes depends mainly on the user. The pod may be empty within a few days if you are a heavy user. Not only your habit, maintenance, battery health, and model specs contribute to the lifespan factor. 

The e-liquid capacity and puff counts of Lost Mary vape indicate the maximum times you can use the disposable vape. How long this maximum range will last depends on you. For Lost Mary, with 600 puff counts, it may last 1-3 days for regular users. On the other hand, Lost Mary models with 5000 puffs can last from 8 to 25 days

Are Lost Mary Vapes Safe?

Lost Mary brand gives the highest priority to ensuring the safety of their users. The models are vehemently tested and tried before they open to the public. The battery is made of safe lithium-ion material that is not susceptible to overheating. 

The ingredients and components used in making the e-liquid are also subject to rigorous procedures. They don’t use harmful substances like vitamin E acetate. There hasn’t been any single report of any injury pruned from Lost Mary vapes. 

Are Lost Mary Vapes Rechargeable?

Whether a Lost Mary vape is rechargeable or not will be determined by the model. Not all Lost Mary disposable vapes are rechargeable. For example, Lost Mary BM600 is not rechargeable, and you can use the device until the 650 mAh battery power expires. 

On the contrary, some models of Lost Mary are rechargeable.

  • Lost Mary BM3500  
  • Lost Mary BM5000 
  • Lost Mary MO5000
  • Lost Mary OS5000

The models mentioned above are rechargeable. All models use 650 mAh powered battery. You can recharge them with a USB-C cable. For 5000 puff counts to expire, you may need to charge the device for 3-5 times

Best Alternatives Of Lost Mary 

In the vast sea of vapes, why will you settle for only one brand without exploring others? Lost Mary is certainly a go-to vape, but there are some great alternatives that you should explore before you finally commit to a particular vape. 

EB Create 

If you are a fan of Lost Mary, EB Create is the closest alternative for it. Branching from the same root, these two certainly are the best match for each other. EB Create is made with the best components and is compact in size. Moreover, the flavors and overall experience are pretty similar to Lost Mary.

Find out the difference between EBCreate and EBDesign. What are the actual similarities or differences, Compare now!

Smok Vape

If you want your vape to look sleeker and masculine, SMOK has your back. This brand has some great kits and high customer reviews. The flavors are stronger in this vape. The shapes are more versatile than Lost Mary. Smok can be an option if you want a vape with high VG and a firm grip. 

Final Words: Lost Mary Vape Review

I don’t think anyone who vapes can get a verdict against Lost Mary. Its popularity and impeccable experience set it apart from any other vaping brand. So, like all other vapers, I conclude this Lost Mary vape review with positive feedback and notes.