June 3, 2024
How to SPOT a Fake Elf Bar

When it comes to disposable vapes, you can’t end the discussion without Elf Bar. However, due to its popularity and fame, Elf Bar is now struggling to fight against companies that use their name to sell inauthentic and substandard products. So, as a consumer, you must learn how to spot a fake Elf Bar. 

Before purchasing an Elf Bar vape, scan the QR code and verify the authenticity. The holographic sticker will also reveal its authenticity. The single EAN number of the barcode can also verify the originality. Moreover, you should always purchase your Elf Bar from trusted shops and websites. 

In this article, I have discussed how you can spot a fake Elf Bar. 

Should I Be Worried About Buying A Fake Elf Bar?

Unfortunately, there is a high chance of purchasing counterfeit Elf Bar vape if you are not aware of it. Due to its popularity and high demand in the market, millions of fake products are sold worldwide. 

As Elf Bar ceased to use the name Elf Bar in the USA and adopted the names EB Create and EB Design, some distributors are selling fake Elf Bar at a high rate, claiming they are from the UK or any other country. However, this can’t be legally true. No vape with Elf Bar name could be imported into the country. 

Vaping hardware is manufactured mainly in China. Ironically, both real and fake vapes are produced closely by. During a continuous raid from 2021 to 2022, law officials in China seized 2 million fake disposable vapes. This is just a fragment of fake produced that is produced there. So, yes, if you are not cautious, you can end up purchasing a fake one. 

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How To Spot A Fake Elf Bar?

Elf Bar has stepped up their security measures, and you can now verify the authenticity in numerous ways. If you are a beginner, you can follow these simple steps to verify whether the Elf Bar is fake or genuine. 

Scan The QR Code 

Scanning the QR code provided on the box is the biggest pillar to lean on to test the authenticity. You can use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code. Once the camera reads the code, it will generate a link you will follow. 

You can visit the verification website for EB Create and EB Design and enter the code that is inscribed under the code. With one click, the webpage will let you know whether the product is one of them or a knock-off. 

Examine The Holographic Sticker 

If you want a precise way to identify an authentic Elf Bar, scrutinizing a holographic sticker is a rewarding way. A holographic sticker is a unique pattern crafted on the side of the box that is impossible to imitate. So, if you can recognize the holographic sticker and pinpoint subtle differences, no one can sell you a fake Elf Bar. 

Here are some features that may indicate the holographic sticker is fake. 

  • The sticker is misaligned. 
  • The sticker feels like ordinary paper, not like a banknote. 
  • High anti-latent shadow. 
  • The logo doesn’t match the original. 

Read The Batch Number

The batch number denotes the specific number of the production batch. Manufacturers and distributors keep track of their devices through this process. So you will know if the batch number doesn’t match, the product will not be authentic. 

Not Enlisted in MHRA Database

In the UK, any vape that is on the market has been scrutinized by MHRA. Without their approval, no vaping product is stocked in any shops. So, if you can’t find the product number in their database, the Elf Bar is undoubtedly a knock-off. 

Scan The  Barcode

If you can comprehend the barcode, identifying an authentic vape could be a lifesaver. Next to the holographic sticker, the Elf Bar box has a single EAN barcode you can scan and verify. The EAN code will ascertain whether the product is fake or counterfeit. 

Tips To Ensure You Are Buying The Authentic Elf Bar

Instead of worrying about fake products, you should learn to identify the actual Elf Bar products. Counterfeit products are upscaling their games, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate them. So, here are some ways to ensure you purchase authentic products. 

Check The Packaging 

The actual Elf Bar packaging will have consistent features. For example, the vapes come in a laminated box. The Elf Bar logo is on the top but not on the bottom, and the barcode is placed on the bottom side. 

There are subtle ways to tell from the packaging whether the product is fake or genuine. Keep in mind that if the company updates its packaging, it will declare it on its website. If someone claims the packaging is different because this is a newer batch in new packaging, you should verify their claim.  

Purchase From Trusted Shops

This is a number-one rule that you must follow. Do not purchase your product from untrustworthy shops and websites. If purchasing from in-stores, you should check the dealer’s license. If you prefer online trade, check the website’s review. Here are some authentic websites that sell Elf Bar. 

Check The Inkjet Code

Always check the inkjet code while purchasing an Elf Bar. The code is usually sealed on the side. You can see MFG (production period), EXP (expiration date), and Batch number inscribed in the inkjet code. If the packaging does not have any inkjet code, you can be sure the product is fake. 

Fake Elf Bar Side Effects

Counterfeit Elf Bar products don’t conform to the standard of the original vape. If you use the products, this anomaly may create physical complications. You may experience nausea. This symptom is common for many users of fake Elf Bar.  

Moreover, some side effects are stomach ache, migraine, chest burn, and sour aftertaste on the tongue. This may prove fatal if the lung gets infected. Moreover, some users have reported blurred vision after consuming fake Elf Bar.

How To Spot A Fake Elf Bar Without The Box?

Identifying a fake Elf Bar without the box is challenging but not impossible. You have to rely on the device itself. The actual device has a smooth texture and a firm grip. Meanwhile, the counterfeit product has a slipper texture, and you will feel almost sweaty when you grip it for too long. 

Weight is also a contributing factor. You can find the approximate weight of a particular drive from the website. If the weight doesn’t add up, the product may be counterfeit. If you have doubts, I suggest you not drag a hit. Try to identify the authenticity and decide accordingly. 

Do Fake Elf Bars Have Nicotine?

Fake Elf Bars may contain nicotine. Usually, Elf Bar has 0%-5% nicotine strength, depending on the geographic location and local laws. However, since fake Elf Bars are not monitored, we can’t distinctively say what percentage of nicotine they include in their e-juice. We also can’t be sure about the quality as well. 

Are Fake Elf Bars Dangerous?

Certainly, fake vape devices can pose many unknown dangers. As the ingredients are not scrutinized, there can be many harmful and low-quality products. The battery can be substandard and may be explored and overheated. You might feel physical complications if you consume the vapor. 

Fake Elf Bar QR Code

The QR code on a fake Elf Bar will not work on their verification webpage. The website will either say the code is invalid or the product code doesn’t match. 


As the popularity reached the sky, the number of counterfeit products also skyrocketed. Fake Elf Bar vapes pose many dangers. So, you must know how to spot a fake Elf Bar. This article has elaborated on every possible way to identify a knock-off Elf Bar. Hope you find the authentic vape and enjoy it.