July 15, 2024
Can Dentists Tell If You Vape

I have seen a few too many vapers skip their dentist appointment and live with toothache just because of their fear that their vaping history will be disclosed and they will face some retaliation. But can dentists tell if you vape? 

Yes, a dentist can tell whether you vape or not with a thorough oral examination. They usually look for signs such as dry mouth, teeth discoloration, plaque residue, and gum inflammation. 

Here, I have discussed everything you need to know if you vape and you have a dentist appointment. I hope it helps. 

Can Dentists Tell If You Vape?

Whether your dentist will know about your vaping or not will depend on the frequency of your vaping. If you are a regular or heavy vaper, vaping will leave some obvious marks on your teeth, gum, tongue, and mouth. 

During an oral exam, these apparent marks will let the dentist know that you vape. However, if you are only a beginner vaper or vape once in a blue moon, it would be hard for the dentist to tell as the apparent signs won’t be visible. 

How Could A Dentist Tell If I Vape? 

A dentist doesn’t have to go too far to tell whether you vape or not. A thorough oral examination of your mouth will tell-tale the actual condition of your teeth. Here are some ways a dentist could find out whether you vape. 

Tooth Discoloration

The nicotine in the e-liquid gradually stains the teeth. The nicotine from the vapor gets entrapped inside the tiny pores of the enamel, leading to staining and discoloration. Depending on the e-liquid of your choice, tooth discoloration can be yellow, black, or brown.  

Dry Mouth

When you drag vapor inside your mouth, it gives a hydrating sensation. But in reality, that vapor makes your mouth poorly dry. Both nicotine and propylene glycol have dehydrating components. Once you inhale the vapor, it absorbs the moisture by curtailing the saliva flow. If this continues, the buildup inside your mouth will grow bacteria. 

Inflamed Gum

Chronic vaping can cause gum inflammation. Vape and e-cigarettes can set off gum tissues to activate inflammatory responses. This chronic inflammation can lead to DNA damage to the cells inside your gum. 

Bacteria Minefield

Nicotine and other components of e-liquid can alter the course of bacteria inside your mouth, diminishing good bacteria. Moreover, excessive vapor and dry mouth can create a pitfall of harmful bacteria that can cause gum issues, toothaches, and more staining. 

Should I Reveal To My Dentist That I Vape?

You should undoubtedly discuss freely your vaping habit freely with your dentist. As I said earlier, regular vaping puts your teeth, gum, and mouth on trial. This means you may require extra care and attention for any kind of oral treatment and medication. 

Your medicine doses may differ from a regular patient. If you need surgery for your teeth, anesthesia and other medicinal issues also depend on your gum health. So, it is better to be open about your habits.  

By alerting your dentist about your vaping habits, they can examine and monitor any potential oral health issues associated with vaping. They can also advise you on how to reduce the impact of vaping on your oral health, such as affixing additional oral hygiene measures or scheduling more frequent dental check-ups.

Can Dentists Tell If You Use Marijuana Vape?

Even though dentists can tell if you vape, they won’t be able to determine whether you take marijuana vape by a simple oral examination. Only specific tests and procedures can reveal if your bloodstream has any marijuana substance. 

Marijuana vaping can upswing the risk of periodontal disease and cause oral complications. But it doesn’t determinately tell whether you hit marijuana vape or not. 

Will The Dentist Tell Your Parents If You Vape?

If you are a minor, the dentist might disclose your vaping habit to your parents, as they are your legal guardians. However, the parent-doctor confidentiality rules may differ from state to state. If you request not to spill the beans, they will like to eschew telling your parents unless the conditions are not severe. 

How Long Can A Dentist Tell If You Vape?

Your dentist can tell whether you vape or not by the conditions and signs of your mouth. Such signs don’t come out abruptly. If you vape once or twice in your life, dentists won’t be able to tell. If you vape on the day of the visit, dentists may suspect the residue of vapor or smell. 

Can A Dentist Tell If You Vape Rarely?

Dentists may pick up some hints from the conditions of your teeth and gum, but if the signs are not visible, they won’t be able to determine for sure. If you vape rarely and do not manifest any signs or symptoms, dentists may be unable to tell whether you vape or not. 

Can Dentists Tell If You Vape A Week Ago?

If you tried vaping once a week prior to your dentist appointment, don’t worry. The dentist can’t telltale your little secret. 

Can A Dentist Tell If You Vaped A Month Ago?

No, if you don’t have evident and apparent signs of vaping and refrained from hitting drag for over a month, there is no way a dentist can tell about your vaping during an oral exam. 

Can Dentists Tell If You Vape With Braces?

Yes. Your dentist or orthodontist can tell you vape by examining the brace and its condition. Usually, the branches sustain staining like teeth. The yellow mark on the brace or the residue of vapor stuck in the braces will reveal that you vaped while wearing braces.  


I can sense your panic and anxiety about your upcoming dentist appointment. Can dentists tell if I vape? It is a common query in the vaping community. However, you must remember that your dentist is not here to judge you but to heal you. So don’t worry. Go to the dentist appointment, and be open about your vaping habit.