July 15, 2024
Elf Bar Not Charging Cause & Best Ways to Fix It

Elf Bar has been living in the hearts of many vapers from its inception. Its popularity reached a record high last year, and the craze for this vape is more than ever. However, many consumers complained about their Elf Bar not charging. The reasons can be versatile, but the solutions are simple. 

Elf Bar vapes may not charge due to a faulty charging cable, dirty charging port, depleted or worn-out batteries, underpowered power source, device malfunction, or temporary protection for overheating. You can resolve this issue by trying a different cable or power source, cleaning the port, or resetting the device. 

If you find that your elf bar is not charging, this will undoubtedly cause panic. However, as you have landed on this article, you can easily identify the underlying cause and fix the problem.  

Elf Bar Not Charging: Potential Causes And Best Ways To Fix It

Most Elf Bar vapes are not rechargeable. Elf Bar Models that are rechargeable use either 500 mAh or 650 mAh batteries. Here are some common causes and easy fixes to resolve this Elf Bar not charging issue. 

Charging Cable Malfunctioning 

The charging cable you charge the Elf Bar can be faulty or malfunctioning. Elf Bar vapes don’t come with a charging cable. You have to rely on a third-party cable to recharge the vape. Although USB-C cables are ubiquitous and everyone has some cables lying around in the house, some substandard and non-compatible cables can be the culprit. 


To ascertain the cable’s fault, try to charge any other device with the cable. If the culprit is indeed the cable, replace it with a better, compatible cable. Eschew from using data cable to charge the vape. Use standard 3-foot or 1-meter USB-C cables with fast charging capacity. 

Filthy Charging Port 

If you have had your Elf Bar vape for quite a long time or you live in a polluted area, it is fathomable that your vape’s charging port will accumulate dirt, dust, and debris over time. Not only dirt or debris but also the residue of e-liquid can make the port dirty and gungy. When the port is filthy, it prevents proper contact with the charger. 


If dirt and dust amass inside the port, use a dry cotton swab or a soft-bristle brush to take specks of dirt out. If you see any debris, use non-metal pointy objects, such as paper clips, toothpicks, etc., to take the debris out. Do not shake the device harshly, which can impair the internal mechanism. 

Unreliable Power Source 

The power source that drags energy to the device can be malfunctioning or underpowered. The power source should provide enough power for the cable to transfer the power to the vape. The power source should not be more than 5 volts.


It is better to use a computer source to charge the vape device. Wall adapters are often too extreme to charge Elf Bar vapes. If you use wall power sources, use a compatible adapter while charging the vape device. 

Depleted Batteries

If the battery inside the device is severely drained, the charging response may come late. That means you won’t notice the charging LED immediately after connecting the device to the charger. 


Connect the device to the power source and leave it connected for one or two hours. This process will give the battery enough time to regain some charges. After that, the usual charging will fulfill the battery, and your vape will be good to go. 

Device Malfunction

There can be some internal malfunction inside your Elf Bar vape device that prevents the power from reaching the batteries. The vape may look straightforward and compact, but the integral mechanism is interdependent and complex. If any component related to the charging mechanism is damaged or faulty, it may prevent your Elf Bar from charging. 


If you have checked the port, cable, and power sources and found them functioning, the vape device may be the culprit. You must disassemble the device and look for the malfunctioning part to resolve this issue. For this, you have to get support from a professional. 

Worn-Out Batteries

Most vapes, including Elf Bar, use Lithium-ion batteries. These batteries have a limited and shorter lifespan and can wear out very fast. When the battery sustains much wear and tear, it cannot hold the power effectively. Ultimately, the batteries may reach such conditions that they stop receiving power altogether. 


If your battery has sustained some injury, it is better to discard the device entirely. You can’t replace the batteries because Elf Bar is a disposable vaping brand. But if your vape is not disposable kind and you can find a replacement battery, you can go for the route. 

Protection For Overheating

Vape devices get overheated quickly as the coil heats up to vaporize the e-liquid. So, for safety concerns, vape devices may install some safety features that prevent power from being inserted inside the batteries. Because the power also converts into heat energy and may worsen the overheating situation. 


If your Elf Bar has a system that stops charging when the device is overheated, the issue will resolve when the overheating subdues. The safety feature is temporary and for the betterment of the device. Try cooling the device before putting it on charge. 

Altered Settings

Some Elf Bar devices provide minimal controls such as wattage and amperage for the user’s comfort. If these settings and controls get altered and reoriented, the vape device can sometimes stop charging as a safety measure. 


Performing a factory reset is the simplest solution in this situation. For resetting, you can press all four buttons simultaneously for three seconds. This is a general guide to resetting. Your device may have a different procedure. It is best to consult the user manual of your vape model to reset the device correctly. 

How To Know Elf Bar Is Charing?

Almost all Elf Bar products have an in-built LED indicator light that indicates charging status. The LED light can have a particular blink or color to show that the device is charging. The user manual often mentions how you can determine your Elf Bar is not charging. 

Some common indicators for charging status are given here. There is a 95% chance your Elf Bar device will follow any of these patterns. 

Fixed And Steady Light 

A steady light with a specific color may indicate that the device is charging. There will be no blink or change of color. The light will illuminate until the battery fully recharges. 

Blinking Light 

Most disposable Elf Bar models use blinking to indicate the charge is very low. However, some of them are used to indicate the vape device is charging. There are often two separate blinking patterns for low-charge and charging status. 

No Light

Elf Bar entirely depends on the LED indicator to manifest their charging procedure. If you see no light emitting from the device after connecting it to the charger, it is the core indicator that there is something wrong with the charging portion of the Elf Bar. 

Which Elf Bar Models Are Rechargeable? 

I have had many users come to me and complain about their Elf Bar not charging. When I inspected the devices, I discovered there was no way to charge them as they were non-rechargeable. Many users, especially beginners, are not aware which Elf Bar devices are rechargeable and which are not. 

Here, I have provided the Elf Bar models with the battery power you can recharge. 

  1. TE5000 – 550 mAh
  2. BC5000 Ultra – 650 mAh 
  3. BC3000/3500/4000/5000 – 650 mAh 
  4. BB3000/3500 – 650 mAh 
  5. LB5000 – 650 mAh 
  6. CR5000 – 650 mAh 
  7. Elfbar 3600/5000 – 650 mAh 
  8. BC1600 – 1600 mAh 

Does An Empty Pod Prevent The Elf Bar Vape From Charging?

Many so-called experts will claim that the reason why Elf Bar not charging is the absence of enough e-liquid. However, this is not completely true. Most Elf Bar devices operate separately to handle charging and usage of e-liquid. 

So, there is very little chance that the Elf Bar device will stop charging due to the short storage of e-liquid. The pod that stores e-juice transfers it to the coil through the wicking material that is then converted into vapor. This vaporization is an entirely separate operation from charging the device. 

However, in some newer models, some safety features might prevent the device from charging when the pod is empty. The coil can overheat for the lack of sufficient e-liquid. This overheating can exacerbate if you put the vape device on charge. 

Nonetheless, this technology is very rarely seen in vape devices. So, it is safe to say that despite an empty pod, your Elf Bar device was supposed to charge appropriately. If the device doesn’t charge, troubleshoot the abovementioned potential causes and follow the procedure to resolve the issue. 

Final Words

It is a common complaint among the vaping folks that the Elf Bar not charing. This issue may seem like a complicated and unresolvable problem. But with some easy navigating skills and simple hacks, you can resume charging the Elf Bar and enjoy the impeccable vaping experience.