July 14, 2024
Does Circle K Sell Vapes

Vaping is widely prevalent among consumers around the globe. Such popularity has spread to convenience stores as well. That intrigues the question. Does Circle K sell vapes? Lucky for you, Circle K sells vapes in almost all locations in the USA and Canada.

Circle K is one of the most popular gas stations and convenience stores in the United States. Along with coffee and confectionery, Circle K will offer you a variety of vapes, including e-liquid, nicotine-free vapes, vape kits, and so on.

Does Circle K Sell Vape?

Circle K can provide a wide range of vape brands and accessories in their stores across the USA and Canada. As a leading convenience store in the US and Canada, Circle K collaborates with various vape manufacturing brands such as Canopy Growth Corp., JUUL Labs, Vessel, Fin, etc. You will also get disposable vapes in Circle K, not only traditional vapes.

Also, e-cigarettes, vape pens, and cannabis-infused vape are available in their stores. Not only that, if you want to replace or refill your vape device, you will get a range of vape-based accessories. If you are quitting nicotine or don’t consume it, there are ranges of vaping without nicotine as well. 

If you want to replace the damaged coils and worn-out batteries or buy a brand-new atomizer for your vape, you won’t have to look for specific stores or wait for shipments to deliver. You can drive to Circle K and get the replacements. Also, in case you are feeling fruity or adventurous, Circle K is here to offer you hundreds of varieties and flavors of e-liquid.

Does Circle K Sell Disposable Vapes?

Does Circle K Sell Disposable Vapes

As mentioned earlier, Circle K is a hub of vapes. And by vape, I don’t mean typical traditional vape with 2% nicotine. Circle K indeed sells disposable vapes. Most brands mentioned in this article have disposable vapes showcased in Circle K. In fact, Circle K has its own disposable vape.  

Does Circle K Sell CBD Vape?

Does Circle K Sell CBD Vape

In case you don’t know, CBD stands for Cannabidiol. These vapes are basically cannabis-infused vapes. And yes, with the partnership of Canopy Growth Corp., Circle K has started to sell CBD vape in 3000+ locations of Circle K.

Does Circle K Sell Elf Bars?

Does Circle K Sell Elf Bars

Circle K has Elf Bars in their collection, but it is rare to find any product nowadays. The FDA (Food And Drug Administration) has issued a warning regarding selling Elf bars vapes in convenience stores. Even if you can find Elf bars, you will only have a few options to choose from. 

Does Circle K Sell Vape Pens?

Does Circle K Sell Vape Pens

Circle K sells a variety of vape pens in their stores. In fact, Circle K has its own vape pen brand. Apart from that, you will find Vuse, FIN, and JUUL brands. There are tons of disposable vape pens available in Circle K. You will also find many flavors for those vape pens. 

Does Circle K Sell Breeze Vapes?

Does Circle K Sell Breeze Vapes

Breeze vapes are available in Circle K stores. However, it depends on store to store. In many states, Breeze vapes are readily available in Circle K. But you will probably only find Breeze vapes in some outlets in some cities. 

Does Circle K Sell Vapes In Canada?

You will find a variety of vapes in Canada Circle K. Most brands available in the USA are also obtainable in Canada. However, per the rules and laws, the amount of nicotine in those vapes may vary. On the bright side, you will get CBD-based vapes in Canadian Circle K. 

Does Circle K Sell Vapes In Florida?

In Florida, you will find vapes in every Circle K store. Not only that but in a few stores of Circle K, you will discover cannabis-based vapes as well. However, they are available in only a number of stores. But regular vapes, disposable vapes, and vape pens are available in every store in Circle K, Florida. 

Does Circle K Sell Vapes In Ontario?

Yes, you will find an excellent collection of vapes at Circle K stores in Ontario. There are many popular brands and varieties available, including CBD, disposable vapes, e-cigarettes, and vape pens. So you can choose your desired item from a wide range of vapes. 

Does Circle K Sell Vapes In Ireland? 

It is challenging to find vapes at Circle K, Ireland. The Vape Business Ireland is facing lots of restrictions from the Government regarding vape sales. Disposable vapes and varieties of flavors are already banned in Ireland. 

Brands Of Vape Available In Circle K

Brands Of Vape Available In Circle K

You will find various vape brands that are available in the Circle K. Although the availability of these brands will mostly depend on the location, the following brands are widely popular and commonly available across the USA and Canada.


JUUL Lab is one of the trusted and respected brands in the vaping community. Not only their vape but also their e-cigarette and vaporizers are broadly approved by their consumers. They are handy, convenient, and enjoyable. Their e-liquid contains a relatively good amount of nicotine. This brand only avails itself to consumers over the age of 21.


Anyone remotely interested in vaping is familiar with this brand name, Njoy Ace. The most astounding feature of their vape is the compact pod-based size that is easy to use and carry as well. Also, in Circle K, you can avail of their product at the lowest price. You will get two flavors in the pod, such as classic tobacco and menthol. You can get 2.4% nicotine or 5% nicotine in weight.

Bidi Vapor

Bidi Vapor produces disposable vapes for the convenience and satisfaction of consumers. Their products are mostly known as vape pens as the shape is inspired by a pen. Bidi Vapor vapes have 6% nicotine in weight. You can choose from 11 flavors, including Berry Blast, fruity mango, icy mango, and mint freeze.

Circle K Disposable Vape

Did you know that Circle K manufactures vape as well? Their disposable vape is one of the best-selling vapes in their store. These vapes will serve you to 2000 puffs with 5% nicotine in weight. Their flavor choices, such as watermelon and strawberry lemon mint, are impeccable and exciting.

FIN Electronic Vape

Circle K also sells FIN electronic cigarettes or vapes. These are also disposable. According to their manufacturers, their products are equivalent to two packets of typical cigarettes. You can get roughly 600 puffs from their product before you dispose of it. 

Black Buffalo

Black Buffalo is another available vape brand that is endorsed by Circle K. The best part is along with nicotine-infused vapes, you will also find zero-nicotine vapes in the store. So, if you are looking for something flavourful but with no nicotine, you can rely on their brand.

Why Vapes Are Not Available In Circle K Near Me?

I understand the excitement of learning the news that you can find vapes in Circle K. But alas, you still can’t find vapes in your nearby store. Why? It may be due to the local law of the state you are currently in.

If your residence is in a state where using and selling vape is banned, you can’t expect Circle K to offer you any vape. For example, if you are a resident of San Francisco, you will not find vape anywhere, let alone Circle K.

Your state may not ban the usage of vape but may restrict the sale in adult-only locations. Since Circle K is a convenience store, it is accessible to everyone, irrespective of age. So, Circle K can’t also sell or display vape in those states.

Lastly, even though Circle K, as a company, has allowed selling vapes in their policy, the store manager may think otherwise. It is up to them whether they want to stock up on brands of vape or not. So, it’s not only local laws and state rules, but also the availability will depend on the managers as well.

Final Thoughts

Circle K, as a multi-purpose convenience store, has a variety of items on display. So, if you are surfacing on their isles and see vapes on display, you won’t be too surprised. You won’t have to ask again. Does Circle K sell vapes? Because now you know they do.