July 14, 2024
difference between iqos terea and heets

IQOS TEREA and HEETS are tobacco sticks specifically created for IQOS devices, heating tobacco rather than burning it. But are you failing to choose between IQOS options like TEREA and HEETS? 

Well, both use advanced heating technology for a smoke-free experience, but they differ in approach. In this article, we will explore differences in heating, design, taste, and compatibility to find the best fit for you. So, let’s discover the right option for your preferences and device and make an informed decision. Get ready to heat things up without smoking!

Overview of IQOS HEETS? 

IQOS HEETS are tobacco sticks created by Philip Morris International for use with IQOS devices. They heat tobacco at a lower temperature than regular cigarettes to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals. Ingredients include humectants, flavorings, and processed tobacco leaves. 

Therefore, HEETS come in various flavors, like Amber Selection and Mauve Fusion, without ash or flames. They are also compatible with IQOS devices like IQOS ILUMA, IQOS 3 DUO, and IQOS 2.4 Plus.

Good Sides 

  • Usually less harmful than smoking
  • Offer a more enjoyable experience compared to smoking


  • Highly expensive

Overview of IQOS TEREA 

TEREA is a newcomer in the market of heated tobacco items, made especially for the latest IQOS ILUMA unit, by Philip Morris International. With various key upgrades, it intends to enhance the previous IQOS model. However, the SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM in the IQOS TEREA stick uses a metal heating element for a cleaner experience. 

Therefore, sealed sticks reduce the need for cleaning compared to HEETS. Besides, lower nicotine levels and a wider variety of flavors are available. It is also compatible with the IQOS ILUMA for faster charging and improved heating.

Good Sides

  • Reduced nicotinic intake
  • A cleaner and improved experience 


  • Limited availability 

What are the Differences between IQOS TEREA and HEETS? 

Though IQOS TEREA and HEETS both provide a cigarette-free option, they have distinct features. Here are the key differences between IQOS and TEREA: 


When it comes to compatibility, IQOS HEETS is compatible with more devices than IQOS TEREA. It is compatible with the IQOS 3 DUO and earlier models utilizing blade technology. On the other hand, TEREA is specifically made for the IQOS ILUMA device equipped with the SmartCore Induction System.

Stick Design and Look 

Another key difference between IQOS HEETS and TEREA is their design and look. HEETS come with a conventional filter design featuring distinct layers for filtration and cooling. In contrast, IQOS TEREA are enclosed sticks with the heating element built-in, resulting in no leftover tobacco post-use.

Heating Element 

If we talk about heating elements, HEETS employ a blade heating mechanism, in which a metal blade warms the tobacco internally without causing combustion. On the contrary, TEREA makes use of a SmartCore Induction System. There a metal heating element inside the stick is heated directly, removing the necessity for a blade.

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Taste and Experience

IQOS TEREA and HEETS both offer different tastes and experiences. HEETS provides a familiar tobacco blend for a cigarette-like experience. But TEREA aims for a cleaner and smoother taste through a sealed design and unique heating method.


Although the heating technology and stick design of IQOS TEREA and HEETS vary, their prices are generally similar. HEETS usually cost between $4-6 USD per pack, with variations based on location and retailer. Likewise, TEREA is priced around $4-6 USD per pack, depending on the region and seller.

The Bottom Lines

Navigating a smoke-free environment may be perplexing, but this discussion of TEREA and HEETS should provide some clarity. However, your optimal selection will depend on personal preferences and priorities. 

Test, delve into, and prioritize your well-being and contentment above everything else. Also, as you embark on a new journey through heat, be aware that regardless of the route you select, you’re moving away from smoke. 

See you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are IQOS TEREAs replacing HEETS?

Although it is the newest invention, IQOS TEREA is not officially taking the place of HEETS. Most likely, both choices will coexist. HEETS offers a greater variety of flavors and is still compatible with earlier devices, while TEREA caters to consumers who desire a cleaner experience with the new ILUMA device. The decision is based on personal preferences and device ownership.

Does TEREA smell less?

Indeed, there are two main reasons why TEREA often generates less odor than HEETS. The sealed shape of TEREA sticks keeps the scent of tobacco contained both during and after usage. Moreover, compared to HEETS’s blade heating, TEREA’s SmartCore Induction System warms more efficiently and may reduce odor-producing chemicals. In the end, experimenting with both will enable you to decide which smells least like you. Recall that neither is risk-free and that both contain nicotine.

Which TEREA flavor is strongest?

When it comes to tobacco intensity, TEREA Russet is the strongest flavor. It has a powerful, full-bodied flavor with hints of toasted tobacco and malt in a rich, bold combination. Here’s a quick explanation:

Russet > Amber > Turquoise > Sienna > Amelia Pearl