April 10, 2024
Can You Bring Vapes to Mexico

Are you packing your bags for your upcoming trip to Mexico? In that case, if you’re a vaper, you must wonder about bringing vapes to Mexico. But, can you bring vapes to Mexico?

No, You cannot bring vapes to Mexico. The Mexican government has banned the import, sale, and use of electronic cigarettes, vaping devices, and solutions. This means that if you are in Mexico and caught with a vape, it can be confiscated. And you may face fines and even detention.

However, there can be if it involves medical prescriptions. But it is best to leave your vape at home. Please explore other options if needed.

Are you intrigued to know the reasons behind this ban? Keep reading! I’ve explained everything and provided some tips on the matter right below.

Can You Bring Vapes To Mexico With You – Is It Legal?

It is not legal to bring vapes to Mexico with you. So you can’t legally do this as a law-abiding citizen. 

The Mexican government has prohibited the circulation and commercialization of electronic nicotine administration systems. They also banned alternative nicotine consumption systems, electronic cigarettes, and vaporizing devices with similar uses. Solutions and mixtures used in these systems are also forbidden to use. 

An official decree (PDF) was issued with these laws on May 31, 2022. It was issued by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, also known as AMLO. The official periodical of Mexico (Diario Oficial de la Federación – DOF) published it.

The ban applies to both personal and commercial use of vaping products, regardless of their origin. This means that you cannot bring vapes to Mexico from another country, even if vapes are legal in the original country. 

The only exception to the ban is for medical prescriptions. They must be authorized by the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risk (COFEPRIS). However, this is a rare and complicated process. So, it is unlikely that you will be able to obtain such a prescription for vaping.

Can You Take Disposable Vapes To Mexico? 

Disposable or any other type of vape, it’s all illegal in Mexico. Therefore, you cannot take disposable vapes to Mexico. Since vaping is fully banned in the country, all other types of vapes or CBD Vape products are also banned. 

Reasons Behind The Ban

The reason behind the vaping ban is simply that the Mexican government considers vaping to be harmful to health. 

  1. They deem vaping to be a gateway to smoking and other drugs. 
  1. The decree claims that vaping products contain toxic substances. They can cause addiction, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular problems, cancer, and even death
  1. The government also claims that vaping products are marketed to children and adolescents with attractive flavors and designs. 
  1. Vapes in Mexico are not currently regulated or controlled by any authority.

What Happens If You Get Caught with A Vape In Mexico – Are There Any Penalties?

There are indeed potential penalties for bringing vapes into Mexico. You will be punished according to the local law if you get caught with vapes are vape-related products. 

According to the General Import and Export Tax Law, vaping products are classified as prohibited merchandise. Their import is subject to sanctions and penalties. These include:

  • Confiscation Of The Vaping Products:  seizure of any vaping goods or other items related or derived from them.
  • Fines: It may range from 70% to 100% of the commercial value of the vaping products.
  • Administrative Or Criminal Charges: This depends on the severity of the offense and the amount of vaping products involved.
  • Detention Or Arrest: This applies in case of resistance, obstruction, or violence against the customs authorities.

These penalties apply to anyone who tries to bring vapes to Mexico. These apply regardless of whether you are traveling by air, land, or sea. When entering Mexico, every piece of luggage is scanned and sometimes searched. 

Passengers are seldom searched. But, they could be randomly selected or suspected of carrying prohibited items. There have been various stories about visitors at customs having their vapes confiscated. So, it is better to avoid the risk altogether.

Tips For Avoiding Confiscation Of Vapes At Mexico Customs

Let’s say you decide to take the chance and bring your vape with you. In that case, here are some tips that might help you avoid detection and trouble:

Note: Follow the tips below at your discretion and acknowledge that you also accept the danger. 

  1. Disassemble Your Vape Device And Separate The Parts: For example, you can put the battery in one bag, the tank in another, and the coils in a third. 
  1. Pack Your Vape And E-liquid In Your Checked Luggage: Don’t put the vape items in your carry-on or personal items. 
  1. Hide Your Vape And E-liquid Among Other Items That Are Similar In Shape, Size, Or Color: For example, you can put your vape in a toiletry bag, a makeup case, or a sunglasses case. You can also wrap your e-liquid bottles in socks, underwear, or t-shirts. 
  1. Do Not Bring Too Much Vape And E-liquid With You: The more you bring, the more likely you will be caught and fined. Bring only what you need for your trip. Try to use it sparingly. 

You can also buy some disposable vapes in Mexico, although they are illegal and hard to find.

  1. Do Not Declare Your Vape And E-liquid At Customs: If you are asked to fill out a customs declaration form, do not mention that you are carrying vaping products. If you are asked verbally, deny that you have any. 

Can I Buy A Vape In Mexico? 

There are some unofficial means of buying vapes in Mexico. Some local sellers still manage to import vapes through unofficial or illegal channels. They use couriers, smugglers, friends, or relatives. They sometimes also use fake labels to hide products. 

However, buying from these individuals is risky and unreliable. We do not recommend or endorse it.

Can You Buy Vapes In Cancun, Mexico? 

As already mentioned, you may be able to buy vapes through unofficial means in Cancun. However, it’s completely illegal there too. You might find individuals offering vapes at local bars. Buying from such vendors is dangerous for tourists. 

Travel Tips For Vapers In Mexico

Even if you manage to bring your vape to Mexico without any problems, you still need to be careful when using it. Here are some tips:

  • Do Not Vape In Public Places: Basically, do not vape where there are other people. 
  • Do Not Vape In Front Of Children Or Teenagers: The Mexican government considers vaping to be a threat to minors. If you vape in front of them, you could be accused of promoting their vaping.
  • Do Not Vape In Front Of Authorities: They could confiscate your vape, fine you, or arrest you if they see you vaping. They could also mistake it for drug paraphernalia, leading to more severe charges.
  • Do Not Vape In Front Of Locals: They could react negatively or report you.

Is It Illegal Commercially To Import Vapes To Mexico?

Yes, it is illegal to even commercially import vapes to Mexico. The government has banned the import. This means you cannot order vapes online or have them shipped to Mexico. 

Even if you do that, you will not receive your order. You will simply lose your money because the merchandise will be frozen at customs. You could also face legal consequences if caught.

Final Verdict 

So, can you bring vapes to Mexico? You cannot. The government has banned them. You could face confiscation, fines, or detention if caught with one. 

Therefore, I wholeheartedly advise you to avoid bringing vapes to Mexico altogether. Look for other temporary alternatives for the duration of the trip. However, if you do end up managing to bring vapes to Mexico, use the tips we provided to avoid trouble and detection.