July 14, 2024
5 Best (and Worst) Elf Bar Flavors

In the vaping community, Elf Bar is synonymous with disposable vapes. The brand is so popular among vapers that they can’t imagine any alternatives. So, if you are into vaping, you should know about the best and worst Elf bar favors. 

The 5 best Elf Bar flavors are Blueberry Kiwi, Watermelon, Blue Razz Lemonade, Mojito, and Rinbo Cloud. On the other hand, the 5 worst Elf Bar flavors are Cool Mint, Peach Ice, Neon Rain, Elf Berg, and Mango.

In this article, we will talk about these flavors in more detail. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

5 Best Elf Bar Flavors 

There are around 40+ blends in different Elf Bar vapes. Choosing the best among the best is quite a daunting task. However, I have hunted down the top 5 Elf Bar flavors that are loved by all Elf Bar vapers.

1Blueberry KiwiA balanced blend of sweet blueberry and tangy kiwi, beginner-friendly with minimal menthol.
2WatermelonSweet and subtle watermelon flavor with a menthol undertone, perfect for beginners.
3Blue Razz LemonadeBold and icy blue slushie flavor with a tangy blend of blueberry, raspberry, and lemonade.
4MojitoCitrus, lime, and minty flavor reminiscent of a summer vacation, refreshing and exotic.
5Rinbo CloudA mix of luscious berries and tropical fruits, providing a whimsical and sweet candy-like taste.

1. Blueberry Kiwi 

Blueberry and Kiwi don’t go well together, theoretically. But Elf Bar has accomplished the impossible. The sweet, juicy blueberry and tangy kiwi provide a balanced blend of flavor. The tangy sensation of the kiwi subdues the sweetness level and creates a steady puff with each hit.

Blueberry kiwi is beginner-friendly. The menthol level is minimal so you can enjoy the flavor without a brain freeze. This flavor is perfect if you want to enjoy a fruity but not too sweet a blend. It’s refreshing, tarty, and juicy. You can’t miss out on this flavor if you are an Elf Bar fan. Want to give it a try?

2. Watermelon

You can find no negative reviews about this simple flavor. A sweet and subtle watermelon flavor that leaves a sweet aftertaste in the mouth. It is sweet, strong, but not sickly. 

This blend has the perfect fruity flavor with a menthol undertone. If you are embarking on the vaping journey but don’t know which flavor to try first, you can blindly trust this watermelon flavor.

3. Blue Razz Lemonade 

Blue Razz Lemonade will be your top pick if you dislike the fruity taste of your vape. This blend resembles a bold and icy blue slushie. This tangy flavor is perfect for the summer season. It has a crisp flavor. This blend is a wonderful choice for beginners as it has a smooth throat hit. 

You might be wondering what blue razz consists of. Blue Razz is a concoction of luscious, juicy blueberry and tangy raspberry. Additional lemonade flavor gives a nice twist when you hit the vape. This flavor is icier than usual but not overpowering. If you are looking for something different, this could be your optimal go-to flavor.  

4. Mojito 

Mojito has your back if you are tired of fruity and menthol-y adventures and want to try a different kick. This cocktail-inspired blend has a citrus, lime, and minty flavor that will remind you of a summer vacation. 

With a refreshing, icy texture and zesty taste, the Mojito flavor will give you a breath of coolness and an exotic feeling.

5. Rinbo Cloud 

Rinbo Cloud is a drop of heaven for sweet lovers. It is a delicate concoction of different fruity flavors, resembling a mixed candy flavor. This whimsical mixture of luscious berries and tropical fruits will remind you of your childhood.

5 Worst Elf Bar Flavors 

Flavor choices mostly depend on the consumer, and it would be wrong to dictate the flavor’s stance just by personal opinion. Even so, I have listed 5 not-so-good flavors of Elf Bar that failed to impress me and other expert vapers.

1Cool MintOverly minty with a harsh throat hit, reminiscent of chewing fresh bubble gum excessively.
2Peach IceStrong throat hit with a pungent peach fragrance, lacking the expected cool and icy sensation.
3Neon RainArtificial gummy bear flavor with a sour aftertaste, falling short of delivering a sweet candy taste.
4Elf BergA mix of forest berries, aniseed, and menthol that feels distortive and fails to complement overall taste.
5MangoVariants ranging from bland ripe flavors to unimpressive tangy ones, lacking in texture and satisfaction.

1. Cool Mint 

This flavor did not agree with my taste palate. It was like chewing 10-center fresh bubble gum at one go. It was too minty, and the icy flavor hit too hard. The throat hit was very harsh as well.

2. Peach Ice

This flavor severely disappointed me. The throat hit was too strong to bear. The peach fragrance was too pungent. I was expecting a cool and icy sensation with each hit, as the name says, ice. But it just did not deliver. 

3. Neon Rain 

I had big hopes and expectations from this blend. Neon Rain has a gummy bear flavor and promises to provide a sweet and candy taste. But in reality, the flavor was too artificial. It left a very sour aftertaste in the mouth. 

4. Elf Berg

This one must go on the unique list. With tart forest berries, warm aniseed, and a dash of menthol, Elf Berg flavor came with lots of promise and potential. However, it just could not deliver the satisfaction. The flavor felt distortive, and the icy flavor couldn’t complement the overall taste. 

5. Mango 

There are quite a few variants of mango flavors in the Elf Bar series. Some mango flavors are green and a little tangy, and some are ripe and sweet. However, these flavors didn’t just hit the spot. The ripe ones felt very bland and texture-less. The green ones left an unimpressive mark inside the mouth. 

Factors Influencing Flavor Preferences 

Not only Elf Bar but all the brands of disposable vapes are inventing new formulas and flavors for their consumers. Some flavors hit the market, but some can’t make it to the favorite list. However, in most cases, flavors leave different marks on different persons. Here, I have listed the host of factors that shape one’s flavor preference. 

Personal Taste And Subjective Preferences 

Your personal taste will be the ultimate determiner. Only you can dictate what you like and what you prefer. Some prefer fruity flavors, while others like ice or menthol blends. As a sweet tooth, I always opt for candy-based flavors. If you are unsure about your personal preference, you can give the top five list above a fair chance. 

Ingredient Quality And Manufacturing Processes 

A flavor full of potential can fail to amaze you because of the manufacturing process or mixing process. In addition to flavor, other ingredients, the nicotine strength and ratio of PG/VG play a crucial role. However, you can blindly trust Elf Bar because their blend, ingredients, and coil elements are always top-notch. 

Trends And Market Demand 

We highly depend on online reviews and trends because we can’t try a flavor before purchasing. This practice can also influence your taste palate. Depending on the trend on TikTok, Instagram, or different websites, we take a hunch and try the flavor with more positive feedback. 

Cultural And Regional Influences 

 In the USA, you will not find Elf Bar. Rather, they come as EB Design and EB Create. It’s the same company but with a different name. However, some flavors can be unavailable depending on the region and state. So, where you live and your state’s stance on vape flavors also impacts flavor preference. 

Impact Of Online Reviews And Social Media 

As I said, we don’t have any trial options regarding flavors, so we mainly depend on online reviews and social media. Often, this may mislead us. But, as a beginner with little knowledge about vape flavors, social media, and reviews can be a good way to determine your preference. 

Tips For Choosing Elf Bar Flavors 

As mentioned earlier, your personal taste is the ultimate factor in deciding which flavor you will like or dislike. However, from an expert to a novice, I can share my opinion and some tips and tricks that you may apply to choose the optimal flavor. 

Experimenting With Sampler Packs 

As Elf Bar is a disposable vape, you must have a certain level of commitment before purchasing it, as you can’t refill the e-liquid. If you are indeterminate about the flavor but want to experience different blends, sampler packs are a very economical and smart move. 

Seeking Recommendations From Fellow Vapers 

Vaping creates a bond of solidarity. You can explore your local vape hubs or chains and ask for expert opinions. Their statements can help you assess your own preferences. If local hubs are not your scene, you can consider online platforms, too. 

Considering Flavor Profiles And Personal Preferences 

Ask yourself, what would I like for dessert? A fresh bowl of fruit, ice cream, or some candy? Your answer can reveal your instinctive tastebud, which can be an effective way to determine your preferred flavor. 

Paying Attention To Ingredient Transparency And Quality

In addition to flavors, chemicals, ingredients, PG/VG ratio, and coil type are important factors. Do your research and opt for the best Elf Bar series that caters to your needs and preferences. 

Keeping An Open Mind And Trying New Flavors 

Elf Bar is replete with flavors, and EB Create is coming up with more flavors and twists. As these disposable vapes are inexpensive, you should give new flavors a chance to prove themselves. 

How Long Does Elf Bar Vape Last? 

The overall lifespan of a disposable vape depends on the number of puffs. For example, Elf Bar 600 has a 600 puff count and can last 1-3 days. Likewise, Elf Bar 5000 can last 1 week or so, depending on the usage level. 

What Are The Puff Counts In Elf Bar Vapes?

The number of puffs is denoted by the name of the model. Elf Bar starts their puff counts from 600. You can find Elf Bar models up to 7000 number of puffs. However, the most popular series of Elf Bar is Elf Bar BC5000. 

Can I Refill Elf Bar? 

No. As Elf Bar is a disposable vape, you can’t refill the e-liquid. Once the puffs are over, you have to discard them. 

What Are Some Alternatives Of Elf Bar? 

There are some disposable vaping brands that are on the hunt for the ‘best disposable vape’ crown with Elf Bar. Some more disposable vape brands are Flum, Lost Mary, Geek Bar, SMOK, etc. 


Elf Bar is one of the most popular and well-accepted disposable vapes in the vaping community. It has impeccable flavor choices. Here, I have listed the top 5 best and worst Elf Bar Flavors for you to choose from. So, before you make a beeline to try Elf Bar, go through this article and learn about the flavors.