July 15, 2024
Can You Vape With Invisalign

Invisalign is a novel breakthrough in the orthodontic world. They are a brand that manufactures transparent and see-through aligners for teeth, aiming to straighten them. This treatment is widely prevalent among youngsters. However, this also surfaces many queries. Such as, Can you vape with Invisalign? 

It is highly discouraged to vape while putting on Invisalign. Vape smoke can discolor the aligners and stain the transparency. Also, the heat from the vape can alter the shape of the Invisalign. Also, vape particles can be stuck inside the aligner, potentially damaging teeth. 

You are not the first one inquiring about vaping with Invisalign. It is better to learn and prevent damage than look for cures. Here, I will detail everything you need about vaping and Invisalign. 

Why Vaping With Invisalign Is Discouraged?

On the surface, vaping while wearing Invisalign seems very harmless since the smoke doesn’t collide with teeth that much. However, the vape smoke can travel around your mouth without your knowledge and affect your aligner and teeth. How? We will discuss this here. 

Discoloration And Stain 

Even though from the bare eye, the vape smoke looks only white. It contains tons of chemicals and pigments. There are countless aerosolized substances that you inhale. These pigmented substances can gradually discolor and stain the Invisalign. So, eventually, it will be very noticeable that you wear Invisalign. 

Shape Altered 

When you wear Invisalign, it takes up to the current shape of your teeth alignment. It must fit precisely to your teeth to create a gentle pressure to shift your teeth’ shape little by little. 

However, the heat and chemicals from the vape compromise the integrity of the Invisalign. Vape aerosol will gradually affect the stability and strength of the aligner. If you don’t take any measures to mitigate the damage, the aligner may fall off your teeth.  

Oral Hygiene Conundrum 

Many particles and chemicals from the vape smoke can get stuck inside the Invisalign. If you do not clean them afterward and let them seep into the aligner, not only will it taint the aligner but also your teeth. You need to take extra good care of your teeth under the Invisalign treatment. Vaping while wearing it will only make the matter worse. 

Oral Health Risk 

According to a 2018 study, aerosol from vape smoke can cause inflammation in your gum and alter DNA. This risk is more heightened when you are under the aligner treatment as your gum and teeth are already in a procedure. Here, maintenance is a big deal for success. Chronic vaping will put your oral health in danger in such a situation. 

How Can Vaping Change The Aligner Shape?

It seems unlikely that an airy substance can alter the shape of a solid piece. But there is more to it. When you smoke vape, the e-liquid creates vapor containing many chemical substances we can’t see. Here, I will explain why vaping changes the shape of Invisalign. 

Excessive Heat 

Invisalign is made from a type of plastic called polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). Even though PMMA plastic is resistant to heat, sometimes the resistance falters to defend the excess from the vapor. 

The plastic can withstand the heat of a humid, high-temperature climax or the heat underneath your skin. However, the excessive heat from the vape vapor tends to soften the integrity of the aligner molecule. This will wane out the proper fit of the Invisalign and compromise their viability to put necessary pressure to shift your teeth’s position. 

Chemical Substance Exposure 

The vapor may look white, but it contains many hidden chemical substances such as propylene, glycerin, glycol, etc. If you take nicotine-infused flavorings, nicotine is also harmful to the teeth. 

These substances will interact with the PMMA plastic and cause unrequired reactions. This series of chemical reactions will gradually loosen the integrity and taint the Invisalign. Also, if you wear the Invisalign while vaping, the stuck vapor will slowly decay the teeth’s enamel.

 What If I Accidentally Vape With Invisalign On?

First of all, It’s ok. You don’t need to panic. If you have accidentally vaped while wearing Invisalign, it is completely fine. However, here are some steps you should take to control damage.

Take The Invisalign Off 

When you notice your aligner is on while vaping, your first step is to remove the aligner from your mouth. You should not delay in taking this step. Because the longer the Invisalign stays on, the longer the aerosol will cause chemical reactions with the aligner. 

Rinse Your Mouth

Next, you should clean your teeth with warm water. Warm water will help kill off bacteria and remove any aerosol or chemical stuck with the teeth. You can also use anti-bacterial mouthwash to clear off any aerosol residue

 Clean The Invisalign 

Firstly, you have to rinse the aligner with some water. Then, you need to proceed to clean it deeply and properly. You should follow the cleaning method that is prescribed by your orthodontist. You can use any cleaning solution for aligners or mild soap. However, don’t use any toothpaste because toothpaste is too abrasive for the aligners

Monitor Any Damage Or Discoloration 

You probably don’t have to worry if you have smoked vape with the Invisalign one or two times. However, keeping the aligner in check for damage and discoloration is better. If you notice any disfigurement, you should contact your orthodontist. The doctor will check the cracks and replace the aligner if necessary. 

How Do I Vape If I Use Invisalign?

Just because you have to wear Invisalign doesn’t mean you have to quit vaping. You can still vape. But you have to be mindful while you vape. Here are some ways to keep vaping while using Invisalign. 

Remove The Invisalign

Did you know you can remove the Invisalign for 1-2 hours per day? Wearing an Invisalign for 22 hours suffice for optimal operation. So, you can simply take the Invisalign off when you want to vape. Just make sure to put it back after cleansing your teeth. Don’t let the vaping extend for more than 2 hours. 

Vape Mindfully 

You are obstructed from vaping. But that doesn’t mean you can vape without any accountability and responsibility. Be sensible to avoid potential damage and harm caused by vaping. Because when you are under the Invisalign treatment, you must take twofold oral care. 

Oral Hygiene Is A Must 

Follow the dentist’s guidelines for oral hygiene very thoroughly. Don’t underestimate the importance of brushing your teeth with an excellent anti-bacterial toothbrush. Also, mouthwash can be a great product to clean off any aerosol residue in your mouth. Let your mouth dry before putting on the Invisalign to prevent potential fungal infections. 

Orthodontist Consultation 

I know this is hard, but you should open up about your vaping habit to your orthodontist. Being honest will help him evaluate your situation to prescribe more preferable treatments. They may also help you have a safe plan to vape while undergoing Invisalign treatment. 

Can I Resume Vaping After My Aligner Treatment Is Over?

Once your teeth alignment is fixed and you are off the Invisalign, you can resume vaping without any issue. Since you are not wearing any aligners, you won’t have to worry about the heat and chemicals getting stuck inside the aligner. 

Despite that, you should still be mindful about your oral hygiene. Chronic vaping can lead to gum recession and decay in gum tissue. For a safe vaping experience, you should still follow the hygiene procedure mentioned in this article. 

Alternative Options For Nicotine Intake Safe With Invisalign

If you are a nicotine junkie and don’t want to quit because of Invisalign, you can surf other options than vape. No, I don’t mean traditional cigarettes or e-cigarettes because those are equally bad for you. However, these nicotine alternatives will keep your Invisalign safe while you can enjoy some drops of nicotine. 

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

There are many nicotine replacement products available in the market. Nicotine gum and nicotine patches are some popular items. These products will provide a very docile amount of nicotine to satiate the craving. But they will keep the harmful effects of vapor and tobacco away from you. So, your Invisalign and your teeth will be safe.  

Nicotine Lozenges

These lozenges are a fancy word for dissolvable tablets that will usher a certain amount of nicotine when they break into your mouth. You can enjoy them like candy, slowly seeping and absorbing the nicotine out of them. Since no heat or chemicals are produced here, they are a safe alternative for you while wearing Invisalign. 

Nicotine Inhalers 

Nicotine inhalers are like a healthy swap of cigarettes. They contain nicotine in a pod and deliver in the form of vapor to the mouth and throat. That means these vapors don’t reach your lungs yet satisfy your nicotine craving. Moreover, they are safe during treatment because they don’t strain and damage the Invisalign. 

Final Words 

A lot of people make lots of baseless assumptions about vaping while using Invisalign. However, if you have gone through this article, you must know that it is never recommended to vape with an aligner. So, if anyone asks you, Can you vape with Invisalign? You must explain to them why they shouldn’t.