July 15, 2024

Using IQOS HEETS is usually very simple and straightforward. All it requires is just charging the device, fitting the HEETS, and cleaning after usage. 

However, in this post, you will explore all necessary information you need to know about how to use IQOS HEETS. We’ll also discuss their designs, features, and other possible queries about them. So, read it till the end of the article.


IQOS HEETS are generally small tobacco sticks designed for use with different IQOS products. They allow users to take nicotine. Here, nicotine is the key component of tobacco. 

However, the IQOS has a holder and a special heating blade inside. The blade is capable of regulating the heat and warming the HEETS. 

Now let’s discuss the features and designs of IQOS HEETS. 

  1. HEETS are specifically designed for IQOS devices. They are not compatible with any other hot tobacco items. Also, you cannot use them with regular cigarettes. 
  2. There are various kinds of flavors available with IQOS HEETS. It allows you to try different types of flavors at a single device. These flavors are Bronze, Yellow, Amber, and Torquoise. 
  3. IQOS HEETS also provide a variety of degrees of intensity. Some of them offer a stronger or gentler experience. 
  4. These devices and sticks are very easy-to-use. All of their models follow the same fundamental method of usage. 
  5. They reduce the amount of harmful amounts compared to traditional cigarettes. But still they contain nicotine and have possible health hazards. 
  6. The IQOS devices offer a beautiful and stylish design. 

How to Use IQOS HEETS?

It’s necessary to know the basic steps of using an Abu Dhabi HEETS stick to optimize your experience. Here’s how you should use an IQOS HEETS stick. 

Step 1: Assembly and Unpacking

  • To begin with, take out the IQOS device from its box.
  • Then slide the battery module into the device’s bottom.
  • Now, insert a tobacco stick into the heating blade.
  • Make sure that the stick is properly set in the position. 

Step 2: Set Up the Holder 

  • Once you are done with the previous steps, select your preferred holder. 
  • There are different types of holders that come with the device. 
  • These options will include H Holders, M Holders, or S Holders.
  • Now, remove the holder’s protective film and insert the HEETS stick, making sure it’s firmly in place.
  • Finally, select the desired heat level and click the setting button. This will heat up the stick. 

Step 3: Start Smoking

Step 4: Cleaning  

After each usage, it’s necessary to clean the device. This is how it goes. 

  • First of all, let the device cool. 
  • Open the holder and remove any residue from inside. 
  • Finally, use the required cleaning kit to completely brush any tobacco from the device. 

How to Troubleshoot IQOS HEETS issues? 

While using IQOS HEETS sticks, you may often face various issues like other electrical products. But knowing their causes and possible solutions will help you enjoy hassle free smoking. 

The HEETS not fitting 

Beginners often face this issue while using an IQOS. The main reason behind this problem is a faulty HEETS stick. So, make sure that you’re using the right tobacco stick designed for your specific device. 

Device is not turning on 

This is another common problem that comes with an IQOS device. In most cases, it happens if the battery is running low. So, charge the device properly to fix this issue. 

But if the problem still exists, there might be an issue with the charger. So, replace the charger and try it again. 


That’s all about how you can use IQOS HEETS successfully. I hope that this information will be helpful to smokers of all experience levels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use an IQOS HEETS stick more than once?

You can use IQOS HEETS for one-time only. If you use them more than once, it will impact taste, possibly raise health hazards, and also damage the device. So, clean the device properly after using it and use a new stick each time.

Which flavor of IQOS HEETS is the best?

 Mint remains the top choice among IQOS HEETS flavors, offering a refreshing experience for daily vaping enthusiasts. Give it a try to understand its widespread appeal.

How many puffs are in a HEET?

Each HEET allows for a maximum of 14 puffs. But the duration of use is determined by the intensity of inhalation. When nearly finished, approximately after six minutes, the device vibrates and lights up.

I have a broken IQOS gadget; can I fix it?

No, an IQOS device that is broken cannot be fixed. It will have to be replaced with a new one.