April 10, 2024
How to Ghost Vape Step-by-step 3 Tricks You Should Try

Vaping is more than just vaping and inhaling vapor. It is an expression of art. There are numerous vape tricks that can impress the audience. However, most of them require expertise and perseverance. Today, I will talk about how to ghost effectively so that even beginners can perform it. 

To perform the ghost trick, you must take the mouth hit. Settle the vapor inside your mouth. Make a tight O shape with your mouth and let the vapor out in a ball form. Once the vapor is released steadily, inhale the vapor ball again with a round mouth shape again. 

This trick may sound complicated, but you can easily perform it once you understand the basic mechanism. Here, I have compiled all the information you need to learn the ghost trick effectively. 

What Is Ghost Trick In Vaping? 

Ghost vaping is a trick where, after inhaling a puff of smoke, you exhale it for a brief moment and immediately inhale it again. Hence, the name ghost. It refers to the brief appearance of white smoke coming out of the mouth and disappearing again. 

Even though it looks quite complex, this technique is easy for beginners to perform with some simple tips and tricks. Once you get a handle on the basic, you can try other ghost variations such as double ghost, triple ghost, or teeth ghost. 

Ghosting entails inhaling inside the mouth, not into the lungs. Once you inhale the vapor, you must circulate the smoke inside the mouth. The aim is to gulp the exhaled vapor once again. 

Can A Beginner Perform Ghost With Vape?

Yes, doing a ghost trick with vape is beginner-friendly. In fact, most vape tricking starts with the ghost technique. Although, it doesn’t mean you can perform it on the first go. You can achieve this trick with perseverance and following proper technique. 

To perform the ghost vaping technique well, you will require some essential tools. Let’s see the tools you must have to perform the ghost technique. 

Suitable Vape Kit

You will need a vape that produces good-quality vapor. A powerful battery with high mAh and a well-functioning coil are some must-haves. To enhance the ghosting trick, your vape’s mechanism must be well-versed. 

You can execute this trick with disposable vapes as well. However, you must remember to use good-quality disposable vapes. You must check the battery quality and coil’s standard before purchasing disposable vape to perform ghost vaping. Some reliable disposable vape brands are Elf Bar, FLUM, Lost Mary, and Voopoo


If you opt for disposable vapes, you have little choice about the e-liquid, except for flavor. However, if you use refillable vapes, make sure the e-liquid has a high VG (vegetable glycerin). VG contributes to making thicker and denser clouds. So, high VG content plays a crucial role in performing the ghosting trick well. 

Step-By-Step Guide To Ghost Vape For Beginners

Most beginners fail to learn the ghost trick despite numerous tries because they don’t follow proper techniques. Most people get frustrated and abandon the mission. But I won’t let it happen to you. I have crafted the most effortless procedure to achieve ghost vaping. 

Learn To Take The Mouth Hit 

Vaping requires a DTL (Direct to Lung) method while hitting. However, you must unlearn this lung hit method to perform the ghost vape. Here, you have to hold the vapor inside the mouth. 

A mouth hit is a step where you, instead of inhaling the vapor, draw it inside your mouth. Make sure the vapor doesn’t go to your lungs. Hold it inside your mouth. This mouth-hit process will make the vapor denser and thicker, enabling you to perform the ghost vape effectively. 

This is the trickiest part of the whole technique. You have to take a minimal draw but maximum vapor inside your mouth. Once you hold the vapor inside your mouth, it will come out in a ball shape, making it easier to inhale the second time. 

Steadily Hold The Vapor 

Once you draw the vapor in your mouth, you have to hold it inside your mouth for 2-3 seconds. Many beginners make a mistake here and don’t pause enough. So, the cloud could not cool down.

When you draw a hit, the heated coil vaporizes the e-liquid. So, the vapor gets warm. It is crucial to take the temperature down a notch to make a ghost vape. A cool vapor helps produce dense smoke that you can manipulate easily. 

 Round Your Mouth And Make An “O” Shape 

Making a round cloud is crucial for exhaling the vapor. The best practice is to shape a tight O form with your mouth. This will help release the vapor in ball form. If the vapor shape is rounder and tighter, it will be easier to inhale back. 

Let The Vapor Go 

Once the vapor inside cools down and gets denser, try to release it in the ball-shaped form. Releasing the vapor in a round shape is called ‘creating the ghost.’ This step is not difficult to achieve but certainly requires practice. 

The proper technique is to exhale steadily and let the vapor flow like you usually breathe out. Calm yourself down, and don’t rush this process. Slowly exhale the vapor with a tight O shape. This exhaling technique will maintain the density of the cloud. If you speed up the process, the density of the vapor will be compromised. 

Push Your Tongue Out To Release The Vapor 

Use your tongue to push the vapor out of your mouth. However, you must ensure you use the right part of your tongue. If you use the edge, the dense vapor might dissipate. Use the surface to push the vapor out. 

Learning to use the tongue to release the vapor is another critical part. The proper technique will give you control over measuring the distance and calculating the density. When you push the tongue softly, the vapor will come out more densely, which is necessary for ghost vaping. 

Inhale The Released Vapor

Instead of gulping the ghost altogether, make an O shape and inhale it with your mouth. Inhale slowly and steadily, making sure the density of the ghost stays put. When you start learning this trick, you will mistakenly disintegrate the ghost and fail to inhale again. But it’s okay. Keep practicing, and you will get the hang of it after a few trial and error.  

Tips And Tricks For Efficient Ghost Vaping 

Ghost trick is easy to learn and execute. Once you excel in performing it, you can easily accomplish more advanced tricks. Here are a host of tips and tricks that will make learning ghost vaping easier to learn and perform. 

Adjust The Device Accordingly

You must opt for a vape with a higher resistance coil for ghosting. If your device is adjustable, set the wattage to wattage to lower range and adjust airflow in open flow. If you are going for disposable vapes, make sure the vape is mouth-to-lung (MTL) type. As a high-resistance coil vape or MTL produces less vapor, it is easier to densify and ghost. 

Prime The Vape Device

Before performing this trick, prime the device well. Saturating the coil and wick with sufficient e-liquid can prevent spitting or flooding. Without proper priming, the device may produce excessive vapor, which might come out lighter and thinner. So, make sure to saturate the device well and replace the coil if necessary. 

Ensure The Vapor Comes Out As A Ball 

When you first try this ghost trick, you will notice the vapor comes out as a cloud and dissipates quickly. To make sure the vapor comes out as a ball shape, you must practice making a tight O shape. 

Do not force your lungs to push the vapor out of the mouth. Rather, use your tongue to release the vapor slowly once it settles down inside your mouth. After a few practice sessions, you will learn to let the vapor out naturally and in the shape of a dense ball. 

3 Beginner-Friendly Tricks With Vapes 

As I said, vaping is not just inhaling vapor. It is an expression of art, and you can make countless works of art with vape. Here are some more beginner-friendly tricks that you can perform. 

Blow O  

I guess every vaper in the world wants to learn this blow O trick. It is not the easiest trick, but it is perfectly doable. The best part is, if you can perform the ghost trick well, your journey to execute blow O will be halfway done.


The waterfall is basically exhaling white vapor on a flat surface to create the illustration of waterfall. You will need a vape with a high PG content. The device must have open airflow and a powerful battery. With a good device, you can perform this trick with little to no effort. You can take it to the next level and perform reverse waterfall or waterfall ghost tricks as well.

French Inhale 

French inhale is another popular trick you can perform with vape. French inhale is similar to the ghost trick. The core difference is that you inhale the cloud from your nose. The basics are the same, but this trick is trickier. You have to control the tongue and form the cloud. The vapor has to be dense and in a round shape. Once you learn the ghost trick, you can learn this French inhale easily.


The ghost trick is a fundamental technique you can perform with vape. If you can learn how to ghost effectively, you can perform other tricks as well. Ghost trick is not difficult per se. But it certainly requires patience and practice.