July 15, 2024
Why is My Vape Hissing After I Hit It

Are you frustrated with the hissing sound every time you hit the vape? Are you wondering: Why is my vape hissing after I hit it? The answer lies in an overheated coil that induces uneven vaporization. 

Whenever we inspect the root cause of such a hissing sound, we always end up identifying the coil as the main culprit. When the coil is overheated due to faulty coil, restricted airflow, saturated airflow, or wrong temperature and wattage setting, it fails to properly vaporize the e-liquid.

What Vape Hissing Is And How It Manifests?

The name vape hissing denotes the characteristic of the issue. It is basically the hissing sound that comes out when you inhale or take a puff from a vape. It may sound very terrifying, but this phenomenon is very common and frequent. 

The hissing sound is very inevitable and detectable. When you drop a few droplets of water into a hot pan surface, you hear a continuous sizzling noise. A similar sound is produced in your vape when it sizzles. 

When the coil inside is heated, it makes a hissing or sizzling sound to convert the e-liquid into vapor. You can also notice some crackling or gurgling sounds in addition to the hissing sound. 

Why Vape Hissing Is A Common Concern Among Vapers?

The hissing sound coming from the vape is not particularly dangerous or life-threatening. But in the vaping community, people are portraying concern regarding this issue. The hissing noise is very unpleasant and disturbing, that alters the whole mood of vaping. 

Such chronic sound also indicates the device is going through some trouble. This noise is the sign of some faulty coil issue, inefficient vaporization process, or uneven airflow. Moreover, this noise can also indicate an e-liquid issue and insufficient wicking. Not only the sound, but the burnt and unpleasant taste is also the reason vapers are so concerned about this issue. 

Common Causes of Vape Hissing

Common Causes of Vape Hissing

Now you know what hissing in vape sounds like, or at least can imagine. So, here is the next big question. Why is my vape hissing after I hit it? I wish there were a straight-cut answer to it. But instead, I have to give you a host of causes that may contribute to such hissing sounds. 

Faulty Coil  

Faulty Coil Can Lead to Hissing

In the whole mechanism of a vape device, the coil plays an integral role. It primarily converts the e-liquid into vapor via heating. When the coil is damaged, the coil fails to convert the liquid and it leads to ineffective vaporization. Also, a faulty coil generates uneven heating that leads to vaporizing at different rates. These discrepancies lead to the hissing sound. 

Signs That Indicate a Coil Problem

But how to know whether the coil inside the vape is faulty or okay without opening the device? The easiest way is by identifying a burnt taste. If the vapor tastes and smells burnt and unpleasant, the root cause is probably the coil. Also, decreasing vapor production, gurgling sound, and seeping e-liquid are some additional signs of a faulty coil. 

Inspect and Identify a Faulty Coil

If you want to inspect the coil inside, you have to open up the device and disassemble it. A faulty coil will have tears and wear. Some visible damage such as broken wires, burnt spots, and gunk buildup will help you identify a damaged coil. 

 E-Liquid Saturation

Improper E-liquid Saturation Can Cause Hissing

The wicking material inside the coil must be thoroughly soaked with e-liquid so that the coil can vaporize the e-liquid. Insufficient e-liquid leads to excessive and uneven heating of the coil. This causes the e-liquid to boil or sizzle. This incident manifests as a hissing or sizzling sound. On the contrary, excessive e-liquid saturation can also create a hissing sound if the coil is flooded. 

Properly Saturating the Wick

If you want to saturate the wick of a coil properly, you first need to prime the coil. That means, prior to installing a new coil, you should add a few drops of e-liquid to the wicking material. Then, you can insert the coil and fill the tank till 90% is full. Once the tank is full, let the wick soak the e-liquid fully. This will help the wick to properly saturate. 

Airflow Issues

How Airflow Problems May Result in Hissing

When the vape device can’t receive sufficient airflow over the coil, it leads to uneven vaporization. Airflow restriction hinders the coil from cooling properly. This leads to excessive heating which further leads to a chronic hissing sound. 

Adjusting Airflow to Avoid Hissing

You can easily adjust the airflow by setting up the airflow control ring. You can also open the airflow vent on your vape. You might face a hard time finding the sweet spot for your desired airflow at the beginning. But eventually, by experimenting, you can easily find a level that will suit you and the airflow inside the vape. 

Temperature and Wattage Settings

Incorrect Temperature and Wattage Settings Can Contribute to Hissing

Too high or too low temperature and wattage settings can result in unbalanced heating. And as you know, excessive heating causes the coil to overheat quickly. This eventually leads to a hissing sound. 

Setting the Right Parameters

But how to know what’s the right parameters for temperature and wattage setting? You can usually find the recommended level for your particular coil in the manual. If not, you should start lowering settings and increase the volume as you become comfortable. 

4 Easy Fixes for Vape Hissing

4 Easy Fixes for Vape Hissing

We have completed half of our journey. Why is my vape hissing after I hit it? Now, you can understand it enough to explain it to anyone, hopefully. So, here, we are going to discuss how to fix this tenacious issue with some easy methods.    

Replacing The Coil

Replacing a coil is the easiest and most cost-effective way to resolve this hissing issue. I am going to guide you through this process with easy step-by-step instructions so that you can change the coil by yourself. 

  • Take the vape devices to pieces and locate the coil inside. 
  • If any e-liquid is visible, empty the tank. 
  • Now gently remove the faulty coil from the tank. 
  • Before inserting a new coil, prime the coil by adding a few drops of e-liquid to the wicking material. 
  • Now, insert the coil and screw it securely. 
  • Refill the tank with e-liquid. Be careful not to overfill it. 
  • Let the coil soak the e-liquid. 
  • Put the vape device back together. 

Since you know the method to change a coil, you also must know an incompatible coil, no matter how new it is, will not resolve the hissing issue. You will notice similar poor performance, as the coil will overheat if not compatible with the vape device. So, it is advisable to stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Proper E-Liquid Saturating

The proper way to saturate the wick with e-liquid is to prime the coil. You have to give time to your vape so that the e-liquid can seep inside the coil and moisten it. To further saturate the wick, take a few dry hits. This will help the e-liquid to run into the coil. 

Make sure not to over-saturate the wick. You must leave some air space inside the take and don’t overfill it. Find a suitable wattage setting so that the coil doesn’t produce excess vapor. 

Adjusting Airflow

A suitable airflow setting will smoothen the vaping experience and remove the hissing sound. All you need to do is open the airflow vent or set the control ring to compatible settings. Adjust the setting for open airflow by experimenting with different airflow sets. 

Correcting Temperature And Wattage Settings

If your vape device has temperature control options, make sure to stay within the recommended range. For variable wattage vape devices, make sure it doesn’t exceed 50 watts. Excessive wattage will lead to uneven vaporization. 

Troubleshooting Persistent Hissing

If you could successfully detect the underlying issue of hissing and resolve it accordingly, I am quite sure you can use your vape without any persisting hissing sound. However, this may not be the case for everyone. If you are still wondering, why is my vape hissing after I hit it? There might be more to this issue. 

In most cases, the faulty coil is resisting to cooperate. It might be due to incompatibility with the device, or the whole mechanism is not in synchrony. Also, particular e-liquids with high sweetness levels or high viscosity can linger in this hissing concern. Change the e-liquid you are currently using and opt for something mild. 

If the hissing and sizzling sound still coming from the vape, it is better to seek professional help. The vape device is rarely malfunctions but not unheard of. So, instead of making things worse, better to consult a professional. 

Preventing Vape Hissing

Vape hissing indicates the coil inside is in trouble in one way or another. If you want to prevent such hissing sounds in the future, follow these tips and tricks.  

  • Seal and screw the coil and tank securely and tightly. A loose connection can be a reason for leaking and hissing sounds. 
  • Avoid overfilling the tank. Make sure the tank has enough room for expansion and movement. 
  • E-liquid must have the right thickness compatible with the vape device. 
  • Prime the coil before installing a new coil and after refilling.  
  • Clean your mod and tank by wiping the exterior. Dirt, debris, and gunk buildup can hinder airflow and cause the coil to overheat. Regularly clean and do proper maintenance. Not only hissing sound but many vape-related issues can be resolved by proper cleaning and maintenance. 

Final Words 

Although vape hissing is not particularly harmful, it ruins the experience of smooth vaping. Why is my vape hissing after I hit it? This is the commonly asked question in the vaping community. If you have gone through this article, I am sure you won’t have to ask this question again.