July 15, 2024
How to Use Terea IQOS

Are you ready to explore the smoke-free tobacco world with IQOS TEREA sticks? But wondering about how to use TEREA IQOS? Well, we’re here to help you out. Whether you’re new or experienced, this step-by-step guide will help you optimize your TEREA sticks with experience. 

However, to use an IQOS TEREA stick, all you need to do is prepare your device, insert the TEREA stick, and then enjoy it. But there are also some other things that you should be aware of. So, let’s jump into the following article and say goodbye to confusion and hello to a seamless experience as we guide you through every step, from preparing your device to enjoying every puff.

What are the TEREA IQOS Sticks? 

TEREA IQOS sticks are tobacco sticks made for use only with the IQOS ILUMA device. They feature the SmartCore Induction System, a new heating technology different from the blade system used in previous IQOS models and HEETS sticks. The following explains what makes these sticks special.

Source: Cash & Carry Management 

Technology of Heating

TEREA sticks feature a  metal heating element within the stick, unlike HEETS, which use a blade for heating tobacco. As electromagnetic induction heats this element directly instead of using a blade, it may result in a cleaner and more reliable heating experience.

Stick Style

IQOS TEREA sticks come fully sealed, including both the heating element and the tobacco blend in one single piece. Compared to HEETS, which require the device to be cleaned after each use, this sealed design reduces tobacco residue and optimizes the overall user experience.


Taste: The stick has a sealed construction and a different heating mechanism than the IQOS HEETS TEREA. So, it is intended to taste smoother and cleaner. Some people say it’s not as unpleasant and smoky as smoking a regular cigarette.

Variety: At present, HEETS has more flavor options available. But TEREA is also expanding its range by providing various blends compatible with different tastes.

Regular Series Menthol Series Flavor Regular Series Flavor Menthol Series Dimension Series 
TEREA AmberTEREA mint TEREA citrus TEREA Ruby fuse TEREA Willow 
SiennaTEREA blue TEREA woodTEREA Apricity TEREA Briza Pearl 

How to Use TEREA IQOS Sticks? 

Having an understanding of how to use TEREA sticks with the IQOS ILUMA device will optimize your overall experience. This is how to apply them:

1. Get your device ready

Make sure you have completely charged your IQOS ILUMA. Then examine whether the holder has to be cleaned; for thorough cleaning instructions, refer to the manual.

2. Put the TEREA stick in place

Once your device is ready to use, gently insert the TEREA stick into the holder. Make sure that the “TEREA” logo faces up. Also, press until the stick is secure and the logo is no longer visible.

3. Get the experience 

Once you are all done, it’s time to start the experience. You can do it two different ways. 

  • Automatic Start: When the TEREA stick is inserted, the device will automatically heat if Autostart is enabled (the default setting). You’ll notice the lights pulsing gently and experience a tiny vibration.
  • Manual Start: Press the button on the holder once if autostart is not enabled. Heating will be indicated by the same pattern of vibration and light.

4. Enjoy Your TEREA

Now, wait for the completion of the device’s heating, which will be signified by two tremors and solid lights.Then, inhale gently and slowly, just like you would with a cigarette. Also, there will be two additional vibrations, indicating about two puffs or thirty seconds remain. But don’t forget to dispose of the used TEREA stick properly, after using it up.

The Bottom Lines 

So, that’s all about how to use TEREA IQOS sticks. In the end, we share some key points that you should remember, besides knowledge and confidence, in navigating your TEREA IQOS experience. 

  • Simplify by following the guide
  • Explore various flavors, 
  • Keep your device clean for optimal performance
  • Prioritize your health, as TEREA sticks contain nicotine and lead to health risks. 

Therefore, remember to prioritize well-being and consult a healthcare professional if using TEREA IQOS on your smoke-free journey. Have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I turn on the TEREA IQOS?

Unlike regular electronics, there is no need to physically “turn on” the TEREA IQOS device. It employs a less complicated method. All you have to do is insert a TEREA stick, push the button again to initiate manual heating, or let Autostart heat it automatically if it is enabled.

How long does a TEREA stick last?

Generally, a TEREA stick can last up to 14 puffs or 6 minutes, whichever comes first. This is comparable to a HEETS stick’s typical duration. The real experience, however, may differ slightly according to your level of puffing and the heating properties of your particular gadget.

Why is my IQOS not smoking?

Since your IQOS doesn’t burn tobacco like regular cigarettes do, it isn’t considered “smoking”. Instead of creating smoke, it warms the tobacco. It may not be creating vapor for the following reasons:

– No stick inserted: Make sure the TEREA stick is inserted correctly.
– Not charging the device:verify the battery life of the lights. If necessary, charge.
– Problem with heating: Press and hold the button for ten seconds to restart your device. If adamant, think about getting in touch with customer service.
– The stick is broken: try another TEREA stick. Consider getting in touch with customer service if the problem continues.