July 14, 2024
Can You Vape in a Hotel Room

During my last long-winded trip, I found myself badly wanting to relax with my vape in my hotel room. And I wondered if it would be safe to use vape in my room. Have you ever wondered the same? can you vape in a hotel room? 

Vaping is banned in hotel rooms unless explicitly stated otherwise. Major chains have bans, but independent hotels may allow it or have designated smoking areas. If caught vaping in a non-smoking room, expect fees or possible eviction. 

Does it mean you can’t vape at hotels at all? No, I’ll teach some stealthy ways to vape under the radar and without the hotel finding out. So read on!

Can You Vape in a Hotel Room? (The Policies and Regulations)

Generally, you have to assume vaping is prohibited (even inside your room) in hotels unless stated otherwise.

Unfortunately, there is no universal law regarding vaping in hotels. Policies can vary drastically between individual properties or hotel chains. 

Here are the general norms for vaping in hotel rooms in the US:

  • In states with strong anti-smoking laws, hotels usually prohibit vaping completely. They adhere to state regulations on indoor smoking. So, you might not be able to vape in these.
  • So, what about big hotels? Can you vape in Hilton hotels or in Marriott and Hyatt hotels? 

Well, most major hotel chains like Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt have implemented complete smoking/vaping bans across all their properties. This applies to rooms, balconies, public areas, etc. So, you can’t vape in these hotels.

However, they do have designated smoking areas where it’s safe to smoke. 

  • Smaller independent and boutique hotels are more likely to allow in-room vaping. Or they have designated smoking rooms/floors. However, “no-vaping” policies are increasingly common, even at smaller hotels.

Other states are more restrictive. In these states, you can generally vape in general/boutique hotels. But you’ll need to be in the designated smoking area

  • According to Hotels-and-Discounts.com, complimentary rooms like those at casinos and gambling hotels are usually more vape-friendly. As they want to offer amenities to attract and retain guests, you will be able to vape there.

What Are The Consequences Of Vaping In A Non-Smoking Hotel Room?

Consequences Of Vaping In A Non-Smoking Hotel Room

Every hotel has their own repercussions for violating their anti-vaping policies. 

Typically, you may receive a verbal warning or a fee added to your hotel bill. Fees typically range from $100 to $250, depending on if there is visible evidence of smoking in the room.

In more extreme cases, repeatedly vaping when prohibited may get you immediately evicted from your room. Some hotels even consider it a reason to terminate your remaining reservation without a refund. 

So, how do hotels know if you vape in the room? Actually, they can’t if you follow the tricks I gave below. 

5 Stealthy Ways to Vape in a Hotel Room (Even If It’s Prohibited)

Can You Vape in a Hotel Room

If vaping bans make you feel like a rebellious teenager, there are stealthy ways to still use your vape on the down-low. Here are some tips I found to be fully working.

Note: Keep in mind that these tips still involve breaking hotel policies. You accept the risks and potential consequences.

1. Go Outside

Take advantage of outdoor spaces like balconies, patios, or rooftop lounges. Verify if these spaces allow vaping. Otherwise, be discreet. You can also take a walk and vape away from the hotel entrance, where staff are less likely to notice you.

2. Use The Bathroom Exhaust Fan

The loud, powerful bathroom exhaust fan can help dissipate vape clouds and smells. So, can you vape in hotel bathrooms? Yes, you can. 

Just take slow drags to minimize vapor production. Put a towel under the door and flush the toilet for added sound cover.

3. Sploof It

Make a sploof device (or buy one) by stuffing dryer sheets in an empty toilet paper roll or paper towel tube. Exhale slowly through the sploof to catch vapor and reduce odors. Blow excess toward the bathroom vent.

4. Go Odor Neutralizing

Keep odor-eliminating sprays on hand, like Ozium or Febreze. Give a few spritzes around the room whenever you vape to keep the smell down. 

Please don’t go overboard, though, or it’s a red flag you’re covering something up!

5. Vape Oil, Not Cloudy Juices

Stick to vape juices that produce very little vapor, like nicotine salts or CBD oil. 

Also, try to hold in hits longer before slowly exhaling to keep large clouds to a minimum. The less visible evidence, the better!

Note: Always stay alert. If you see fire alarms nearby, vaping will set them off. So, in that case, find an alternative! 

Extra Tips For A Smooth Vaping Experience In Hotels

Here are some extra steps that I found to be useful in keeping your hotel vaping hidden:

1. Packing Discreet Vaping Devices

Choose small, portable vapes and supplies that are easiest to use discreetly:

  • Pod vapes like Juul are tiny and mimic flash drives.
  • Compact mods like the SMOK Novo are ultra-portable.
  • Remember, cartridges produce less odor and vapor than open tanks.

Only bring what’s needed for the trip. Excess gear takes up space and increases the chances of getting caught.

2. Practicing Responsible Vaping Etiquette

How do hotels know if you vape in your room? They have smoke sensors! 

But can hotel smoke detectors detect vape? Yes, they can. There’s no need for a separate vape detector in hotels. 

  • So, be mindful of smoking near smoke detectors, which may set them off.
  • Take reasonable measures to minimize risks like fire. Never leave charging devices unattended.
  • Dispose of waste properly in designated receptacles, not the room trash can.
  • Clean up spills, leaks, or stains promptly to avoid damage fees.

Be honest about vaping against policy and comply with staff requests if questioned.

For a smooth trip, research policies, vape discreetly, and focus on travel fun instead of trying to sneak in vape hits!

How Do You Find Out About A Hotel’s Vaping Policy?

When booking a hotel, always contact them directly to inquire about their regulations for vaping. Ask at check-in whether policies have changed.

Many hotel websites will outline smoking and vaping rules under their amenities or policies section. This information may also be included on signs in the lobby or your guest room.

When in doubt, call the front desk from your room to double-check. It’s always better to be safe than risk hefty fees or getting kicked out!


So, can you vape in a hotel room? In summary, vaping policies vary widely between hotels. So, I suggest you never assume it’s allowed in your room. 

Major chains prohibit vaping hotel-wide, while they may have designated smoking areas or rooms. So, check the hotel’s website when booking and call ahead to confirm their regulations. 

If vaping is banned, but you sneak puffs anyway, use discretion to avoid fees or getting kicked out. Only vape outdoors, in bathrooms with fans on, or with minimal-vapor juices. 

And always confirm the policy at check-in. While hotels increasingly ban smoking for health reasons, some still permit vaping if you take precautions.