June 2, 2024
smoke ring

Stepping into the smoking scene isn’t just about taking a puff. It’s an art. It has its cool tricks and styles, and it’s all about adding your own twist to it. Ever seen those smoke rings or more fancy moves? That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a whole world of smoking styles waiting for you. Are you up for exploring them, along with the tools that make it happen? If you’re nodding yes, you’re in the right place.

We’re about to dive into the cannabis culture, packed with tips to make your smoking sessions better. Let’s get going!

Basics of Cannabis Smoking

Enjoying cannabis is all about the chill vibes it brings, whether it’s feeling relaxed or just happy. There are different ways to smoke it—joints, pipes, bongs, you name it. But here’s the thing: it’s not just about smoking. It’s about smoking it right to have the best time.

Each way you smoke changes the experience. If you’re new here, take it slow. Start with just a little and see how you feel. Knowing how to smoke, what to use, and how much you need is key to a great time.

Popular Smoking Techniques

When it comes to smoking, it’s not just a matter of sparking up and taking a breath in. It’s about the experience, which can change a lot depending on what you’re using and how you’re using it. Let’s dive into some of the most loved ways to smoke: bongs, glass pipes, dab rigs, vapes, and joints, and see how each one brings its own flavor to the table.

Glass Bongs: Cool and Filtered

Think of glass bongs as the smooth operators of the smoking world. They use water to cool down the smoke, making each hit less harsh on your throat. The trick is to get one made well so it lasts and keeps your sessions top-notch.

Here’s how to start with a bong: Fill the bottom with enough water so the downstem is under water. Then, pack your stuff into the bowl. Put your mouth over the opening at the top, light up the bowl, and start inhaling slowly. The smoke will bubble through the water and fill the chamber. Once it’s full, pull out the bowl or hit the carb and take in all that smoke.

Bong Tips:

  • Keep the water fresh to make sure your hits are always clean and smooth.
  • If you’re new to this or just prefer a gentler session, start with smaller amounts in the bowl. This way, you won’t get more than you bargained for.

Glass Pipes: Simple & Direct

Glass pipes offer a direct, uncomplicated way to enjoy your smoke. Start by packing the bowl with your chosen herb, but don’t pack it too tight – you want to keep that airflow smooth. If your pipe comes with a carb hole, use your thumb to cover it.

Then, light up your herb while taking a gentle inhale. Once the bowl catches fire, you can let go of the carb hole to draw the smoke in.

Tips for Glass Pipes:

  • Always keep your pipe clean to prevent residue buildup, ensuring each puff tastes as fresh as the first.
  • Inhale softly to avoid any ash making its way into your mouth.

Dab Rigs: Specialized for Concentrates

Dab rigs are essentially bongs, but with a twist: they’re designed for vaping cannabis concentrates like wax, shatter, and oil.

To use a dab rig, you heat its nail or banger—made from quartz, glass, or titanium—with a torch until it glows. Then, after letting it cool to the perfect temperature, dab a small amount of concentrate on the nail using a dab tool.

The concentrate vaporizes on contact, and you inhale the vapor through the rig’s water chamber, which cools and smoothens the vapor for a more pleasant hit.

Tips for Dab Rigs:

  • Patience with the temperature is crucial. Too hot, and you’ll scorch your concentrate; too cool, and it won’t vaporize properly.
  • Experiment with a timer to find the ideal cooling interval for your specific nail, ensuring a perfect hit every time.

Vapes: The Fresh Twist

Vaping is all about heating cannabis just enough so it doesn’t burn but turns into a smooth vapor you can inhale. This way, you get a cleaner taste of what you’re smoking.

You’ll find vapes in all shapes and sizes. Some are sleek pens for oils and concentrates, while others are bigger, meant for dry herbs. You can tweak the heat settings, too. This means you control how strong or flavorful your vapor is, making it perfect for chilling out or getting a more custom buzz.

Vaping Tips:

  • Start cool to enjoy the taste, and then turn up the heat for stronger vibes.
  • Keep it clean for the best flavor and clouds.

Joints: The Timeless Classic

Rolling a joint is like rolling a tiny cigarette with cannabis. First, you grind your weed evenly. Then, spread it on a rolling paper, leaving a bit at one end to use as a mouthpiece.

Next, gently roll the paper between your fingers to shape the joint. Lick the sticky edge and seal it. Twist the open end to keep everything inside. Now, you’re ready to light it up.

Joint Tips:

  • A filter or crutch at the end makes for a smoother pull and keeps bits from getting in your mouth.
  • Roll it snug—tight enough to hold together but loose enough for easy airflow.

The Art of Smoke Rings

Smoke rings, those cool “O’s” we all love, are classic smoking tricks. They look awesome and require some skill to nail.

Here’s how you do it: Take a good drag and let that smoke hang out in your mouth. Next, shape your lips into an “O” and do a tiny cough from your throat to push that smoke out.

It’s all about getting the hang of using your throat and lips right. Practice makes perfect, finding that sweet spot of force and shape to pop out those perfect rings.

Tips to Nail Smoke Rings

  • Keep your tongue flat, or push it a bit forward.
  • Moving your jaw can help adjust the ring size as you push that smoke out.
  • Play around with how hard you cough. Too soft, and it won’t form; too hard, and it’ll just puff away.

Best Tools? Bongs, vapes, and glass pipes are your friends here.

French Inhale: The Sleek Move

The French Inhale, or “Irish Waterfall,” is all about that relaxed, sophisticated vibe. Take a drag, but instead of blowing out, let your mouth open and push the smoke out with your tongue while breathing in through your nose.

This trick looks amazing as the smoke flows from your mouth to your nose.

Mastering the French Inhale

  • Get comfy with controlling that smoke in your mouth before pulling it up through your nose.
  • Start with small drags so you’re not choking on too much smoke.
  • Aim for a smooth flow of smoke from mouth to nose for that wow effect.

Go-to Tools? Hookahs, vapes, and glass pipes work best.

The Ghost Inhale: Dramatic and Cool

The Ghost Inhale, or “Snap Inhale,” is where it’s at if you want to add some drama. Drag, let the smoke chill in your mouth, then slowly open up and let out a smoke ball. Snap it back in quickly before it ghosts away.

It’s a fun one to do and looks super cool.

Getting the Ghost Inhale Down

  • Control is key. Keep the smoke in your mouth, not your lungs, to make that ghost pop.
  • Shape the smoke with your lips for a nice, dense cloud.
  • Nail the timing. Too slow, and the smoke fades, too fast, and you lose the ghost.

What Works Best? Vapes, hookahs, and bongs are perfect for this.

Wrapping It Up!

Getting into styles like smoke rings, French inhales, and ghost inhales really turns smoking into art. It’s about adding that extra flair and fun. If you get the basics down and keep at it, you’ll nail these techniques and come up with your own signature style. Just remember, having the right tool and approach makes all the difference.